Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I told you I'd follow up big... new shizz from Marv The Marsh

I told you guys I'd have to take it up a notch seeing as the last post was FIRE (courtesy of Robot Koch from Jahcoozi)... and I've got the goods kid... I got some BRAND new shit from Marv The Marsh! How fucking hot is that?!?! He's on tour with Lethal Bizzle at the moment and getting ready to unleash his shit on the world, and frankly I'm loving it...

To be truthful, outside of Roots Manuva, Bizzle, and errr maybe Kano I'm not too into British "hip-hop". I mean I'm all about grime, and all of the sub-genres that come off of that, but Brithop doesn't seem to usually pack the punch that American rap or grime do. HOWEVER, if Marv Da Marsh may fall under the Brithop tag, he falls under it in a way that will hopefully reverse many people's opinion of what Brithop is. Instead of aping maybe Wu Tang, or East Coast/West Coast, as most rappers British (and even American rappers) choose to, Marv takes it WAY the fuck out there bringing him closer to Gorillaz than say... uh I dunno... because none of their names stick with me lol (ok ok ok I like Klashnekoff too... but step it up UK!)... it's like he's from a different universe of awesomeness though... I guess he is a Martian...

Here's the low down on his new single ‘Get By (Be Good)’...

Released December 3rd 2007

“a grindie pioneer….. grimier than a pigeon” NME

“…category defying but era defining….” DJ Mag

Brixton hip-hop pioneer Marvin (formerly Marvin The Martian) releases his new single ‘Get By (Be Good)’ on No Carbon Records in the UK on December 3rd 2007.

Get By (Be Good) spearheads a new wave of British hip hop and its assault on the long time US dominance of the genre. The track opens with bells and chimes, which give way to bass heavy driven beats and lyrics that are spat with controlled aggression, intelligence and a self-awareness that highlights the day to day frustrations and jeopardies of life in South London.

Marvin first came to the public’s attention for the mixtape single ‘Stay Off the Kane’, a rework of Art Brut’s Emily Kane, which saw a tickled Eddie Argos invite Marvin and his rap crew Why Lout? to support them at London’s Koko in 2006.

Get By (Be Good) is the first single to be taken from the much anticipated debut album, Devil In The Distance which the now solo Marvin recorded with his producer & DJ Jack Nimble, alongside the considerable knob twiddling clout of Bristol platinum-selling producers Bob Locke (Massive Attack, Tricky) and Andy Jenks (Alpha).

Track listing:

1. Get By (Be Good) Album version / 2.Get By (Why Lout?) High Alert Remix / 3.Get By (Nimble Remix)

Marvin performed at this year’s Camden Crawl, and has been busy touring the country with a number of acts including recent Mobo winner Akala, Yes Boss, and Goldie Lookin Chain. Steve Lamacq at 6music, John Kennedy at XFM & Bobby Friction have all lent their support on the airwaves and he just finished up a string of dates touring with Lethal Bizzle!

Hell just the fact that he worked with Bob Locke and Andy Jenks has got me wanting more (I'm a Bristol lover... in fact if I could move to Bristol I would... I loved it there... ask me to tell you the story someday if you're interested)... I'm super fucking stoked!

Marvin The Martian- "Get By (Why Lout High Alert Remix)"

Marvin The Martian- "Guns Of Brixton (Rough Desk Mix)"

Marvin The Martian- "C'Mon Baby Freesytle (Saigon Instrumental)"

So see I had a sweet follow up post! I know we'll be keeping tabs with Marvin and letting you know what's up as things go forward...

On another note I just sent some questions off to Hot Club de Paris asking them about their new album they are recording in Chicago, and am working on an interview with Frank Musik and Kash which will no doubt be entertaining. Check back and keep your eye out for new shit! HOLLA!

Monday, November 26, 2007

JACKPOT! Jahcoozi beats to make November hot!

Isn't that a fly ass hoodie/shirt/whatever he's got on? I want it

There are some days where things are so super fucking awesome that you can't believe it, and days where things suck so fucking badly that you want to put your head in a trash can. I expect this day to be both. Don't worry I'm only going to give you guys the good side lol...

So, I every once and a while I get an email that makes my head spin. South Central, Frank Musik, To My Boy's emails and shit have all made me totally lose my cool and show my true fan-boy-dom in the past... today's example might just take the cake.

I'm really really big into Jahcoozi... as in, when my DJ partner and I are working on songs we say things like "No, a little more like Jahcoozi" (even though we're working on a dubstep song lol). But seriously, I fucking love them. Their most recent album "Blitz'n'Ass" has been a constant fixture in my car stereo and my work computer, I'm always running around trying get everyone on the bandwagon, and I can't express enough to the world how much I love this band. ONE HITCH THOUGH... I always subconsciously think of them as being a German band. And literally am dumb enough to not put the pieces together and note that Sri-Lancan born MC Sasha Perera is FROM LONDON. Durrrr durrr durrr. I'm sitting here like "Did I ever actually listen to the lyrics of 'BLN' or was I just trying to mix it into another song?" (I think the problem is that most of the music listening I do is at work where I have the volume turned down low so as not to offend the person next to me lol)... Total disappointment in myself because I could have posted them a long time ago!

