Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So, I'm my way to work... and what comes my way? A JESSE ROSE REMIX OF A NEW HOT CHIP TRACK...

Thought bubble: Bwahhhh???

Yeah, it made my head spin in 12 different directions too!

Here's the info...


‘Ready For The Floor’ is the first single to be taken from Hot Chip’s forthcoming album ‘Made In The Dark’ released 4th February.

Hot Chip created a huge buzz earlier this year when they released the very limited Todd Rundgren sampling 12” 'Shake A Fist'.

As a firm live favourite it has been a staple of the Hot Chip set for some time, so much so that it has taken over from ‘Over and Over’ as the show closer.

For the video they have once again collaborated with Nima Nourizadeh, who directed 'Over and Over' and 'Colours' from last years’ ‘The Warning’.

Ready For The Floor features Remixes from Jesse Rose and Soulwax, Diplo remix of Shake A Fist is available on commercial formats.

To herald the release of their new album and in keeping with their tireless work ethic Hot Chip will be taking their thrilling live show all over the UK throughout the month of February.


14th – University, Leicester
15th – University, Leeds
16th – Academy, Manchester
18th – Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth
19th – Academy, Oxford
20th – UAE, Norwich
22nd – Wulfun, Wolverhampton
23rd – 53 Degrees, Preston
24th – Academy, Bristol
26th – ABC, Glasgow
27th – University, Newcastle
28th – Corn Exchange, Brighton
29th – Brixton Academy, London

Hot Chip - "Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose Remix)" Rapidshare

Hot Chip - "Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose Remix)" YSI

Hot Chip - "Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose Remix)" zShare

Pre sale tickets for those gigs are available now at

Make sure you pop by and their Myspace.

Leave comments if you would... I'm interested to see what you guys think!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Make Model are too cool for school... and so are their remixes...

I really love the internet. As though it were a person. Seriously. Because I get hooked up with stuff like these Make Model remixes and I just wanna spazz out. It's all too good to be true! I was actually just downloading some autoKratz on good old eMusic and I realized "OH SHIT! I still have those remixes I haven't posted!"... it's been a rough day today... my grandma is in the hospital, my really cool new boss who was into Amy Winehouse got canned, and I'm just lonely are irritated... and these remixes saved my day...

The first one is a mix of stutter choppy lyrics and ice cold hollow synths (that actually feel very close to home, yeah Sam?)... this shit is totally going to be in our Traktor queue for a while...

Make Model- "The Was (autoKratz Made To Scale Mix)"

Make Model- "The Was (autoKratz Made To Scale Mix)"

...And the second starts out WAYYYYY happier and then goes full tilt buzzsaw bloghouse synths and before you know it you're naked singing into a banana table dancing for yourself... which is a pretty wild experience that I didn't know could come about from hearing a song! But just you watch... at 1:24 the pants they go a'flyin'!

Make Model- "The Was (Deal Soul Brothers Dub)"

Make Model- "The Was (Deal Soul Brothers Dub)"

Here's a video..............
The Was

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Here are the bullet points of things you MUST know about Make Model...

Artist: Make Model
Title: “The Was”

Remixes by: Dead Soul Brothers, Autokratz
Release date: 19th November

* Make Model are a Six piece from Glasgow. Aimi, JC, Ray ‘The Biz’ Black and Ken joining original members Lewis, ex of Glasgow maths rock combo Fickle Public, and Gordon
* They have been described as sounding like David Gray on methadone
* They formed in 2005
* Following the release of their debut single ‘The LSB’ on their own imprint, The Biz earlier this year, ‘The Was’ will be Make Model’s first release with EMI
* Remixes by Dead Soul Brothers (aka Hervé and Seba)and
Autokratz (Kitsuné)

* Untitled debut album to follow early 2008

After reading that do you see how hard I hooked you guys up? Ever since my boy Larry Tee had the fucking club popping off crazy with a Herve remix I've known that everything he touches turns to gold... and then you get a remix from a Kitsune artist on top of that... it's crazy! There is no way in hell to find a bio for these guys thanks to their non-Google friendly name... but thankfully Make Model actually have stuff on eMusic... so if you enjoyed this sign up via this blog and help a brother out as well as your new favourite artists! There is a ton of new dubstep shit on eMusic, Kitsune releases, even new Ghostly International shit (which you know I rep to the fullest... I think I'm going to get a Ghostly tattoo... will you sign me then SVIV lol?)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I told you I'd follow up big... new shizz from Marv The Marsh

I told you guys I'd have to take it up a notch seeing as the last post was FIRE (courtesy of Robot Koch from Jahcoozi)... and I've got the goods kid... I got some BRAND new shit from Marv The Marsh! How fucking hot is that?!?! He's on tour with Lethal Bizzle at the moment and getting ready to unleash his shit on the world, and frankly I'm loving it...

