Friday, August 31, 2007

TO MY BOY bring you special 'Messages' in this AWESOME INTERVIEW!

TO MY BOY ARE ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME FUCKING BANDS ON THE PLANET... and for some reason they are nice enough to keep doing stuff for your favourite Brit-blog... such as this interview! Jack from To My Boy took some time to answer ridiculous questions that I came up with on break at work...

Patch: Hello Jack! As usual this is an email interview, so you and I aren't
actually talking, but how are you doing today?

Jack: good thanks.. we just flew back from doing a couple of gigs in Prague
and Vienna. Proper mint trip.

Patch: Fantastic to hear! Say hi to Sam for me... unless he's with us on this
interview and I say hello to you too Sam! I wanted to mention, right out of
the gate, that it is completely impossible to search for any information
about you guys on the internet! Are you aware of this? You're as bad as
that band with all the porno words in their name!

Jack: Yep..its a curse. Maybe try using speech marks round the whole name

Patch: Because of this I'm going to have to ask for a little bio info...

Jack: We formed at University in Durham (I was studying physics and Sam was
doing History of Art) and formed a 4 piece band out of boredom.. then
i started writing demos on the computer to teach the bass player and
the drummer to play stuff more simply - we realised the demos were
better than the sounds we could make with the real instruments.
We played lots of house parties in Durham for a few months, got signed
via an unlikely sequence of events, left Uni and moved to Liverpool.

Patch: Ok next up... you've got some fantastic promo pictures, the coolest of
which is you to standing in some sort of spaceship like corridor. Where the
hell is that? Did you guys get to go to the Russian space station? Because
that would be pretty baller and would explain a lot...

Jack: Thats actually an alley-way in Liverpool (down by the side of Cash
Converters) which was renovated as part of Capital of Culture '08. We
filmed the video for the Grid there until we got chased off by the

Patch: I see I see. Unlike a lot of the other bands that have had the "new rave"
tag thrown at them you guys make music that is dissimilar to just about
everyone out there. A lot of your contemporaries are only distinguishable
by their ID3 tags, whereas, as soon as you hear one of your songs you know
it's To My Boy. Is this just the product of self expression or did you sit
down at one point and say 'we're going to make sure we don't sound like
anyone else'? (I'm not trying to be an idiot asking that, it's just
sometimes you say "I'm gonna go out of my way to not sound like my peers
because I don't want to be a ______ clone"... when I write songs I think "I
love Justice but I don't want to sound like them" and make a conscious
decision to not write music like that)

Jack: It was just a combination of things we love. Both club music and indie
music are really important to us so we took what we saw as 'the best
bits' from each > the ideas, melodies and song structures from indie
music .....and the production and sounds from electro.
we started before the term 'nu-rave' existed ... i think its probably
damaged us a bit being lumped in with all those bands - made us seem a
bit novelty.

Patch: Since we're on the topic of sound, what are some of your influences? This
doesn't have to be music, it can be film or paintings or a really shitty day
in October 2001. Anything goes! Have at it!

Jack: Albert and his Grid, Cosmic Fashion and his Wonderful Circus, Goddard,
Wikipedia, Panic! at the Disco, Mr Oizo, John Pilger, Ultimate Frisbee
(a trully modern sport) and Kate Bush

Patch: Gross. Gosh I'm not sure you needed to go into such graphic detail but 'ask
and ye shall receive' I guess! Not a really original question here but what
have you guys been listening to recently?

Jack: Quite a mixture of things really - we rediscovered Dogs Die in Hot
Cars (godhopping is a massive tune), we really like Late Of The Pier
(best new band at the moment), the new MIA album, Hounds of Love
(album) by Kate Bush, great new producers like Crookers, Hervé, Sinden
and Switch. Even a bit of Belle and Sebastian.

Patch: Any collaborations coming up?

Jack: We've literally just been in studio with some London based electro
barons who are working on an album at the moment. Not sure if im
allowed to mention any names but it went well.

Patch: And while we're on the topic of working with other people I have to say that
your remixes have been fucking awesome. That goes both ways. Both the
remix you have done ("Gravity's Rainbow" is the only one I am aware of) and
those that have been done for you are fab-oo. Care to divulge any names of
remixes (song wise for yourself or other artists) or remixers we'll see tied
to you soon? Are you guys going to do some more remixing work or even some
production work?