HERE'S WHERE THE GOOD NEWS COMES IN! Robot Koch from Jahcoozi just hit me up with some songs. And given the fact that they have an "international" lineup I can now slide them in under the "Bands-that-aren't-exactly-British but-we-pretend-like-they-are" tag. TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER this means you get an AMANDA BLANK REMIX and a remix from RUSTIE that I swear is fucking fire (and he's from Glasgow so it wraps everything up and puts a nice little bow on top of the post)... both remixes will have y'all motherfuckers hungry for more I PROMISE! But first... just in case you don't pay attention to current music trends here is some bio info on Jahcoozi...

"Jahcoozi is a Berlin-based multinational trio comprised of Sri-Lancan/British MC Sasha Perera, Robot Koch and Israeli born Oren Gerlitz. The group's sound has been described as consisting of abstract electronic beats within ragga, hip-hop, blip-hop, re and electronica.

In 2003 Jahcoozi starting playing on the Berlin underground circuit and made a name for themselves with their live performances. The trio's debut ‘Fish’ EP which came out on the Berlin club label WMF Records in July 2003. After John Peel played Fish on his BBC radio show and the De-Bug listed the EP as one of its favourites, Jahcoozi were invited to play at Marke B, a Berlin music festival. The band has also opened for Big Dada Soundsystem, Aphex Twin, DAT Politics, Chicks on Speed, Airborn Audio, Kevin Blechdom, Jamie Lidell, Tiefschwarz and Mocky."

Ok... now is a much more fun press bit about Robot Koch...

Music Lover, Food Lover, Insomniac, Jazz Drummer, Metalhead, Producer of JAHCOOZI, THE TAPE, AUTODRIVE, Remixer, Collaborator....

Favourite records:
1. john coltrane – a love surpreme
2. slayer – reing in blood
3. wu tang clan – enter the 36 chambers
4. beastie boys – check your head
5. motörhead – no sleep till hammersmith
6. radiohead – amnesiac
7. mr. Oizo – analog worms attack

Favourtie animals:
1. shark
2. eagle
3. dog

Favourtie food:

1. indian vegetable curry
2. indian vegetable curry
3. indian vegetable curry

Berlin based producer Robot Koch is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed Jahcoozi and post rock/hiphop outfit The Tape vs RQM.
If he`s not on tour with Jahcoozi or Djing somewhere in the world he still finds time to produce and remix other people and write music for film scores.

He made beats and remixes for artists like Infinite Livez (Ninja Tune/Big Dada) Justine Electra (City Slang), Raz Ohara (Kitty Yo), Data Mc (Hamton), Al Haca (Klein) and Christopher Wiltis (Ghostly International), Rustie (Stuff Records) and Amanda Blank (downtown rec).

He`s also know for wicked DJ sets and mashups and for not getting a lot of sleep.

“Wonderful and strange --- pop music from the future” ( John Peel/BBC about Jahcoozi)
"Robot Koch is Berlins hottest beatmaker....the guys in east london better dress warmer" (Goon Magazin)
"It would make sense to call Jahcoozi's stuff Grime for Björk...this might please both fans of Aphex Twin and Roots Manuva.”

Seriously, wasn't that the most entertaining press blurb you've ever read? Ok, now on to them fire tracks...

Amanda Blank- "Get It Now (Robot Koch Remix)"

Amanda Blank- "Get It Now (Robot Koch Remix)" YSI

Rustie vs Cerebral Vortex (Robot Koch Remix)"

Rustie vs Cerebral Vortex (Robot Koch Remix)" YSI

I swear, y'all motherfuckers are going to pass out when you hear this shit! I have no idea how I'm going to top this post... I'm really going to have to rally and get some stars on the line for the next one! I've been meaning to get some interviews going, y'all know that, but I just get so damn busy NOT blogging lol. I'm not a 'blogger', so to speak, I'm some dude who has a blog that just happened to get way more attention than I thought it would. So I'm still busy trying to pay the bills like the rest of you lol... pardon me if it takes a couple days to get something new up. But, hopefully if things to go plan, then I'll have some crazy shit up for you guys in a few days. Word.

Go buy some Jahcoozi over at eMusic... from this link! PLEASE!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Where is home? (Burial, Quarta 330, Metronomy Remixes)

Gosh... I'm not even sure where I've been.

It's... I've been crazy busy. More like I've been crazy. Whatever... this time of year is kind of fun for all of us that don't have normal families. Or it's crazy for those of us that don't have normal work situations and get blamed for things we couldn't have possibly done because we don't even have the permissions in the programs that these alleged things happened in. *COUGH* I'm real sick of getting blamed for things I didn't do. Just in case you were wondering WORK.

ANYWAY... since there is no coherent theme to anything I'm saying... lets do the same with the post!

