Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lowline are on the riseeeeeeeeeeee...

So... as you know... I'm not a huge fan of posting without an MP3. It's just... I dunno... it's an mp3 blog?!?!? Right? (Maybe I should rethink this, flesh out the site, and make it more than that... yeah? Maybe... someone want to be a contributor? Perhaps someone who actually LIVES in England lol?)... But every once and a while there comes something that deserves mention even if I can't get you the content RIGHT then.

My feeling about this is that if we "the listeners" are patient we will be rewarded by the labels in the long run. Obviously, they decided that the "blogosphere" is here to help and not to hurt, and since they are willing to extend an olive branch I'm willing to play ball as well.

Is that selling out? Nah, because if I don't like the song, or anything about the band, I'm gonna let you know right off the bat lol... there have been PLENTY, I mean PLENTY, bands that have NEVER hit this page because regardless of how free, or "cleared", the content maybe I'm not here to advertise for record companies. I think I've maybe made $18 dollars off this blog the whole time I've been doing it... trust me, no one is lining my pockets lol... in fact I'm so poor I can't afford to think right now lol...

SO ANY DAMN WAY... I posted something about Lowline a few weeks back mentioning they had a release in the near future... and the future is coming up on us quickly now.

They first started to pique my interest when Nick McCabe of The Verve played with the guys and gave them his blessing... I mean we all fucking love The Verve so his opinion means something. I mean, whenever like Adam Ficek from Babyshambles recommends something I listen... anytime anyone I admire recommends something that isn't JUST commercially based, my ears perk up...

So I did a little post about that... and now I guess I'm basically reviewing their track "Monitors" in hopes that I can get some goodies for you guys once the record gets released. Here we go... first you have a listen, then I'll tell you what I think...

"Monitors" strikes me as being a nice piece of the type guitar rock that I really miss. There aren't bands like this anymore that don't have some stupid agenda behind their music... everyone is trying to turn their stuff "new rave", or they are still aping The Libertines, or they are trying to break ground to the degree where they are doing the exact opposite. Lowline have managed to write an upbeat guitar song that isn't overly complicated... they aren't trying to be Interpol (although a little bit of that Manchester Joy Division seems to have seeped in there somehow lol), and they aren't trying to ensure they will be on the soundtrack of "Grey's Anatomy", they are just having fun and rocking out like bands from a more peaceful era. Basically "Monitors" strikes me as having been written in a "pre-911" era, totally devoid of extremely depressing angst (despite there being a bit of that in the song), and full of energy. Best comparison I can make is think Editors+Sunshine Underground+We Are Scientists-whining&pretentiousness= "Monitors". It reminds me of the the late Nineties, which, is something I sorely miss. It's not Coldplay, it's not Travis, it's not U2, and it's not The Verve lol... it's something that you will play repeatedly because despite being just under 4 minutes, it feels like it's only two. The chorus is super infectious and Owen Morris' production is superb. They may not have re-invented rock'n'roll but that's what I really like about this song... it just fucking rocks without overthinking things... and the world needs some of that right now (without being toss-away garbage)... if this is the single I bet the album will be a total fucking gem...

Here's the press on it...

LOWLINE – MONITORS (1-2-3-4 Records)

In search for a prophecy of 2008’s new order of rock and roll, British music need look no further than LOWLINE, as they begin their assault on the UK.

“More Manchester greats” - NME
“The best new band in the country" - Tom Clarke, The Enemy
“Lowline make timeless music like no one can at the moment. music with balls” Nick McCabe, The Verve

Monday 17th March 2008 sees the debut release from Lowline, arguably the most exciting new band to have emerged from Manchester in recent times. Monitors is a timeless indie anthem, the first yield from Lowline’s own youthful and uplifting brand of rock and roll. It combines addictive melodies, compulsive rhythms and an unforgettable chorus to create what some are already regarding as one of 2008’s most significant releases. The B side is Last Chance, a relentless and driving powerhouse of a track, which goes further to show the intensity, depth and urgency of Lowline’s sound.