To be truthful, outside of Roots Manuva, Bizzle, and errr maybe Kano I'm not too into British "hip-hop". I mean I'm all about grime, and all of the sub-genres that come off of that, but Brithop doesn't seem to usually pack the punch that American rap or grime do. HOWEVER, if Marv Da Marsh may fall under the Brithop tag, he falls under it in a way that will hopefully reverse many people's opinion of what Brithop is. Instead of aping maybe Wu Tang, or East Coast/West Coast, as most rappers British (and even American rappers) choose to, Marv takes it WAY the fuck out there bringing him closer to Gorillaz than say... uh I dunno... because none of their names stick with me lol (ok ok ok I like Klashnekoff too... but step it up UK!)... it's like he's from a different universe of awesomeness though... I guess he is a Martian...

Here's the low down on his new single ‘Get By (Be Good)’...

Released December 3rd 2007

“a grindie pioneer….. grimier than a pigeon” NME

“…category defying but era defining….” DJ Mag

Brixton hip-hop pioneer Marvin (formerly Marvin The Martian) releases his new single ‘Get By (Be Good)’ on No Carbon Records in the UK on December 3rd 2007.

Get By (Be Good) spearheads a new wave of British hip hop and its assault on the long time US dominance of the genre. The track opens with bells and chimes, which give way to bass heavy driven beats and lyrics that are spat with controlled aggression, intelligence and a self-awareness that highlights the day to day frustrations and jeopardies of life in South London.

Marvin first came to the public’s attention for the mixtape single ‘Stay Off the Kane’, a rework of Art Brut’s Emily Kane, which saw a tickled Eddie Argos invite Marvin and his rap crew Why Lout? to support them at London’s Koko in 2006.

Get By (Be Good) is the first single to be taken from the much anticipated debut album, Devil In The Distance which the now solo Marvin recorded with his producer & DJ Jack Nimble, alongside the considerable knob twiddling clout of Bristol platinum-selling producers Bob Locke (Massive Attack, Tricky) and Andy Jenks (Alpha).

Track listing:

1. Get By (Be Good) Album version / 2.Get By (Why Lout?) High Alert Remix / 3.Get By (Nimble Remix)

Marvin performed at this year’s Camden Crawl, and has been busy touring the country with a number of acts including recent Mobo winner Akala, Yes Boss, and Goldie Lookin Chain. Steve Lamacq at 6music, John Kennedy at XFM & Bobby Friction have all lent their support on the airwaves and he just finished up a string of dates touring with Lethal Bizzle!

Hell just the fact that he worked with Bob Locke and Andy Jenks has got me wanting more (I'm a Bristol lover... in fact if I could move to Bristol I would... I loved it there... ask me to tell you the story someday if you're interested)... I'm super fucking stoked!

Marvin The Martian- "Get By (Why Lout High Alert Remix)"

Marvin The Martian- "Guns Of Brixton (Rough Desk Mix)"

Marvin The Martian- "C'Mon Baby Freesytle (Saigon Instrumental)"

So see I had a sweet follow up post! I know we'll be keeping tabs with Marvin and letting you know what's up as things go forward...

On another note I just sent some questions off to Hot Club de Paris asking them about their new album they are recording in Chicago, and am working on an interview with Frank Musik and Kash which will no doubt be entertaining. Check back and keep your eye out for new shit! HOLLA!

Monday, November 26, 2007

JACKPOT! Jahcoozi beats to make November hot!

Isn't that a fly ass hoodie/shirt/whatever he's got on? I want it

There are some days where things are so super fucking awesome that you can't believe it, and days where things suck so fucking badly that you want to put your head in a trash can. I expect this day to be both. Don't worry I'm only going to give you guys the good side lol...

So, I every once and a while I get an email that makes my head spin. South Central, Frank Musik, To My Boy's emails and shit have all made me totally lose my cool and show my true fan-boy-dom in the past... today's example might just take the cake.

I'm really really big into Jahcoozi... as in, when my DJ partner and I are working on songs we say things like "No, a little more like Jahcoozi" (even though we're working on a dubstep song lol). But seriously, I fucking love them. Their most recent album "Blitz'n'Ass" has been a constant fixture in my car stereo and my work computer, I'm always running around trying get everyone on the bandwagon, and I can't express enough to the world how much I love this band. ONE HITCH THOUGH... I always subconsciously think of them as being a German band. And literally am dumb enough to not put the pieces together and note that Sri-Lancan born MC Sasha Perera is FROM LONDON. Durrrr durrr durrr. I'm sitting here like "Did I ever actually listen to the lyrics of 'BLN' or was I just trying to mix it into another song?" (I think the problem is that most of the music listening I do is at work where I have the volume turned down low so as not to offend the person next to me lol)... Total disappointment in myself because I could have posted them a long time ago!