I'm fucking super mega stoked about this AWESOME 8 Bit insanity that Quarta 330 is dropping on Hyperdub. Those guys can do no wrong... as you know from my Last.fm account, Burial is like all I'm listening to... and I'm one of Kode 9's top listeners... I'm all about that Hyperdub! BECAUSE OF THAT I'M NOT GOING TO BE KEEPING THIS UP LONG! YOU SHOULD SUPPORT QUARTA 330 AND DOWNLOAD THIS SONG ON eMUSIC!

Quarta 330- "9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Mix)"

Gorillaz are releasing another b-sides collection, this time called "D Sides"... there is a remix disc, and come on, who doesn't love remixes... if you read this blog I know you LOVE em... I'm all about Metronomy...

Gorillaz- "El Manana (Metronomy Remix)"

Gorillaz- "El Manana (Metronomy Remix)" YSI

And while I'm talking about Metronomy... they were on the first Kitsune Maison album... and Kitsune is NOW ON FUCKING eMUSIC!!! HOW FUCKING INSANE IS THAT!?!?!? Get it while it's good (Ed Banger made it like one month and then took all their shit off)... Check it out... just search of Metronomy and click on the only link and it will take you there... you know... after you sign up via my banners :)

And... uh... what else? How about more Hyperdub... I love Bloc Party so you need to go buy the "Flux" single to get this little gem. Why you ask? Because a) this music is supposed to be for evaluation purposes only and deleated 24 hrs after it is downloaded and b) the fucking single looks awesome. Also as people keep buying less and less and less from the music world the singles are going to become crazy collectible because no one is going to have th physical copies. Have you seen "Flux"? IT LOOKS FUCKING AWESOME!

Bloc Party- "Where Is Home (Burial)"

Bloc Party- "Where Is Home (Burial)" YSI

And that's that. I'm just going to have a depressathon for now and figure my life out really really quickly. Sorry if you don't reach me in that time. I'll be back soon... I've got so many other blogs I'm working on, songs I'm writing, family members I'm helping, people I'm trying to entertain, things I'm getting blamed for that I didn't do, that I forget sometimes to give you guys love. Just ask my girlfriend. It's not easy. But I love you... you'll get your music... don't worry... everybody else may not get they shit though... ya heard?

WORK! YOU AIN'T GETTING MY NECK YA HEARD! I DIDN'T DO THAT SHIT... BLAME IT ON THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY DID IT (hint: It's not me, or the other person you are blaming it on even though all the circumstantial evidence points there; have you ever read a detective novel? Or, you know, recognized that it's possible that everything isn't always as it seems... and people DO try to frame people? Well my easy target ass is sick of that... seriously... leave me alone... I do a really good job, especially given the fact that you blame everything that goes wrong on me. Funny thing to do to the guy who just got Employee Of The Month lol...)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

REMIX FEVER! More Late Of The Pier action!

Looks like Late Of The Pier are going to be the Arctic Monkeys of the Klaxon generation.. or something... or the Radiohead of the new rave generation... or... no, none of those are right... well they are fucking awesome is the point. I love em. Thom Yorke loves em. We all love em. There is very little I need to say about them because if you read blogs you already know everything... just in case...

Late of the Pier are an alternative electro pop band from 'home of metal' Castle Donington. Their main success has been throughout London and the new clubs and scenes in the area. Especially in the under-18 scene with shows such as Way Out West and the more recent All Ages Concerts. They have been met with considerable interest over the past year and released thier bedroom recorded debut single Space & The Woods/Heartbeat.Flicker.Line on Way Out West Records.
LOTP finally look set to take off with new single 'Bathroom Gurgle' on Moshi Moshi Records to be released in August 2007.

Band Members:
Rouge Dog Consuela - Drums
Jack Paradise - Akai 1000 Sampler
Francis Dance - Bass Guitar/Synths
Earl Samuel Dust - Lead Guitar/vocals/synths

LA Priest is a related project, whose electro instrumental 'Engine' was released on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label.

Word. They are fucking fire. They are now signed to Regal (and the MP3 is courtesy of dear Katherine over there!) which means we can be looking for a full length in the not too distant future. Remember Babyshambles singed to Regal and BAM they had an E.P. out... so hopefully that's on it's way. Anyway, this verions of this song is way more sedate that I expected but I like it... I'm going to back it up with the remix my boys South Central did a couple months back of the same song that will make your brain boil it's so hot. Caliente! Is that how you spell that?

Late Of The Pier- "Space In The Woods (Primary 1 Remix)"

Late Of The Pier- "Space And The Woods (South Central Remix)"

Late Of The Pier- "Space And The Woods (South Central Remix)" YSI

Get that South Central remix while you can. HURRY!

In the meantime help make me some money and keep this blog open by opening an eMusic account from here and downloading some other band LIKE LOTP (since they aren't on eMusic yet lol)... maybe the Black Ghosts? Friendly Fires? Talk to you soon...