Owen Morris (Oasis, New Order, The Verve) fell in love with the band, and was so convinced by them that he paid to take them into the studio to produce this; a remarkable, razor sharp record that brims with energy and promise. We see flashes of Manchester alongside notable references to Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine, but it is the bands ability to create a sound that is genuinely new that makes them so thoroughly exciting.

They have honed their craft playing a rift of raucous live shows and impromptu warehouse parties across the UK and release this single amidst a continuous touring schedule which has seen them develop an ardent and dedicated fan base.

This single is to be released amidst a massive level of radio and press interest, with major support already emerging from NME and XFM.

The word is out and Lowline are quickly becoming one of the UK’s most exciting new prospects, and in 2008 Mike, Andy, Sam and Robbie are intent on carving their own unique place in rock and roll.

Check out their Myspace

‘Monitors’ 7” is available for pre-order. Digital version will be available from itunes on March 17th from HMV.

And here's the bio for those of you who missed it last time. AS I said hopefully next time I will have a nice b-side or a live track... but I think these guys are gonna be huge... the single comes out the day before my birthday so maybe we'll have something rad for you by then! TO CELEBRATE lol...


“Lowline make timeless music like no one can at the moment. music with balls” Nick McCabe The Verve
“More Manchester greats” NME
“The best new band in the country" Tom Clarke, The Enemy
"One of Manchester’s new hopes! Explosive & energetic live, combining Oasis, Primal Scream, Joy Division & a touch of Kasabian at times. you need to see these boys live to fully understand the Lowline vibe; driving guitars and bass lines with amazing drums & electric vocals & a touch of synth capturing the dark underbelly of the city" Kav, Happy Mondays
"History in the making" Owen Morris, producer – Oasis / Verve / New Order

Manchester is a funny place. Few places are so full of musical heritage, and with that comes expectation; something which has been unfulfilled in recent times. Enter the cities newest heroes: Lowline.

Lowline are intense and sinister yet totally up lifting. A group of mates in their early twenties who formed in the spring of 2007, they spent the rest of that year writing, locked away in a warehouse in Manchester’s less-than-glamorous Ancoats district. There are flashes of inspiration from cult legends The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, but they strike a rare balance between razor sharp rock and roll, and epic shoegaze. Lowline’s intense guitar sound is underpinned by tribal house tinged drums and fuzzed up bass lines, all combine to make something with energy, atmosphere and spirit.

Their sound embodies the atmosphere of their City, whilst remaining distinctive and innovative, a combination that sets them apart and shows that this is the start of something special. Their sound impressed renowned Oasis and the Verve producer Owen Morris so much, that he immediately took the band into the studio and recorded some tracks over many late nights. The first yield from this session is their debut single ‘Monitors’, a timeless indie anthem which harbours Morris’s distinct style. It is set to be released on March 17th on 1-2-3-4 Records (Whitey, The Bishops) with the reverse side being taken up by the driving and relentless ‘Last Chance’. This massive debut has already begun to grab the eye of DJ’s, journalists and audiences alike, with NME and XFM showing great support for the band from the outset.

Live, the band are immense. They have crafted a rip-roaring show and brim with energy and confidence, which combined with their dance sensibility that has seen them demanding attention at shows across the country. Tours with The Enemy and Happy Mondays have seen Lowline continue to cultivate an ardent fan base, and as tales still spread about their recent warehouse party in Manchester (which guested close friend Nick McCabe - The Verve, on guitar) many more have sat up and taken notice. They now embark upon a vigorous touring schedule throughout the next few months as well as returning to the studio with Morris to continue to work on their debut LP.

27 February Manchester Academy3 w/ Dragons and Exit Calm
7 March Glasgow ABC with Inspiral Carpets
8 March Oxford Academy with Inspiral Carpets
9 March Sheffield Leadmill with Inspiral Carpets
10 March Northampton Roadmenders with Inspiral Carpets

Ok kids... I have an inbox BRIMMING with new shit so you know I'm hustling trying to get it to you... make sure to check back, and leave some comments to let me know what you thought!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

OVERLOAD... A bunch of stuff you need to see/know... LOTP, South Central, Cazals, and errrr... KT Tunstall?

I like how 'yours truly' is in the lower right hand corner of their top friends :)

Ok this isn't a song.. but it's just as cool... trust me... Parlophone just send this gem from Late Of the Pier out a couple days ago...

