Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So, I'm my way to work... and what comes my way? A JESSE ROSE REMIX OF A NEW HOT CHIP TRACK...

Thought bubble: Bwahhhh???

Yeah, it made my head spin in 12 different directions too!

Here's the info...


‘Ready For The Floor’ is the first single to be taken from Hot Chip’s forthcoming album ‘Made In The Dark’ released 4th February.

Hot Chip created a huge buzz earlier this year when they released the very limited Todd Rundgren sampling 12” 'Shake A Fist'.

As a firm live favourite it has been a staple of the Hot Chip set for some time, so much so that it has taken over from ‘Over and Over’ as the show closer.

For the video they have once again collaborated with Nima Nourizadeh, who directed 'Over and Over' and 'Colours' from last years’ ‘The Warning’.

Ready For The Floor features Remixes from Jesse Rose and Soulwax, Diplo remix of Shake A Fist is available on commercial formats.

To herald the release of their new album and in keeping with their tireless work ethic Hot Chip will be taking their thrilling live show all over the UK throughout the month of February.


14th – University, Leicester
15th – University, Leeds
16th – Academy, Manchester
18th – Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth
19th – Academy, Oxford
20th – UAE, Norwich
22nd – Wulfun, Wolverhampton
23rd – 53 Degrees, Preston
24th – Academy, Bristol
26th – ABC, Glasgow
27th – University, Newcastle
28th – Corn Exchange, Brighton
29th – Brixton Academy, London

Hot Chip - "Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose Remix)" Rapidshare

Hot Chip - "Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose Remix)" YSI

Hot Chip - "Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose Remix)" zShare

Pre sale tickets for those gigs are available now at

Make sure you pop by and their Myspace.

Leave comments if you would... I'm interested to see what you guys think!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Make Model are too cool for school... and so are their remixes...

I really love the internet. As though it were a person. Seriously. Because I get hooked up with stuff like these Make Model remixes and I just wanna spazz out. It's all too good to be true! I was actually just downloading some autoKratz on good old eMusic and I realized "OH SHIT! I still have those remixes I haven't posted!"... it's been a rough day today... my grandma is in the hospital, my really cool new boss who was into Amy Winehouse got canned, and I'm just lonely are irritated... and these remixes saved my day...

The first one is a mix of stutter choppy lyrics and ice cold hollow synths (that actually feel very close to home, yeah Sam?)... this shit is totally going to be in our Traktor queue for a while...

Make Model- "The Was (autoKratz Made To Scale Mix)"

Make Model- "The Was (autoKratz Made To Scale Mix)"

...And the second starts out WAYYYYY happier and then goes full tilt buzzsaw bloghouse synths and before you know it you're naked singing into a banana table dancing for yourself... which is a pretty wild experience that I didn't know could come about from hearing a song! But just you watch... at 1:24 the pants they go a'flyin'!

Make Model- "The Was (Deal Soul Brothers Dub)"

Make Model- "The Was (Deal Soul Brothers Dub)"

Here's a video..............
The Was

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Here are the bullet points of things you MUST know about Make Model...

Artist: Make Model
Title: “The Was”

Remixes by: Dead Soul Brothers, Autokratz
Release date: 19th November

* Make Model are a Six piece from Glasgow. Aimi, JC, Ray ‘The Biz’ Black and Ken joining original members Lewis, ex of Glasgow maths rock combo Fickle Public, and Gordon
* They have been described as sounding like David Gray on methadone
* They formed in 2005
* Following the release of their debut single ‘The LSB’ on their own imprint, The Biz earlier this year, ‘The Was’ will be Make Model’s first release with EMI
* Remixes by Dead Soul Brothers (aka Hervé and Seba)and
Autokratz (Kitsuné)

* Untitled debut album to follow early 2008

After reading that do you see how hard I hooked you guys up? Ever since my boy Larry Tee had the fucking club popping off crazy with a Herve remix I've known that everything he touches turns to gold... and then you get a remix from a Kitsune artist on top of that... it's crazy! There is no way in hell to find a bio for these guys thanks to their non-Google friendly name... but thankfully Make Model actually have stuff on eMusic... so if you enjoyed this sign up via this blog and help a brother out as well as your new favourite artists! There is a ton of new dubstep shit on eMusic, Kitsune releases, even new Ghostly International shit (which you know I rep to the fullest... I think I'm going to get a Ghostly tattoo... will you sign me then SVIV lol?)