HERE'S WHERE THE GOOD NEWS COMES IN! Robot Koch from Jahcoozi just hit me up with some songs. And given the fact that they have an "international" lineup I can now slide them in under the "Bands-that-aren't-exactly-British but-we-pretend-like-they-are" tag. TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER this means you get an AMANDA BLANK REMIX and a remix from RUSTIE that I swear is fucking fire (and he's from Glasgow so it wraps everything up and puts a nice little bow on top of the post)... both remixes will have y'all motherfuckers hungry for more I PROMISE! But first... just in case you don't pay attention to current music trends here is some bio info on Jahcoozi...

"Jahcoozi is a Berlin-based multinational trio comprised of Sri-Lancan/British MC Sasha Perera, Robot Koch and Israeli born Oren Gerlitz. The group's sound has been described as consisting of abstract electronic beats within ragga, hip-hop, blip-hop, re and electronica.

In 2003 Jahcoozi starting playing on the Berlin underground circuit and made a name for themselves with their live performances. The trio's debut ‘Fish’ EP which came out on the Berlin club label WMF Records in July 2003. After John Peel played Fish on his BBC radio show and the De-Bug listed the EP as one of its favourites, Jahcoozi were invited to play at Marke B, a Berlin music festival. The band has also opened for Big Dada Soundsystem, Aphex Twin, DAT Politics, Chicks on Speed, Airborn Audio, Kevin Blechdom, Jamie Lidell, Tiefschwarz and Mocky."

Ok... now is a much more fun press bit about Robot Koch...

Music Lover, Food Lover, Insomniac, Jazz Drummer, Metalhead, Producer of JAHCOOZI, THE TAPE, AUTODRIVE, Remixer, Collaborator....

Favourite records:
1. john coltrane – a love surpreme
2. slayer – reing in blood
3. wu tang clan – enter the 36 chambers
4. beastie boys – check your head
5. motörhead – no sleep till hammersmith
6. radiohead – amnesiac
7. mr. Oizo – analog worms attack

Favourtie animals:
1. shark
2. eagle
3. dog

Favourtie food:

1. indian vegetable curry
2. indian vegetable curry
3. indian vegetable curry

Berlin based producer Robot Koch is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed Jahcoozi and post rock/hiphop outfit The Tape vs RQM.
If he`s not on tour with Jahcoozi or Djing somewhere in the world he still finds time to produce and remix other people and write music for film scores.

He made beats and remixes for artists like Infinite Livez (Ninja Tune/Big Dada) Justine Electra (City Slang), Raz Ohara (Kitty Yo), Data Mc (Hamton), Al Haca (Klein) and Christopher Wiltis (Ghostly International), Rustie (Stuff Records) and Amanda Blank (downtown rec).

He`s also know for wicked DJ sets and mashups and for not getting a lot of sleep.

“Wonderful and strange --- pop music from the future” ( John Peel/BBC about Jahcoozi)
"Robot Koch is Berlins hottest beatmaker....the guys in east london better dress warmer" (Goon Magazin)
"It would make sense to call Jahcoozi's stuff Grime for Björk...this might please both fans of Aphex Twin and Roots Manuva.”

Seriously, wasn't that the most entertaining press blurb you've ever read? Ok, now on to them fire tracks...

Amanda Blank- "Get It Now (Robot Koch Remix)"

Amanda Blank- "Get It Now (Robot Koch Remix)" YSI

Rustie vs Cerebral Vortex (Robot Koch Remix)"

Rustie vs Cerebral Vortex (Robot Koch Remix)" YSI

I swear, y'all motherfuckers are going to pass out when you hear this shit! I have no idea how I'm going to top this post... I'm really going to have to rally and get some stars on the line for the next one! I've been meaning to get some interviews going, y'all know that, but I just get so damn busy NOT blogging lol. I'm not a 'blogger', so to speak, I'm some dude who has a blog that just happened to get way more attention than I thought it would. So I'm still busy trying to pay the bills like the rest of you lol... pardon me if it takes a couple days to get something new up. But, hopefully if things to go plan, then I'll have some crazy shit up for you guys in a few days. Word.

Go buy some Jahcoozi over at eMusic... from this link! PLEASE!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Where is home? (Burial, Quarta 330, Metronomy Remixes)

Gosh... I'm not even sure where I've been.

It's... I've been crazy busy. More like I've been crazy. Whatever... this time of year is kind of fun for all of us that don't have normal families. Or it's crazy for those of us that don't have normal work situations and get blamed for things we couldn't have possibly done because we don't even have the permissions in the programs that these alleged things happened in. *COUGH* I'm real sick of getting blamed for things I didn't do. Just in case you were wondering WORK.

ANYWAY... since there is no coherent theme to anything I'm saying... lets do the same with the post!