Watch out here as a stream here or here

Speaking of LOPT... See when Sam and I (as State Crime) try to write a song we try to write songs that sound like you're so fucking dementedly wasted that you can't function... either something really evil and powerful, or something so off base it's like you're falling down the stairs... (even though we are both like the two most sober people on earth lol)... Like you ever get that feeling that you're coming up so fast that you might fucking die? Like you might literally pop right through the fucking ceiling... like that scene where Willy Wonka is in the glass elevator? In my opinion that's how songs should sound if they're gonna capture your attention (or way understated like Burial). Well the last people who really achieved that in song for me were my boys South Central when they did their remix of Late Of The Pier's "Space And the Woods"... which I was reminded of today when their page for that remix popped up as having a birthday on Myspace... which made no sense because it said something about September?!?!

But it reminded me of this mysterious video hyping that awesome bootleg... did you get your copy?

If you didn't make it over there when it first came out check it out over at XIII Myspace. Or go cop their free XFM mix over at Last.fm.

And back on the bootleg tip... I saw a post about, what? Like a week ago? Saying they were shooting a video for The Count & Sinden - Beeper from my boy Curt from Flosstradamus and thinking.... "Errrr what the fuck does Floss have to do with the "Beeper" record?!?!" (check the last post on Herve's 'Cheap Thrills' Label if you're way confused)... and now I know... the mega bootleg from last year has turned out to be the party anthem of this year with Kid Sister filling in for FamLay and Pharrell... and she does a fucking wicked job too... I know it's not British but it ties back to a prior post and... well it's hotness...

Now... this isn't an track either but rather and annoucement...

So I guess get ready to cop that and keep your eyes open... And lastly... I'm just trying to post a bunch of stuff now... and this is not my normal fare... BUT... it is Bloc Party... do what you will with it... I'm not even gonna link it up... just cut and paste kids...

title: KT Tunstall
author: The Prayer (Bloc Party cover) - Video
copyright: Virgin Records

14 The Prayer (Bloc Party Cover)_128k.wma http://del.interoute.com/?id=ceafa5a3-c786-4dc8-9db0-0420cecf334a&delivery=download
14 The Prayer (Bloc Party Cover)_32k.rm http://del.interoute.com/?id=cda87e8e-e6c5-4105-a60a-b5f345247d49&delivery=download
14 The Prayer (Bloc Party Cover)_32k.wma http://del.interoute.com/?id=d037b629-dd9f-425c-9b81-9f9d9211567e&delivery=download
14 The Prayer (Bloc Party Cover)_96k.rm http://del.interoute.com/?id=6e0ef4b1-5e9d-4e14-803c-de8b0b2c8f7d&delivery=download

Ok... I've got too many things to do today... be back soon...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sweet Wednesday luck... new Róisín Murphy... with a TODDLA T REMIX!

You guys remember Moloko yeah? I mean, those of you who live in the UK would have to have brain damaged to forget! But those of us in the U.S. who remember them, remember them mostly from warehouse raves with "Sing It Back" and "The Time Is Now"... well I suppose the latter was actually more of a club song even here in the U.S. but whatevs. POINT IS... you all know the voice of Róisín Murphy... she's got a new one out, after her success with "Overpowered", you know it's going to be a bruiser... AND THE MIX I'M GONNA POST IS FROM TODDLA T! How did this kid blow the fuck up over night?!?!? I dunno but it's hot... it's hot...

‘You Know Me Better’
Released: 31st March on EMI

New single released as 7”, CD, enhanced CD and download.

The track is a collaboration with Groove Armada’s Andy Cato

From top 20 UK album “Overpowered”

Mixes come from Samim, Trevor Loveys, Guy Williams and Toddla T.

Sold-out London show at Camden’s Roundhouse, London on March 8th

Headline set at the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square to an estimated audience of 75,000 people on March 16th

Róisín made a very special guest appearance at the Elle Style Awards on February 12th; the first live performance in the 11-year history of the awards

Live: London Roundhouse, March 8th – SOLD OUT
Trafalgar Square, March 16th
Rock Ness, June 8th

And here's the goods...