Jack: we're into doing remixes (although we prefer to be
writing new songs when we have free time) we have a ridiculously fast
one we did of Pull Tiger Tail.... one for I Was A Cub Scout and
another for Example. Its a fun thing to be able to do..especially if
you're a fan of the song.

Patch:And last off, we're nearing the end of summer and that means that festivals
are drawing to a close (in fact they are all done here in the U.S. for the
most part)... which artist was your favourite to watch this summer?

Jack: I watched Bjork at Glastonbury .. that was pretty mad. It was like
watching a massive pagan ritual with a huge brass section.. a bizarre

Patch: I appreciate all the info, you album "Messages" is out now and is pure
fucking magic, you guys are gods and please say anything you want to lead us
out of this interview..............

Jack: Glad u like Messages, we really want to get over to the U.S and play
it to our fans over there. hopefully that will happen soon, when our
label gets its act together. we're looking forward to more touring and
recording our next record > which shud b ready next year. love & speed

AND AS IF THAT WEREN'T AWESOME ENOUGH THEY GAVE US A TRACK TO POST! You may have already seen it over at Palms Out Sounds but that doesn't make it any less awesome... so get your download on and leave comments about how awesome TMB are in the comments...

To My Boy- "Type 1/Type 2"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Projects want to Entertain you

It has been an all together star studded week. I mean seriously. I got word from Jack (To My Boy) that they're down to do an interview with moi (which was great seeing as they leaked "Model *Sinden Remix*" here), got a very nice email from my buddy Larry Tee (who I will always regard as a superstar no matter how much he talks to me like a normal person), and got word of a special mysterious bootleg from one of our Arcadian friends (more about that later)...

...And I had my own brush with fame (hey listen buddy it feels like fame more so than sitting behind this fucking desk right now being a telemarketer) when Palms Out Sounds posted a State Crime mash-up that my boy Curt (from Flosstradamus) and I did eons ago. Here that is again if you didn't catch my first link to it lol!

...And other good things happened too. I got a raise (I think) after two years of being ignored or treated like a trash can. AND I got some Chemical Brothers tickets which is just amazing. May I remind you all how much I fucking love (and have loved for many years now) Astralwerks Records who release most of the music worth buying still in America :)

Speaking of Chemical Brothers.... Ladytron is touring with them. And you know what? Mira from Ladytron is working on some songs with our interview of the day GRAEME FROM THE PROJECTS *weee hurrahhhh zingggg sparkler trumpet blaring*

Instead of some boring back info how about we go straight into the interview and then we'll put a nice little track at the bottom for you! Sounds good yeah?

Interview with Graeme from The Projects

Patch: Although this is just an email interview and I'm not actually speaking to you, hey Graeme how are you today?

Graeme: I'm good despite just having just watched the film 'Cat People' this morning. I mean, Natassja Kinski, Malcolm MacDowell, Bowie singing the songs, you'd imagine you couldn't go wrong. When, in actual fact, it's worthless rubbish. Come to think of it, I don't know if anything good came out of the 1980s. All that hair spray and the primary colours. John Lennon was murdered, everyone wore stone washed jeans and Jason Donovan was a superstar. At the time I realised something was deeply wrong, it's just that, being right in the thick of it, I couldn't work out exactly what. It turned out, with hindsight, that it was everything! Anyway. I'm just fine thanks.

Patch: I see, based on a post from your Myspace earlier, that Mira from Ladytron (one of your listed Myspace influences) is doing some vocals on your album. That's really exciting! Did this come about because of the line up changes in the band, or is it the fruit of some collaboration (and can you explain the line up change a little for the folks)?

Graeme: It's great news, yes!

We have had lots of line up changes, but the biggest is Lisa leaving the band to move to sunny Berlin. This all happened a while back, so it's nice to hear her on our 'Voice Is Glue' record that just came out - Track and Field took an astonishingly long time to release it. Anyway, Mira is to sing on the new record, on a half dozen songs or so, and the rough mixes all sound marvelous. We've been friends for ages and she's always liked the band. Her singing really fits the music. It all fitted! We were playing an Alla Pugacheva song 'Million Crimson Roses' in rehearsal but it sounded pretty awful with me singing. I knew that Mira spoke Russian so I asked one time we met up if she would sing on it. I had imagined that she might be too busy with Ladytron, I mean, their schedule is just crazily busy, but she was up for it, and this and the other songs really make the LP that's being mixed (provisionally titled 'Words Of Love In Code Sent By Number Station' - I'm quite fascinated by the creepy Number Station broadcasts...)

