Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back for good? Or back for one post lol... Chima Anya and Malia ft Dot Rotten!

I'm not making promises. Let's just hope the blog is up and running. Enough false starts.
First off I want to share a new track off my buddy Chima Anya's (of GTA fame) new album The Doctor's Note. It's really uplifting and introspective... which is cool because one of his last joints really had that swag vibe to it so it's nice to see such versatility!
Chima Anya
I mentioned on Twitter (which is Patch_ISoA) that I'd been listening to "Going Through Hell (Dot Rotten Remix)" a lot and this random person said I needed to check this video out.... and they were right! It's a nice slice of electro pop with with Dot doing his thing too... check it out.
Malia ft Dot Rotten
Ok I'm gonna keep it to a small post today because I really need to be writing for Dani Deahl's blog... key your eyes on this spot!