Friday, July 21, 2006

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Well, once again... I would like to thank everyone for checking my blog... for the second month in a ROW, however, I have almost gone over my data transfer limit... this means that instead of posting lots of shit all the time... I have to cool it until I can get some more storage and some more tools to work with. That kind of sucks but I don't really have a choice... I'm pretty sure I'm going to be moving all my stuff over to Diablonet (where the Spirit Of Albion site is) but until then I'm not going to be able to do much... I left The Rakes "Retreat" up and HOPEFULLY it won't get downloaded/hotlinked to the point where I go over my data usage... so when I get back from the Phoenix show/ Pitchfork Festival/ Chicago I will get on top of it...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wake up, go out again, repeat!

I've been loving me some "Retreat" for a long time... I first heard the song about 6+ months ago at my radiostation. I don't even really remember when. The original version of The Rakes "Retreat" is a damn fine song, but it didn't grab my by the balls like "Time For Heroes" or something. However, went I went back and listened to the "Retreat E.P" I first heard the "Phones Remix" and then fell in love with both versions. Phones as an artist is a guy named Paul Epworth who has produced albums for people like Babyshambles and Bloc Party. Under Phones he has cranked out some of the most forward thinking dance/rock music in recent memory. Mark my fucking word EVERYONE will want a fucking remix from this guy... they already do. He's going to be producing more albums in the next two years than he has in his whole career (looks like he started with the Fugees.. check the link above to see his credentials)! Both versions of the songs are fucking ace and perfect descriptions of the typical-20-something "I'm worn out and don't feel up to anything, HOWEVER I'm not going to be young forever... what am I doing?" and I suggest you dig on them both, then go buy the album! It may not be the happiest sentiment but this is the perfect "pre-bar song" for those "not-so-good-days". Enjoy and make sure to leave comments.

The Rakes- "Retreat"

The Rakes- "Retreat (Phones Remix)"

Hotlink this shit and I will eat your first born... I'm totally fucking serious! I don't have like any money, it's hard enough for me to even have time to do this much less the cash!

Buy music from The Rakes.

More Sounds Of Summer! The Kooks!

So... not unlike my giving up on Lily Allen before I heard her... I had also kind of given up on The Kooks before I heard them. I had seen a lot of people slagging them off in the NME (are you seeing at pattern lol?) and I was like "eh I have to much fucking music to listen to already". The Kooks primary hater was, none other than, Johnny Borrell from Razorlight who said they were "cunts from music school" or something like that. Now... I'm not a HUGE Razorlight fan but Borrell did used to be in The Libertines for like 5 seconds as a bass player and, in my mind, that means I have to at least pay attention to what he was saying. This all changed, however, when my friend Lolly (a good friend of a Mr. Billy Bilo himself) said she quite liked The Kooks, and Luke Kook was a friend of hers, and I should check it out. So, of course, I did... and that fucking album is so fucking dope. And that kids was how I learned how to be less judgemental of summer music lol.... but seriously. "Seaside" is a perfect album opener, and "She Moves In Her Own Way" is as good a indie-pop gem as I've ever heard. "Naive" "See The World" are also ones I would suggest but I can't afford to use that much storeage space lol! Go get the album from Amazon if you dig these... Just fucking wonderful. Listen and fall into a land of summer music bliss!

The Kooks- "Seaside"

The Kooks- "She Moves In Her Own Way"

PLEASE DO NOT FUCKING HOTLINK! I CANNOT AFFORD IT (I'm using minimal ".mac" space) AND I WILL HAVE TO SHUT DOWN THE FUCKING SITE! I love music and I want to share it, but I can't keep it up if you're stealing my bandwidth!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Love Her Or Hate Her...

OK BEFORE WE EVEN GET INTO IT HERE... I was checking my .mac account earlier... I usually don't check it very often... and I saw that Apple sent me a letter! I think "how nice of them to contact me!" until I read it and it says "Dear Mr. Barnett: You are WAY over your monthly bandwidth limit. Keep this shit up and we will deny you usage of our sites". Ummmmmm....Ooooppps? Given the good news I had to take down all my prior posts. I know... it sucks. I really want to share shit with you folks. I am TOTALLY blown away by the fact that I'm doing over 10 GIGS of data transfer a month! I mean for a 5mb file... how many times do you have to transfer that to max out the 10 gig limit? Like 200,000 times? I dunno but thank y'all for stoppping by! That's fucking rad! The only thing that would be cooler is if more people left COMMENTS!!! Please comment when you stop by because it's incentive for me to keep posting free music for you guys! So anyway, on to the music!