Patch: The first thing that put your name on my radar again recently was the recent Broadcast remix of your track "Accidents Will Happen". That's pretty major as I don't remember seeing loads and loads of Broadcast remixes throughout the years. They are obviously an influence but are they close friends or did you just send them an email and say "hey can you do my track"? Or did the remix come through some other channel?

Graeme: We all really love Broadcast, they make such great records, and so we were thrilled to be invited to support them at the ICA in London. Trish and James liked the show and asked if we'd like to tour with them. It was great fun, especially the infamous M8 motorway brawl in the van, the details of which I shan't divulge to save the face of a certain former member. Yes, it actually involved a real punch thrown (not by or at me, I should add. I only suggested that we drive a tiny bit faster on account of the fact that we were so late for a show in Aberdeen), but that's a different story. James came up with the remix after this tour. Again, this all happened quite a while ago but the time machine that is the Track and Field release schedule makes it all seem like it were only yesterday.

Patch: Speaking of influences, if you could, name a few that aren't on your Myspace... This doesn't have to just be music, it can also be books, art, or movies...

Graeme: I've been watching all of Eric Rohmer's films recently. I hope to God they aren't influencing me though. 'A Summer's Tale' features a singer songwriter writing a song as the film progresses and it's really awful (it is the 1980s after all). For those of you who don't know, Eric Rohmer's a French director who makes realist films that usually involve petty romances. I love or hate his films. I loved 'The Green Ray', but hated 'A summer's Tale', for example. Nope, better to be influenced elsewhere. I suddenly thought of Godard's 'Chinois' now that I'm thinking about French New Wave Cinema. The chairman Mao song in that may be worth plagiarising/being influenced by...

Patch: You guys seem set to have your biggest year to date... if you became massive indie superstars what band would you try to emulate? Would you stick with the modesty of lets say TV On The Radio (who as far as I know seem to be politically active and fairly modest) or would you totally lose it and turn into Razorlight and get celeb girlfriends and motorcycles?

Graeme: A private amusement park would be nice, no? Will the budget stretch to that? If not I think I might just start talking about myself very loudly, as if anyone really cared, in restaurants and bars.

As for motorcycles, I have an MZ ES250/2 and it's fantastic. Everyone should do an image search and change their desktop wallpaper! In fact, everyone should get one.

Patch: Cool cool. Regardless of your last answer I'm glad you're getting motorcycles! Every artist has a song they are really really emotionally connected to more so than their others. What song would you say this is for you guys... and is there a story behind it you'd like to share?

Graeme: Our first single 'Entertainment' makes me feel nostalgic for live shows with the old line up. It was really exciting to play that song live and Lisa's lyrics are just fantastic. The song was written when I tried to play Jacques Dutronc's 'Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous' but couldn't quite manage it (shameful, when you think that there's barely three chords in the song).

Patch: Well I don't want to take up much more of your time seeing as you're busy writing some of the best tracks we're bound to hear in 2007-2008. Here's the part where you tell everyone the promotional info like website, release dates, and other important information (like crack is wack and stuff like that)... go on then!

Voice is Glue is out on Track and Field and it's being stocked by Amazon amongst others. MPLS are releasing it on vinyl in the States in October. Our previous LP 'Let's Get Static' is still to be found here and there.

The Projects Myspace

Patch: Thank you very much to Graeme we look forward to hearing your new material soon!

And there you have it... I put up one of the couple songs for download over at The Projects Myspace, the aforementioned "Entertainment" song I promised (from their first single and also a track from the 'Let's Get Static' LP) , and another one called "New Fun" (taken from their current 'Voice Is Glue' mini LP... which you should go buy right now...)

The Projects- "Entertainment"

The Projects- "New Fun"

The Projects- "Heard You Whisper"

For those of you who read to the bottom I have some news that will make you neon kids freak with delight... Two big dancefloor names and the greatest bootleg of the summer are on the other side of this link. The party is certainly not over yet my friends... What does SC vs LOTP mean to you?