I'm fucking super mega stoked about this AWESOME 8 Bit insanity that Quarta 330 is dropping on Hyperdub. Those guys can do no wrong... as you know from my account, Burial is like all I'm listening to... and I'm one of Kode 9's top listeners... I'm all about that Hyperdub! BECAUSE OF THAT I'M NOT GOING TO BE KEEPING THIS UP LONG! YOU SHOULD SUPPORT QUARTA 330 AND DOWNLOAD THIS SONG ON eMUSIC!

Quarta 330- "9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Mix)"

Gorillaz are releasing another b-sides collection, this time called "D Sides"... there is a remix disc, and come on, who doesn't love remixes... if you read this blog I know you LOVE em... I'm all about Metronomy...

Gorillaz- "El Manana (Metronomy Remix)"

Gorillaz- "El Manana (Metronomy Remix)" YSI

And while I'm talking about Metronomy... they were on the first Kitsune Maison album... and Kitsune is NOW ON FUCKING eMUSIC!!! HOW FUCKING INSANE IS THAT!?!?!? Get it while it's good (Ed Banger made it like one month and then took all their shit off)... Check it out... just search of Metronomy and click on the only link and it will take you there... you know... after you sign up via my banners :)

And... uh... what else? How about more Hyperdub... I love Bloc Party so you need to go buy the "Flux" single to get this little gem. Why you ask? Because a) this music is supposed to be for evaluation purposes only and deleated 24 hrs after it is downloaded and b) the fucking single looks awesome. Also as people keep buying less and less and less from the music world the singles are going to become crazy collectible because no one is going to have th physical copies. Have you seen "Flux"? IT LOOKS FUCKING AWESOME!

Bloc Party- "Where Is Home (Burial)"

Bloc Party- "Where Is Home (Burial)" YSI

And that's that. I'm just going to have a depressathon for now and figure my life out really really quickly. Sorry if you don't reach me in that time. I'll be back soon... I've got so many other blogs I'm working on, songs I'm writing, family members I'm helping, people I'm trying to entertain, things I'm getting blamed for that I didn't do, that I forget sometimes to give you guys love. Just ask my girlfriend. It's not easy. But I love you... you'll get your music... don't worry... everybody else may not get they shit though... ya heard?

WORK! YOU AIN'T GETTING MY NECK YA HEARD! I DIDN'T DO THAT SHIT... BLAME IT ON THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY DID IT (hint: It's not me, or the other person you are blaming it on even though all the circumstantial evidence points there; have you ever read a detective novel? Or, you know, recognized that it's possible that everything isn't always as it seems... and people DO try to frame people? Well my easy target ass is sick of that... seriously... leave me alone... I do a really good job, especially given the fact that you blame everything that goes wrong on me. Funny thing to do to the guy who just got Employee Of The Month lol...)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

REMIX FEVER! More Late Of The Pier action!

Looks like Late Of The Pier are going to be the Arctic Monkeys of the Klaxon generation.. or something... or the Radiohead of the new rave generation... or... no, none of those are right... well they are fucking awesome is the point. I love em. Thom Yorke loves em. We all love em. There is very little I need to say about them because if you read blogs you already know everything... just in case...

Late of the Pier are an alternative electro pop band from 'home of metal' Castle Donington. Their main success has been throughout London and the new clubs and scenes in the area. Especially in the under-18 scene with shows such as Way Out West and the more recent All Ages Concerts. They have been met with considerable interest over the past year and released thier bedroom recorded debut single Space & The Woods/Heartbeat.Flicker.Line on Way Out West Records.
LOTP finally look set to take off with new single 'Bathroom Gurgle' on Moshi Moshi Records to be released in August 2007.

Band Members:
Rouge Dog Consuela - Drums
Jack Paradise - Akai 1000 Sampler
Francis Dance - Bass Guitar/Synths
Earl Samuel Dust - Lead Guitar/vocals/synths

LA Priest is a related project, whose electro instrumental 'Engine' was released on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label.

Word. They are fucking fire. They are now signed to Regal (and the MP3 is courtesy of dear Katherine over there!) which means we can be looking for a full length in the not too distant future. Remember Babyshambles singed to Regal and BAM they had an E.P. out... so hopefully that's on it's way. Anyway, this verions of this song is way more sedate that I expected but I like it... I'm going to back it up with the remix my boys South Central did a couple months back of the same song that will make your brain boil it's so hot. Caliente! Is that how you spell that?

Late Of The Pier- "Space In The Woods (Primary 1 Remix)"

Late Of The Pier- "Space And The Woods (South Central Remix)"

Late Of The Pier- "Space And The Woods (South Central Remix)" YSI

Get that South Central remix while you can. HURRY!