Another one of the "Ladies Of Summer" who I've posted some stuff on a few times already(and a personal favourite of mine) is the wonderful Lady Sovereign. I fucking LOVE her! I think her "Vertically Challenged E.P." is one of the funniest, smartest, most kick ass things I've heard all year. The only downside to the Sov story in my opinion, since they released the tracklisting for her album, is that most of the EP tracks are just getting thrown onto the album... as Pitchfork mentioned all but TWO of the songs that are going to be on the album have been out for ages on the internet. There is a song that I'm hoping is a b-side (as I didn't see it on the tracklisting) called "Orange" about bitches wearing fake tanner, but at this point I haven't heard anything about it. Anyway... this song is going to be the first single off the album. Please feel free to comment on how you feel about it (CHARLES I ALREADY KNOW HOW YOU FEEL SO KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!)

Lady Sovereign- "Love Me Or Hate Me"

Get music by Lady Sovereign

Lily Allen= Queen Of Summertime

After seeing Lily Allen in the NME constantly for months I decided to avoid her music (hype bowls me over and I just can't approach something when the hype gets out of control).

That's stupid though... sooooooooo I decided to go back and take a solid listen to her mixtape number 2 and to see if I had missed something the previous time.

Lo and behold... I did. The second mix tape is phenominal... it is the perfect mix of old school and new school, the perfect mix of pop and r'n'b, the perfect mix of pop and summertime! I suggest you go back and take a listen yourself. I also decided that I ought to post this little rarity that is floating around called "Cheryl Tweedy". The song of course is about the allegedly rascist, bathroom attendant slugging lovely from Girls Aloud. I think it's pretty obvious however who the reigning queen of pop is this summer.

UPDATE: OK, if you read the above post you now know that Apple is going to kick my ass for using too much bandwidth and if I don't watch my ass there will be no "In Search Of Arcadia"! I'm only going to able to keep this file up for another day or so and then I've gotta take it down. So get it while the gettings good and PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK THIS OR ANY OF MY OTHER SHIT! I'm not some fucking rich kid with a never ending expense account. I'm a broke ass music junkie who just wants to share with people!

Lily Allen Second Mix Tape

Lily Allen- "Cheryl Tweedy"

Sorry for not posting the Intonation Pics yet... the girlfriend and I are moving so I gotta go pull the pix and the scanner out of all the shit that we packed before I can put them up! But Pitchfork is coming up soon so I'll probably end up putting them both up at the same time lol... See you there!

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summertimes In Bloom...

Yippie! Things are so wonderful right now I don't even know how to explain it... I mean things never stay that way BUT things are good and I'm happy about it! This weekend was pretty good... on Monday I got home and went to see my bandmate Sam but I wasn't really feeling well so we decided to get breakfast the next day. I ended up going out to breakfast with pretty much all my close friends, and the close friends I didn't see then I saw later. There were all sorts of good things going on this 4th July! I also got to see Italy beat Germany's ass which was sweet... and I got a new dorko backpack for my computer which makes me way happy (I picture this dark and neon lit future were somehow the government or something has gone bonkers and I'm part of this like "electronic survivalist" group that's trying to save the world by hacking into some big supercomputer from random ports so we can save everyone from corruption.. and I wear really cool vests with discs, and swiss army knives, and shit in it that matches perfectly to my nifty fingerless gloves... I'm a wicked hero.. all that shit would match my skull belt buckle too lol), and a bag of Chupa Chups (I quit smoking!). Work is still shit but what do you expect it's work... I also watched the "Virgin Suicides" last night and I think I'm gonna watch "Appleseed" tonight and be even more of a dork.

Anyway other than my extremely tense back and horrible financial situation I'm quite happy right now! So I thought I would post something that at least sounded really happy lol! This is a kind of thrown together post so bare with me... the bonus track cetainly isn't happy so that breaks the continuity but oh well, it's a good song! I will get those pictures and the second half of my Intonation Wrap Up done soon... I was gone all weekend so I couldn't do it then... anyway enjoy the songs and check back with the site soon!

Oasis- "Don't Look Back In Anger (Live In Dublin 1997)"

Guillemots- "Train To Brazil"

Guillemots- "Never Went To Church (The Streets Cover)"

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Pick Up Music by Guillemots