Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crystal Castles and Robert Smith - "Not In Love" Video

As this is a British blog we don't get the chance to write about Crystal Castles really... save a remix here or there... but this cover changed that! I didn't write about it when it came out partially because I was waiting for this to come out! Feast your eyes...

I would love to see them perform their new material because I haven't seen them since Sam and I hung out with them at the Funky Buddah a while ago. I wonder if they've already done all their U.S. touring... I better check...

HUGE TUNE: "Sicko Cell"

Well... apparently I need to get a hold of R&S Records, who are both mentioned by the emcee in this recording, because I gotta find out more about this track and more importantly the artist! They probably don't even represent the artist, the emcee is probably talking about Blake... but I wanna know who did this tune!

Ahhhhhh! Brilliant! That bit at the end where James Blake is mixing in Burial? Amazing... I want to hear that whole set!

The other blog is coming along! I still am the only person to have written in it but the other folk aren't used to doing HTML and writing for an audience hoping they like what you say... so be easy on them once they all start. In the mean time, what do you kids think of this?

There are a LOT of people who I'd love to see on this lineup. Anyway, be back soon!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cheap Thrills releases RESET! record, awesome tour ensues!

Herve's Cheap Thrills label has just released banger after banger so it should be no surprise this new record from RESET! is amazing. The video is a nice light hearted romp that reminds me of rave visuals... I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did... nice and campy!


RESET! - Sabrage (Radio Edit) /// OFFICIAL VIDEO from RESET! on Vimeo.

Also check out the link to the stream of the EP below. I couldn't embed so I had to post their remixes instead!

Stream the EP here!


Here's a little press info if you're not familiar:

Reset! - Prepare To Fight / Sabrage released today on Cheap Thrills

Asia and Australia Tour Dates Announced

Following the success of the My Trunk EP, 5 man Italian collective Reset! Today release Prepare To Fight, their second EP for Cheap Thrills, the leading British house label set up by DJ/producer Hervé.

The new EP, Prepare To Fight, shows the group further refining their trademark ‘turbo-funk’ sound that has already made them favourites with the likes of Justice’s Xavier De Rosnay, Radio 1’s Jaymo & Andy George and Chew The Fat resident DJ Foamo.

Having clocked up the air miles in 2010 playing parties like the Club 75 closing party at Pacha, Ibiza with Justice, Wonderland, Ibiza with Pete Tong and Layo & Bushwacka! as well as the HARD Haunted Mansion in LA, Reset! kick off 2011 with a tour of Asia and Australia.

Now firmly established an a-list act on both the decks and in the studio Reset! will be hitting the Southern Hemisphere hard with dates in Singapore, Hong kong and Bangkok, plus six nights in Australia.

Indeed it was after one of their own nights, playing alongside house legends Cassius that Reset! were invited to rework the French duo's anthemic "Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes". The resulting remix, heavily supported by the likes of A-Trak and Crookers, remained on Beatport's Indie Dance Top 10 for several weeks and featured on both a Mixmag cover CD (mixed by Cassius, Justice, Busy P and D Mehdi) and Ministry of Sound's Electro House Sessions 3 compilation.

Following this breakthrough Reset!’s unmistakable sound has been in constant demand with the boys adding their Italian touch to a string of remixes for the likes of The Count & Sinden, Fenech Soler, Robyn, Fatboy Slim & Herve and once again Cassius, remixing the classic Cassius 99.

Now concentrating on their own productions and preparing their debut album, Reset have found a fitting home at Cheap Thrills, the label that released worldwide club hits such as Fake Blood’s Mars and Jack Beats’ UFO.

Reset! Asia & Australia Tour 2011
Jan 20 Bangkok – Bed
Jan 21 Hong Kong – Volar
Jan 22 Singapore - Zirca
Jan 25 Brisbane – Monastery
Jan 26 Adelaide – Roger Sanchez's Beach Party
Jan 28 Canberra – Pang! @ Trinity Bar
Jan 29 Sydney – Chinese Laundry
Feb 4 Perth – Boomtick Presents @ Ambar
Feb 5 Melbourne – Super Disco! @ Prince of Wales

Buy the record from Beatport

Ok, that's all I have time for at like 5am so enjoy and I'll be back with more soon. AND IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN JOINING MY SPIN OFF BLOG PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP... the address is on the right under my picture :) Cheers!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mid-January: Jaime xx, Heartless, Paul Cook, Kraddy and Glitch Mob

Amazing dubstep remix showing the genre hasn't gone all "dumb and bass", with a total lack of progress as a genre, and lost the plot...

And here's more from the album...

Check out Heron's remix album "We're New Here" on 21 Feb 2011. The whole remix album was done by Jaime of The xx which is I think is awesome! For more check out here. Here's one of Heron's throwback jams that everyone has sampled (from Air to Common)...

Also wanted to mention I got to watch Jim Sturgess' Heartless yesterday and thought it was brilliant. There is certainly something missing, which means it doesn't get elevated to Donny Darko type fame, but it was brilliant none the less. I hate it how it takes like a year or more for films like this to make it over to the U.S.... any other suggestions for movies like this?

Heartless (2009) Trailer
Uploaded by Moviescan. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.

My mate James sent this over this morning so I thought I'd post it... most of you are familiar with Emalkay so I don't need to say much but I will post the links!

Then I got this folky "Sunday Morning jam" by some bloke called Paul Cook and I actually really like it. I know NOTHING about him but I could cook eggs to this with a hangover and a smile, yeah?

Paul Cook & The Chronicles - "Six Places"

NOW this isn't British at all, which is why we're starting a new spin off blog called Neon Lights until we can get more organized or change servers or whatever... but here's a sampler track from former Glitch Mobber Kraddy:

Kraddy - "Throwin' Some G's"

Here's the press blurb:

The Labyrinth Tour launches this Thursday with a repeat L.A. performance hosted by Do Labs at King King followed by weekend shows in San Francisco and S. Lake Tahoe. I’ll be catching up with all of you in Missouri and Ohio before picking up Archnemesis and heading to Colorado for 8 shows before touring the East coast with BIG GIGANTIC. After that, heading south to bring the heavy to our friends in the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia.

It's always good to hear from The Glitch Mob which means it was awesome to hear their remix album, featuring our friend Chris De Luca of CLP fame, is out! To check out more go here. I have an awesome interview with them I'm waiting to post at our new sister site.
The Glitch Mob - "Starve The Ego Feed The Soul (Sub Swara Remix)"

Speaking of non-UK stuff... this is good but the promo email was lacking SO much I really almost didn't post this... grrrrr... check out more here here. I don't have time for emails like that... no blogger does, big ones or small ones... so consider this just done out of Michigan pride.
Grip Platter (unreleased) by FreddyTodd

Ok in fact the last email pissed me off so much I'm gonna stop writing. Cross your fingers and hope my email gets through to Bassnectar's people in time because he's gonna be in town, I wanna see him, but I've been too busy to send the necessary email out :( Be back soon...