Word on the street is strictly 500 12's which will be going out to UK, Japan and possibly Canadian outlets on Sept 17th. Shhhhhh... don't tell too many people... you won't get one for yourself :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

PROMO TIME! New Athlete & Envelopes mix tape

Athlete are a band that I'm cool with. Not in terms of knowing them or anything... It's just sometimes I think "oh, I'd like to hear that Athlete song" and I dig though my 150 gigs of music and find their cover of "God Only Knows" or one of the songs off their last album (which was quite good I thought) and usually end up playing it on my radio show. Outside of that I don't know a ton about them... I can tell you their press blurb does though!

Athlete have been busily attaching foam strips to walls and building glass cubes to imprison singers in. Yes they’ve built their own studio, locked their producers in a cupboard downstairs, thrown away the key, and are doing it all themselves. 'Beyond The Neighbourhood' is the fruit of these endeavors. Louder, stronger, bigger and altogether more powerful than anything they’ve done before, it sounds like a band who have settled into what they really enjoy doing. They also did two totally different videos for the first single off the album, 'Hurricane', and I've got the links to them here...

Hurricane (normal video)

Hurricane (alt video)

Here's an interesting blurb from Wiki...
"Their second album, Tourist, reached Number One in the UK Album Charts in its first week, following the huge success of single Wires, which, in 2006, won them the Ivor Novello Award for "Best Contemporary Song". In the UK charts, the band has frequently been frustrated by singles just missing out on top 40 placings, due to inconsistent support by music television channels and radio stations. For instance, certain songs, such as "Wires" and "Half light", were played up to 10 times a day on larger UK radio stations, yet other singles such as Westside and Tourist received little to no radio play whatsoever, fueling talk of radio stations deciding who becomes a major player in the pop music franchise."

Well I certainly hope they 'make it' this time... I actually really dig this tune... and hopefully you will too... so ignore the impulse to steal it and go off and buy it yeah?

Athlete- "Airport Disco"

Here's some tour dates for you lucky British bastards...

Nottingham Rock City: Tuesday October 2

Leeds University: Wednesday October 3

Birmingham Academy: Thursday October 4

Glasgow Barrowlands: Saturday October 6

Newcastle Academy: Sunday October 7

Bristol Academy: Monday October 8

Southampton Guildhall: Wednesday October 10

London Shepherds Bush: Thursday October 11

London Shepherds Bush: Friday October 12

Manchester Academy: Sunday October 14

Liverpool Academy: Monday October 15

Norwich UEA: Wednesday October 17

Lincoln Engine Shed: Thursday October 18

Check out more at:

Envelopes I could tell you even less about... but they seem to be fun! Their mixtape is a mish mash of their album which I promise you is worth a listen... here's their press blurb...

'There'll be no stopping them' – The Guardian

'Effortlessly cool and packed with chutzpah' – Music Week, Feb 2007

"Skewed post-punk pop genius" – Artrocker, April 2007

""First class sun-dried indie" – NME , May 2007

Envelopes return this summer with brilliant new single 'Life on the Beach'. This is the sound of a solar eclipse, as filtered through a mescaline soaked B52s and some pretty surreal imagery. The groove is obese. Henrik and Audrey tell this tale of decadence and denial in tropical setting, surrounded by the swampiest drums and guitars you've ever heard. The single will be a limited edition 7" backed by new track 'Calypso'. 'Calypso' is sweet experimental pop without any lifelines. Ambulance sirens, stirring guitar lines and a middle eight sung in French, it's perfectly formed, bristling pop.

Envelopes are a five piece who have made their homes all across Europe. Brought together by a shared love of skewed, lo-fi pop, they sound like all your favourite bands put together, whilst also sounding like none but themselves. Living in Stockholm, Malmo and Paris the band fought geography, and won: spending enough time together during school holidays to home-record their truly special debut album 'Demon', released very quietly on the newly formed Brille Records in late 2005. 'Demon' which means 'demo' in Sweden, suggested Envelopes were certainly the coolest band to emerge out of Sweden and France via York, where they subsequently moved to rehearse and begin work on their album proper.