In the meantime help make me some money and keep this blog open by opening an eMusic account from here and downloading some other band LIKE LOTP (since they aren't on eMusic yet lol)... maybe the Black Ghosts? Friendly Fires? Talk to you soon...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The great British "forgotten songs" post (Simian, So Solid Crew, and more)...

Seeing as I didn't "do" Halloween, this picture is my attempt at making up for it. Me in a bright coloured LRG-ripoff hoodie in a Detroit parking garage two months ago...

But anyway, I haven't been around much. You guys know why. School problems. Work changes. Girl issues. Two parents with serious problems. Just TOO MUCH STRESS! But during all this I've had a chance to listen to LOADS of music and find some stuff that I forgot about.

First off, y'all know how I love Simian Mobile Disco. I loved them when they were Simian. My ex, Megan, and I took a long drive to northern Michigan once listening to Zero 7, Princess Superstar (close friend of my future friend Larry Tee), and the first Simian album. Since it was such a long drive we drove these CDs into the dirt but it was a fun time. Then I didn't listen to any of those albums for quite some time... NOW I have rediscovered all three but, much to my excitement, I also rediscovered this gem. Simian did a remix of Zero 7's mega track "Destiny" giving it the most bizarre (and interesting) rework imaginable. Here I present it to you in all it's glory! From what I can tell the blogosphere has ignored this one entirely so bask in it's awesomeness...

Zero 7- "Destiny (Simian Remix)" YSI

Around that same time I was torturing this girlfriend with lots of rap music, and even more So Solid Crew. See, I liked that poppy MJ Cole 2 step stuff, but I also liked the insane macho craziness of the Crew. I recognize most people in the UK actually hate them because they started fights with other artists, half of them went to jail, and brought fan violence to new never before seen levels. In fact they may have ruined the country that year there were so many of them. BUT I really really loved them at first in an "ironic" way and eventually in a a real way. I'm no Ali G but we used to drive around Chicago BANGING this Playgroup remix like what. The Kelis one also got CONSTANT rotation. I used to play them on my radioshow all the time and... well if you disliked them back then, maybe this will give you new perspective, because it's good stuff (p.s. if anyone knows how to get a copy of the album in mp3 form please let me know!)...

Kelis- "Young Fresh and New (So Solid Crew Remix)"

Playgroup- "Number One (So Solid Crew Remix)"

Then in the 'new arrivals' corner we've got dear Kate Nash doing a cover of Black Kids' "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" which is fucking crazy awesome. I've really been getting into Ms Nash recently which is refreshing because I haven't been listening to enough music made by girls for whatever reason. I like her, I dig that she's dating a Crib because I like them as well (which you know, of course, since I posted that CSS remix after I met them at Lollapalooza) and I feel like she's taking music in the right direction... more person, more authentic, and more awesome :)

Kate Nash- "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (Black Kids Cover)"

LASTLY... and this is kind of random but bare with me... My good friend Caitlin got canned a couple weeks back at work. It hurt because she is one of my closest friends and I spent more time with her than anyone around me. I take my job VERY seriously (always want to be the best, work like it's my own company always trying to do what's best, basically trying to beat my own record week after week) so it was hard to see her go. I still miss her quite a bit but thank GOD the person who replaced her is awesome... I just wish she had gotten to stay and work with him. His name is Pat... he's a white, suit and tie man, over the age of 35 who at first glance would make you worried that you couldn't meet up to his standards. In reality he's the nicest guy I've ever met, a fantastic mentor, and the type of boss who gives us hope even when the chips are down (no matter how rough the situation is). Thing is he really has a thing for R'n'b, especially bluesy stuff. This ranges from Keisha Cole to Billie Holiday. He had mentioned he really loved this song by Martha Washington called "Teach Me Tonight", which was more or less her signature song. While I couldn't get my hands on that I played him Amy Winehouse's version from LATER... with Jools Holland (presumably recorded during her first album since she was sans beehive) and he loved it. I threw Audacity up and grabbed the audio from the video for him to satiate his love for this song. Now I've got him very much into Mrs Winehouse SO much so that he played the album until I BECAME a fan of Winehouse lol. Anyway, here's the song in all it's glory...

Amy Winehouse- Teach Me Tonight (Martha Washington cover from 'LATER...')"

And that my friends is that for now. Join eMusic and make me $6. It's awesome trust me. Their new layout is great, they have shitloads of dubstep, random shit you'd never imagine, newly added audiobooks of like EVERYTHING and... it's a good buy where you support the artists you love and care about... as well as me lol... see you soon!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well, I've got some good news and some bad news (the good news is new Burial!)

Well... within the last two weeks we've seen two massive positive changes in the music industry. First, obvs, Radiohead put out an album for ______ amount of money (which was huge)... then, whether you care or not, NIN decided to potentially go the same route in the future and are now sans-label. Both fucking awesome things to hear.