Róisín Murphy- "You Know Me Better (Toddla T Mix)" YSI

Róisín Murphy- "You Know Me Better (Toddla T Mix)"

I'd post the Trevor Loveys remix but you really should buy the single... And just to tie it back to the last post... with Herve...

Róisín Murphy- "Overpowered (Herve & Róisín In The Secret Garden Remix)"

I love how that song is pure fucking sleaze at the beginning... like the feeling of having drugs coming out of your sweat... and then it turns into shimmering wonderfulness... and then he busts out the fucking awesome drums again... and then back with the hip grinding buzzsaw synthlines! Oh Herve, how awesome are you...

Check out her Róisín over at...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Everybody gotta work it out... Herve gives you 'Cheap Thrills'...

Me in a bad jean-short/visor/sweat-soaked-combo with my friend the legendary Larry Tee

SO here's a fun post where I get to tell you guys about a great memory. I mean a great memory. And I get onto Herve starting his own label... Trust me it will all tie together...

Ok. For those of you who have been reading for the last year, you may remember me telling you about all the fun that was had in Miami during the Winter Music Conference... alas, I will not be going this year, BUT all the awesome shit that happened last year makes up for it.

SOOOOOOO... the last day of the 'conference', Sunday, was a pretty down day. My partner was totally worn out from the whole week and not trying to deal with the world. I had some new found friends call me out to kick it at Remix Hotel insuring me they had badges lying around and I wouldn't have to pay. At the end of the afternoon I found myself standing on Collins waiting for Anya (aka Womso... the only girl I've never slept with who almost ended my relationship doing nothing!) to come out and get me because there was a SUPER long line (she was waiting to come out when she knew she could sneak booze back in)... while I'm standing there waiting my buddy Curt Autobot (of Flosstradamus fame) just happens to walk down the street after having just flown from SXSW...

...so I tap him on the shoulder and he's like "Yeah, dude, I'm so wiped. We've just been moving non-stop. Josh (J2K of Floss) got stranded at some airport, I just met MSTRKRFT like two seconds ago and was too tired to talk, and I'm fucking starving. Everything is just too intense right now and I feel like shit. I gotta get something to eat... walk and talk." So we walk a few blocks down some really crowded area I didn't know existed (really how much of Miami, or rather South Beach, do you see when you go to WMC?) he runs into some people and I begin to feel a little out of place...

...see, Curt and I came up in the same town in Michigan, played the same weird ass warehouses, both went to school in Chicago at the same time, and even worked on songs together for a while... as in we were close enough that I stayed at his house while my roomie and I were finding a place in Chicago... but eventually I moved out of the Chi, which is one of the things that caused us to stop talking/working/hanging out together (we reconnected at Intonation Festival right before Flossy D BLEW UP)... but if you find a copy of my first demo you'll find that Curt's the first person I thank... but frankly you're never gonna find that unless well I dunno you're Larry Tee, or Errol formerly of Astralwerks, but I think I retrieved all the other existing copies!

...so anyway, here I am with my newly anointed "international-jetset-superstar-dj" buddy (he was on the cover of URB that month) walking with his friends I totally don't know and I start to feel weird. I mean REAL weird. He, although very tired, keeps trying to engage me in conversation and I start to become more and more uneasy. I release he's headed somewhere NICE and here I am, Midwestern Retard, dressed in a wifebeater, a black visor, JEAN SHORTS (which trust me I have since given up), sweating like a crack whore in a sauna from nervousness/heat...

...and we arrive at, exactly as I thought, a fucking really nice cafe! And I hesitantly walk in with him ...and I feel the air conditioning hit me and I'm like thinking "Ok, maybe I can hang. I just need to relax." So, the hostess takes us to a table that seats about 12... I can see most of the people have been sitting for a little while, and there are two seats left! Sweet right? So, Curt sits down and I go to join him BUT I suddenly look up and see Naeem Juwan at the other side of the table... I mean, that's probably what you'd call him if you knew him well like Curt does... but to me, my sweaty stupid looking Midwestern ass is staring at Spank Rock... and despite having met him two nights previous at the Turntable Lab party, I knew I couldn't sit around and chill with someone whose CD I listen to like every fucking day... no seriously, I'm man enough to admit I couldn't hang! I was in over my head... Now Benny Blanco is apparently trying to fuck my ex-girlfriend seeing as she "accidentally" sends me emails about it all the time but I digress (I guess go gettem Benny!)...