To coincide with the release of 'Life On The Beach' on 17th September, the band have made a full mp3 (over 30 mins worth!!) of a mish-mash of Envelopes and their favourite tracks available to all on their website -


Videos to download:
(right click, save to computer)

Envelopes- "A Soup Of Germs Mixtape"

So yeah, go to town with that... Usually I'd have more energy to post even more music but... I don't... I don't... I've been spending so much time doing State Crime stuff that I haven't had a moment to really dig in and do the blog... but trust me, that time is just around the corner!

SPEAKING OF STATE CRIME: Palms Out Sounds just posted the mash-up that Curt Autobot from Flosstradamus and I did (quite a few years ago... shhhhhhh don't tell anyone) called Timbaland vs Shakedown- "Drop it At Night (State Crime vs Flosstradamus)". I'm not going to post it here, so go over there and indulge in Remix Sunday!

I'll be back. In the mean time make me some money at eMusic lol...

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POST 101! And loads of awesome tunes (FrankMusik, Toy Guns, Saturna)

So I finally did it! I got past the 100 post mark! What started out as a sort of thing to do on a whim during class to keep myself from being extremely bored (while simultaneously keeping myself from passing any classes) has turned into a great experience where I've had face to face contact with artists I idolize (Klaxons, The Cribs, M.I.A.), email/phone contact with people I admire (Drew Shambles, Gary DPT, South Central, Dot Allison, etc), and an inbox full of awesome music from the next wave of up and comers. Thank you to all of you for continuously stopping by and leaving comments and just generally being awesome. Extra special thanks to those of you who joined eMusic via this site and made me a couple bucks.

Since I met The Cribs last weekend I will post this awesome remix to commerate the 100th post! They were awesome really nice guys... this is the CSS (who didn't show at Lolla because of airline problems) remix that is KILLER...

The Cribs- "Men's Needs (CSS Remix)"

p.s. I jacked this track from Palms Out Sounds Remix Sunday... who I have some really interesting collabos in the works with right now involving State Crime, Palms Out, and Flosstradamus

SOOOOOOO... The first artist today I'm going to post is Frank Musik who I tracked down after I became obsessed with his remix, of former postees' Heads We Dance, "Love In The Digital Age" (via his Myspace). The song I'm posting today is a cross between Imogen Heap and Todd Edwards bringing the better parts of bloghouse together with the better parts of electro-pop. In short I believe that he is going to be super huge soon... if he doesn't there is something wrong with the world! He will either be producing tracks for people like Madonna, or Kylie, or Dragonette, or releasing an amazing full length, or becoming one of the most in demand remixers of 2008 BUT WHATEVER IT IS Frank is on the brink of the big time.

Here's the best bio I could get my hands on seeing as the man née Vincent Frank doesn't have one...

He is a 'bedroom-based pop auteur' like Jamie T or Patrick Wolf or Mike Skinner or that sort of thing but he sounds like he is produced by Daft Punk or Simian or whoever. There are so many possible 'x meets y' combinations that it makes our heads hurt quite a lot.

You will either agree with us that he is a-m-a-z-i-n-g or you will think his music is the worst thing you have ever heard but sometimes life is a bit like that and if you spend your time trying to please everyone you end up being The Kooks.

If you don't dig this I think you need to retune your ears...

Frank Musik- "In Step"

The Frank Musik Myspace

NEXT UP... here's a band that Regal brought to my attention that I enjoy... if you didn't like the last track this will be more up your alley. Straight out rock. No other way to put it. They've toured with Babyshambles and Kubicheck so they've gotta be doing something right (because you know how much I love those bands)

Here's the press...

The Regal Singles Club presents…. The Toy Guns

'Nice One Jerry' / 'Shoot The Boy'

AA sided 7 inch single released 3rd September, limited to 500 copies

The new AA single from the Regal Singles Club is 'Nice One Jerry' / 'Shoot The Boy' from The Toy Guns.

A four-piece made up of two Geordies, an Italian and a Finn, The Toy Guns are based in Bethnal Green and arrive on Regal on the back of winning Zane Lowe's Fresh Meat title (with 'Shoot The Boy') on Radio One, and getting lots of love and spins from BBC 6 Music's Steve Lamacq and Xfm's Steve Harris.