Then yesterday after a lot of moving forward in the digital realm... we all fell backwards.

Oink's Pink Palace was raided and closed yesterday. What is/was it you ask? It was an invite only place where pre-release (or even pre-mastered in some cases) material was leaked, which would then trickle down to say a blog like this where someone like me might post one track from the album (in hopes of promoting it not ruining anyone's life). It was VERY tight lipped and, I won't lie, I tried for MONTHS in vain attempting to secure an invite. Problem is, between that lady who got slammed with the $222,000 fine, and this, the digital world is going to be walking around with their tail between their legs. My fav spot closed yesterday (well its '' thread, which was where people posted links to music new and old alike) and I think we are going to see more and more of these shutdowns over the next few weeks. After years and years of "us" (the record *or non-record* buying public, depending which side of the fence you are on) getting to run around the candy shop uninterrupted... it may be over.

Now I've posted this little rant a million fucking times on various forums but let's have a little go again... I buy records. I buy vinyl records every fucking Friday. Usually a stack of singles and then one or two new releases. I also buy CDs at Best Buy (just bought the Kenna album.. you gotta go buy that shit, that album is amazing) and at my local little cd shop (which is actually a CD Warehouse but it has that nice 'small record shop feel'; for example they recently had a Joy Division 'Warsaw' bootleg on sale). IF I WANT A COPY OF AN ALBUM (such as Alpha- "Come From Heaven") that I used to have and have since lost and CANNOT FIND TO SAVE MY FUCKING LIFE IN ANY RETAIL OUTLETS, I should be able to download that shit for free! Sorry Alpha, I love you, but I'm not buying your album twice! I've had to do that a million times between 1991-2003. Then I stopped and started downloading. Point is... I used to own that and I should have made a digital copy, but anyway you cut it I paid for that album.

NOW... there are are albums I have downloaded before they came out (Bloc Party, Fiona Apple, Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, Lady Sovereign, etc) and I immediately went out and bought those motherfuckers the first week they came out. Why? Because I wanted to hear their album, I got it three months earlier, I liked it and I know they will lose money... I bought it! And I have seen all of those bands (minus Justice) in the last year and a half. BOTTOM LINE HERE... Am I a criminal if I download someone's album? No. Unless I don't end up buying it... then I'm a criminal and an asshole. Just in case you didn't know guys even major acts aren't making SHIT because of all the downloading (that's why the RIAA is out for blood... I mean, not the artist's money but theirs), so you sure as shit can't think that downloading that new Boys Noize or Bangers & Cash, and then not buying a copy is ok... IT'S FUCKING NOT! That's bullshit!

How would you like it if motherfuckers ran up in your job and stole a bunch of shit that you were working on to make you money and left you with nothing... then they never even bothered to say hi or reimburse you or apologize or nothin'. You'd be walking around with an AK-47 trying to find these people.

THE BOTTOM LINE FINAL POINT IS: download music. If you like it buy it. Don't be a punk fucking bitch and prove the RIAA right by not purchasing anything. You're fucking yourself and you're fucking Spank Rock, and LCD Soundsystem and all these people you "admire". Eventually we will start missing out on innovative amazing music because motherfuckers can't AFFORD to be musicians. The next Kurt Cobain will just end up being a dishwasher at Dennys... think about that one HARD...

Now that I've gone ape shit how about some music to lighten the mood? Well actually the music might make you want to slit your wrists but it's great! I got it from Ill-ec-tro-nic, so I'm totally just stealing but I wanted to post something that would make people take notice of what's going on... and promote Burial. COP THAT SHIT NOVEMBER 5th!

Here's the Burial track list... make sure to buy a copy from Hyperdub OR you can probably get it at THE BEST PLACE TO GET MUSIC... eMusic! Show them the system works kids... thanks, and bless you all who buy records...

Burial- "Etched Headplate"

Burial- "Etched Headplate" YSI

Burial- "Near Dark"

Burial- "Near Dark" YSI

1. Untitled
2. Archangel
3. Near Dark
4. Ghost Hardware
5. Endorphin
6. Etched Headplate
7. In McDonalds
8. Untrue
9. Shell Of Light
10. Dog Shelter
11. Homeless
12. UK
13. Raver

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sorry about my absence... here's THE ALIENS (Hot Chip Remix)!

My personal life has been rather turbulent recently. Can't really go in to detail but it's the type of thing that makes you stop updating your blog.

So... here's the good news... Hot Club de Paris are going to do an interview with me here soon, as they are working on their new album in Chicago at the moment... so you have something to look forward to! And I want to get an interview with both Kash, and South Central up soon too... just depends on how much energy I have I guess...

In the meantime I'll post an mp3 I was waiting for the "green light" on but I'm pretty sure has been released at this point. It certainly has made the rounds at least. Nailler 9 posted it 100 years ago, so I assume it's safe to post.