So I immediately bail and find a slew of mean text messages from Anya about how I left her in line and she saw me walking off and how I was a motherfucker for making her come out for nothing... she was REALLY pissed. I hauled ass back to the Remix Hotel gig and we all danced like retards... or at least I did... I was wearing an inflatable duck on my head...

Then blah blah blah we went to this Oakenfold thing and got past the wait, which despite the fact I don't care for him anymore was really fucking cool to bypass a three hour wait and a velvet rope! PROBLEM was Anya didn't have her ID... I mean I dunno??!? She's Russian! I don't know how that all works... but she couldn't come in with us... so I was there for like 10 minutes and declared "I gotta go to downtown Miami. My friend Curt is playing down there. I'll see you guys next year!"

And off I went. Patrick and Anya drove me to a corner where I knew I could catch a bus and that was that. I took the bus downtown and walked to the venue. It was REALLY fucking tiny and both Curt and Pase Rock were playing... there were like maybe 20 people there and I could tell both of them were like "Who fucking roped me into playing this place on a Sunday night in Miami?"... I went to talk to Curt but he was going on and... what was I going to do? Hang out with Pase Rock? Nope nope nope nope... I listen to Five Deez and his solo shit quite a bit so that's not happening. Some people I can do that with and some people I can't (that's kind of where this story is heading). So I stand in a corner and slowly make my way backwards to the bar. I figured "Hey, I'm gross, out of place, still wearing an ill advised beater and a visor, and I probably just need to go home. Just like earlier. Blah."

So I depart from this bar that is JUST far away from the bus station to be scary. There are literally crack heads walking around like zombies and then start coming closer to me. Every time I look over my shoulder they get closer, every time I speed up so do they! As I think I'm about to get dragged into the crackhead underworld a silver two door comes speeding up to my side, the door flings open and who is it other than my mentor Larry Tee!

He says "Do you know where Karu & Y is?", without even looking up at me.

To which I said "Larry, I'll get you there but you've got to take me with you!"

When he looked up and saw it was me, he leaned forward, I jumped in the back of the two door and we ran off to this club...

...which was the greatest thing ever because Larry didn't play which meant we got to hang out all night. Top five best nights of my life ever and I was totally sober. Amazing. I could tell you all about it again but I think I did last year.

Anyway, it comes time for the night to end and Kevin (Larry's friend and assistant) drops Larry off, and then goes to drop my ass of (because it's SO not safe to take the bus that late). Kevin turns to me and says "Have you heard the song?"

"What song?"

"Have you heard the song he did with Concetta? Off Larry's Sampler that he gave you?" (FYI: Concetta is Princess Superstar)

"Well, no, because he just gave me I copy. He hasn't had them on him all week because I always see him when he's relaxing or it's the end of the night."

"Holy fuck. You have to hear this..."

AND THIS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IS WHERE THE STORY TIES BACK TO HERVE! We're driving down the highway at god-knows-what-o-clock and I'm hearing "Gettin' low low on the ground" thinking "Awwww fuck. This is why Larry is a fucking genius." And then Kevin goes "Hold on, I gotta turn it up." And then I hear...


AND THEN A BASS LINE AND A SYNTH THAT MAKE THE EARTH SHAKE. Which of course resulted in my jaw hitting the floor. And Kevin goes "I know right? This is the Herve remix... it's so fucking good". That drive back to my hotel on 72nd was fucking amazing... best WMC ever... how can you top moments like that? I waltzed into the hotel at like 5am and said "Hey, Electroboy, guess what you just missed out on?"... (FYI: Electroboy is Larry's nickname for Sam)... and, of course, he knew he realllllly missed out... especially if my lame ass is coming home at 5am because I'm usually in bed by 10pm lol...

When he finally got to hear the Herve remix the next day we were like "How did we ever end up in the position where we have a copy of this before everyone else?"... sometimes you're just lucky I guess...