'Nice One Jerry' (the title is inspired by The Specials Jerry Dammers) is an incendiary blast of ska-punk, delivering its anti-racist message with flair and intelligence. 'Shoot The Boy' clocks it at under two minutes, and not a second is wasted - this infectious, raw and dirty track is like one long chorus.

Fresh from supporting Babyshambles for a Love Music Hate Racism gig in London's Hackney Empire, this November the band are set to play Newcastle's Sage for Roger Daltrey's charity – the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Tales of scuffles with the boys in blue, birds you never see again and scrapes with the Spanish Authorities combined with a driving rhythm section interchanging with melodic lead and tight vocals make The Toy Guns a live band not to be missed, catch them if you can:

Thurs 26th Aug Blow Up at Metro, London W1
Wed 22nd Aug Turnmills, London EC1
Sun 26th Aug The Cluny, Newcastle
Mon 3rd Sept Old Blue Last (single launch night), London EC1
Thurs 20th Sept The Peel, Kingston
Sat 22nd Sept TCT @ The Sage, Newcastle (supporting Kubichek!)
Thurs 27th Sept The Fly, New Oxford St, London WC1
Fri 2nd October 93 Feet East, London E1

The Toy Guns- "Transmission"

And last but not least... these guys aren't British but their influences are! I really like them... I present Saturna...

The last song I posted, "Pop Rocks", sounded like Interpol/Oasis/Dandy Warhols which actually works out really well... so this time I'm going to post their more spacey Verve/Ride/Teenage Fanclub song "Roll Down". These guys are really really really fucking good and every time I hear news from them ('Some Delicious Enemy', their most recent effort, entered the CMJ Top 200 at number #190) I am happy to post a song or two of theirs because I want them to get big huge mainstream indie success (because apparently Pitchfork said there is such a thing). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I beg you, support music that deserves it and go buy their album... I know after you listen to this song you'll want it!

Saturna- "Roll Down"

And that's it for this post... I've got a mixtape I got from Regal that's pretty good that I'll post next time from a band called Envelopes... keep your eyes and ears and onions peeled!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


My account has been unlocked by Google and THANK GOD because there is a new Black Ghosts mix for July/August that is going to freak you out. Way way way fucking good. I've been playing the Black Ghosts out a lot recently and people seem to fucking LOVE these guys (well obviously because they are awesome) and because of that I hope they release a full length soon and then IMMEDIATELY get their American tour on.

Here's the info about the mix...

Hot on the heels of new single 'It's Your Touch', The Black Ghosts return with a fresh 30 minute mash-up of their favourite gothic-electro-pop. Totally FREE, the download features tunes from the likes of Lindstrom, Gossip, Noze and Curse Minor. To access the mix, just sign up to the bands mailing list!

Sign up here to get the mix

It takes 2 seconds and why wouldn't you want to be on their mailing list right? That's like saying "Pardon me I'd like to give you a 100 dollars I just need to give you a blow job first"! Ok, maybe that's a bit much but you see where I'm going with that...

Remember to stop by..

And I'm pretty sure you can get some Black Ghosts downloads over at eMusic... why not sign up here? lol...

I'll be back soon with some Saturna, The Toy Guns, and loads of other great shit... see you soon!

P.S. Also while on the mixtape front I thought I'd throw this up... I had TOTALLY forgotten about it while I was "frozen out" of blogger.. To My Boy also have a new mixtape online that you guys might enjoy.... here's the track listing...

Black Gloves - Goose
Sexy Bak- Justin Timberlake
Walkman- Sebastian
Xr 2- MIA
You Can Call Me Al (RMx) - Paul Simon
Jump- Pointer Sisters
Phantom Pt II - Justice
Model (Sinden Rmx) - To My Boy
the Bomb - Kennydope & the Bucketheads
Weird Science - Does it Offend U, Yeah
Pump up the Jam - Technotronic
Running up that Hill - Kate Bush
Patrick122 - Mr Oizo
Feel 4 u - Chaka Kahn
Worry About it L8r (Rmx) - Futureheads
Lets Lightning (To My Boy ReScan) - Pull Tiger Tail
Tell the King - Libertines

To My Boy- "Puregroove Mixtape"

I'm listening to it right now and it's dope... it's got JT, that Sinden remix they gave me to post, and a Libs track... can't go wrong with all that...