Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A little note about the Grand REOPENING of The Corner Record Shop Kalamazoo!

I realize this blog appeals to an international audience but every once and a while I have to do something for the town I live in (which then ties into this blog because of the people I've asked to write for it, the radio show on WIDR where you lot get your records played, and the circle continues).

So with that said THE GRAND REOPENING OF THE CORNER RECORD SHOP BEGINS TOMORROW! Yessir we've got a load of new vinyl, some drawings we're going to be doing, some awesome discounts... but most importantly I'm running their new blog! It can be found here at The Corner Recordshop!

For those of you in the Midwest (especially Michigan or South Western Michigan) I really suggest finding your way over here. We have gems that are priced to sell... things that would be crazy expensive on eBay and are considerably less here. Why? Because we aren't in Chicago and we know that times are tough... we want people to get the music they enjoy at a price they can enjoy as well. Why put up a mint copy of the Japanese import of The Doors LA Woman (complete with obi) for $40 (which is roughly what it's going for on the internet) when we can let someone pick it up for $19.99?

Anyway I'd appreciate it if you guys would follow that blog and stop in if you get the chance. And artists? You know you're being represented here as I'm asking for your records to be brought in so you can show some love too :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEW VARIOUS (aka Various Production) - "Air (feat Asher Dust)"

The only thing I'm more excited about than this new Various Production song is hanging out with Frankmusik tomorrow!

Various - Air (feat Asher Dust) by Various

Buy this one when it comes out kiddies... it's awesome...