AND today my friends you are luck too because I'm gonna get you hooked up with some good shit fer reals... here's the info on Herve's new label...

New label launched by Joshua ‘Hervé' Harvey aka The Count

Featuring new releases by all the alter ego’s and new talent including Action Man, Voodoo Chilli and Detboi

The Count & Sinden’s “Beeper” released in the UK on Domino Records on 24th March 2008

The Count & Sinden debut album out in summer 2008



Maybe this is "DJ snobby" of me but errrr hasn't "Beeper" been the hottest shit on wax for 12 months? How is it JUST getting released? PLEASE tell me this doesn't have to do with red tape from Star Trak (seeing as the vocal is from a FamLay song... I jumped on his back once... but that's a different story for a different place... it's been easier to explain that story since the "Beeper" song came out)... still just as hot 12 months later though...

ANYWAY... here's the goods kiddo... I tried to keep it as British as possible... so here's a Herve remix of the Chemical Brothers that is fucking soooooooo sick... from 2:30 on it's like a weird Prince song and then the drums are sooooo fucking dope....

Chemical Brothers- "The Salmon Dance (Herve Remix)

And here's a mini mix Herve would like you to have... enjoy.....

The Count of Monte Cristal EP 2 Martelo Mini Mix

So see.. there, you got a fun story where I make an ass out of myself multiple times and we get to hear one of the greatest songs like ever... you wanna hear the Larry Tee song? Go to his Myspace and buy the damn thing... or swap that new Steve Aoki because it's on there with Santogold rapping... I'm not giving it to you for free... sorry kids... hotness... see you soon...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Clear ear space for Air Traffic...

So my dear friends over at Astralwerks recently turned me on to one of their recent releases that is bound to bring out cadre of Radiohead fans that miss "The Bends" era, and all the Muse fans that, well, like Muse lol... there's about 10,000 other comparisons I could use though and none of them would be fair... but Air Traffic, have just released 'Fractured Life' and trust me it's going to be that album where you're like "Yeah, I told you they were the new ______"... I've given you my first impression association... you give me yours... here's some background...

"Air Traffic are an English indie rock band from Bournemouth. The band's name originates from when they used to practice next to a runway at Hurn Airport, where air traffic control signals could be picked up on their amplifiers.[1] Their music features heavy use of piano, and they have been described by NME to be like "Supergrass covering Little Richard".[2] The band have received mainstream success due to the re-release of their single "Charlotte", and the release of their debut album, Fractured Life."

Here's the song they won't sue me for posting but I hope that it excites you enough to go out and buy a physical copy... seriously though, Astralwerks are one of the last labels that deserve blind brand loyalty despite having changed their format a little... every album they put out is ace really and they bring most of the good music from across the pond to the U.S... I mean, yeah it weirded me out to see Babyshambles on what had been a primarily electronic label, but it made me realize Astralwerks are America's XL Records (or equivalent thereof). Look at their track record... seriously I'm a lifer...

Air Traffic- "Come On" YSI

Air Traffic- "Come On"

For whatever reason the embedding is disabled (any reason for that guys?) so you're just going to have to trust me when I say you should check out the video for Charlotte...

Check out the whole Air Traffic album at Spinner (via AOL)...
Air Traffic, 'Fractured Life' album stream on Spinner

Also, on a totally different subject, if you've been dying to get away from that water mark, check out a stream of the new AMAZING album from Arcadia favourites Hot Chip over at Spinner...
Hot Chip, 'Made In The Dark' album stream on Spinner

And on the streaming tip... Dev from Test Icicles (who have been retired for about what 2 years now?) released a Bright Eyes-esque solo album as Lightspeed Champion that is really awesome... you should totally check it out... even though he's an American... because a) he used to be in a Britband and b) it's awesome and c) he worked on material in Grand Rapids (where I'm actually going tomorrow). Maybe if you leave comments I'll dig out some of his demos?!?!

Lightspeed Champion, 'Falling Off The Lavender Bridge' album stream on Spinner

Anyway, hope you dug this. I've got some posts I want to do for my new friends and I also want to do a post on Cage the Elephant because I haven't thus far lol... so keep the eyes and ears peeled... until next time...