Just in case you didn't already know, this secret song I had been talking about posting was the Hot Chip remix of a song for The Aliens... The Aliens are three of the founding members of The Beta Band so they're pretty hot shit without the Hot Chip remix... Click on their name above and that will send you to their Myspace... or read more below to get an idea of what they are all about!

Here's a little bio on The Aliens for ya:

Armed with a bottomless bag of psychedelically inclined rock and acid dipped electronics, The Aliens bring a freedom of spirit and a certainty of intent that immediately sets them out from the current crop of guitar slingers. Inspired by Sergio Leone and Serge Gainsbourg, Brian Eno and Brian Wilson, Larry David and Ol' Dirty Bastard, their songs in the key of Fife reference the past whilst belonging resolutely to the future.

Their Leader is the mysterious superhero Nighthawk - a melodic refugee from the future, sent back to the 21st century from a time where health and safety have deemed his music hazardous. Hiding from several government agencies under the inconspicuous name Gordon Anderson, his self assigned mission in this cetury is to fight the melodic crime that is mainstream pop.

Some time ago, John Maclean AKA Eddie Candles was unearthed from an Bronze Age camp where he had been languishing for anything upto 4000 years. Undergound, he kept himself entertained mainly by humming to himself. Now awake, aware and renamed (twice) he is busily transferring his refined oral melodies to keyboard.

Pungous Nightbread began life as a member of high society, Born unto Cardinal Nightbread and the Duchess of Leith. However, his fortunes soon took a turn for the worse as his parents entrusted his wellbeing to a goose, after learning to comunicate with his guardian using tapping... he became something of a drummer/goose hybrid...casting aside his human name to become Robin Jones...GooseDrum

And here is the most awesome track you'll hear all week (if you don't already have it)!

The Aliens- "Robot Man (Hot Chip Remix)" YSI

The Aliens- "Robot Man (Hot Chip Remix)" Rapidshare

Here's the video for "Robot Man"... get the song while you can because I'm not going to keep it up long! You should go out and guy their album "Astronomy For Dogs"... it's constantly in my cd player in my car right now...
The Aliens - Robot Man

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Have a good one. I'll try to post again soon, and in the meantime I'll be getting that Hot Club de Paris shizznit ready... Talk to you soon!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Noise For The Passive Interview

You know that here at Arcadia we like to be on top of that new new shit... like so new that they barely have songs sometimes! This one does have songs, but at the moment, I don't have one in my possession... SO at the moment we're going to post the interview and then get the track when we can! Hope you guys enjoy... I certainly dig them...

Here's a little bio info...
The band originally started last year due to a certain friendship between the singer (and band's songwriter) Amelie and their producer, Justin Anderson (who had produced for The Libertines). The pair thought it would be funny to spend a day in the Shoreditch HQ studios recording a few things as a laugh, and it turned out Amelie had a genuine song writing talent. More and more songs were written and produced in that studio, until they became what they are today, which has attracted attention from major indie bands such as The Rakes. At this point Amelie has decided to complete her band with a drummer, Dmitri, a bassist, Tamlin and a keyboardist, Lee, while Amelie stills play the guitar (since she hasn't found a guitarist yet... they're still searching if you readers can help?!?! This could be your big break!)...

Here's the interview... I hope you guys enjoy... and I'll have the song up asap!

Interview with Noise For The Passive:

Patch: Well hello there Amelie! This interview has been a long time in the making! Sorry about that... how's this week been treating you?

Amelie: Er, this week's been quite mixed actually! On Thursday we played a gig at Shoreditch's Old Blue Last for a band called Trafalgar's single launch....many old friends came down and the atmosphere was superb. Had a weekend in, with the exception of Sunday...and planning to go to the studio Wednesday....

Patch:That sounds rather interesting. More interesting than my week anyway. So tell the people a little more about how Noise For The Passive came together... bit of a happy accident yeah? I know the origin can be traced back Justin Anderson (who was in Mains Ignition with Adam Ficek of Babyshambles)...

Amelie: I used to go into the studio quite a bit with Justin.....not to do work, just to listen in on other people's rehearsals or tracks he was working on, then one day (round about this time last year) we thought it might be a good idea to maybe try and write some stuff together.....Things went well and I recruited a few more band members to play live gigs....

Patch:Funny how fucking about usually yields the most interesting results. It's when you're trying hard that getting it right that it gets really confusing! I don't know if you're familiar with Crystal Castles but their biggest song (arguably; called "Alice Practice") came from they guy in the group just taping some levels of the girl from the band singing. Maybe you guys should get together! Trust me that would be an awesome idea... if you want I'll send them an email on your behalf lol...

Amelie: That would be nice....always interested in working with new people...

Patch:Anyway back to more important things. So once your song writing talent was recognized, you decided to have at it an really put some time into writing songs and being in a band. What moment sticks out for you as being the defining moment where you said "putting all this effort in was worth it"?

Amelie: There hasn't been one yet..... but we know if we keep on putting the effort in we'll get somewhere bigger and better than where we are now.

Patch:That's awesome. Being in a band isn't easy (unless you're getting boatloads for it) but it certainly is rewarding. When you guys write songs do you throw ideas around or do you most of the song writing?

Amelie: It really really does. There is one song I did write and produce by myself on the laptop but otherwise me and justin sit around in the studio throwing ideas around that eventually make a song....

Patch:This is a bit of a boring question but I still like to ask it... what are your bands biggest influences (this can be television, film, theatre, cereal, whatever is clever)...

Amelie: To be honest I don't think there's any particular material influence, but for me it was just a matter of environment and soaking up the good times. To round it up, life is my only and largest influence.

Patch:I see I see. Interesting. So how long (or rather how soon) til we see a full length out of you bunch?

Amelie: Not too depends....we still need a keyboardist....but things are sppeding up...

Patch:Ok here's the fun bit where you tell us all where we can pick up your singles, merch, etc and where we can see you playing, and/or where we can check out more about the band... go on then!

Amelie: Everything is done via the myspace for now.....but gigs are generally in london at the moment, our next one is in lewisham (south london) on thursday the 11th. otherwise you'll find me in person at the griffin in shoreditch....i go there too much....

Patch:Fantastic. Quite the pleasure getting to interview you and make sure you stay in touch! We'll be keeping an eye on your progress so we can brag later when you get a top twenty single :)

Amelie: why thank you.....we'll keep you informed, was a pleasure being interviewed.

And that's that for the moment... go check out "Gone" over at their Myspace
in the meantime...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ladytron and the Chemical Brothers @ Riviera, Chicago 9/24/07

These photos are stolen from
energetiko!'s Flickr account
... just thought I should give him credit because my pix are on a disposable and I haven't gotten them developed yet... too poor!

So last night Sam and I went to see the Chemical Brothers and Ladytron at the Riviera in Chicago. I was wayyyyyyyyyy psyched to see both bands, especially the Chems since I've been waiting since high school, and not having to pay for it made it even cooler lol.

Ladytron we're (of course) very upset looking and emotionless but I imagine that's part of what they do. If they were all shiny happy people we'd be fucking weirded out. They went right into their set, once they got on stage, and unfortunately were having problems from the get go. I'm not sure I actually heard any guitar during that whole performance. Then Mira's keyboard, that was supposed to provide most of the electro based sounds we are so familiar with, was just totally dead for the first half of the set (someone had to run in and fix it... finally we were able to hear it). Finally they pulled it together (or rather their setup guy did) and the second half of the sohw went really well. This is where we got to hear "Seventeen" and "Destroy Everything You Touch", both of which I recorded and are at the bottom of this post.

Sam and I went to the balcony for the Chems (p.s. there was no air, or even fans, and it was hot as fucking blue blazes last night) just so we could relax as we were getting worn out. Their visual show is amazing and of course the music was totally spot on as well. I think the main thing that took away from the performance for me was that we couldn't get back into the pit to dance and instead I just found myself staring and trying to trace back every beat in my head the way all DJs do. Instead of just enjoying it I was waiting for songs to drop, or synths to change, or other technological things that no one should bother thinking about at a show. Am I right, or am I right?

Anyway they were fucking awesome and if you get the chance you should totally go see them. I highly advise not taking psychedelic drugs if you do go though because their is a really scary clown face during "Get Yourself High" that might send you to the hospital... I think that's a great way to convince people that electronic music is not just "drug music".... put up visuals that NO ONE on drugs would want to see and *POOF* problem solved! Now everyone in the audience is there because they really like the music lol! Brilliant!

I've tacked on a couple tracks that you already probably have but I can't really post anything new because I'd feel guilty... but I also can't not post MP3s... seeing as this is an MP3 blog and all! Hopefully a few of you are stumbling on to something new... if not then check out the videos below from the show...

The Chemical Brothers- "Electronic Battle Weapon 8"

The Chemical Brothers- "Electronic Battle Weapon 8" YSI

Ladytron- "Seventeen (Soulwax Remix)"

Ladytron- "Seventeen (Soulwax Remix)" YSI

Ladytron playing "Seventeen" part 1...

...and due to a text message cutting off my video, part 2 of "Seventeen" (my girlfriend didn't know any better, not her fault, so don't hate... appreciate! har har har)

Ladytron playing "Destroy Everything You Touch"... full song...

Chemical Brothers from the balcony...

Chemical Brothers "All Rights Reversed" from the floor...

And that's that. I've gotta write up this interview with Noise For The Passive, so if I were you, I would expect that as the next post. Or the remix from "youknowwhochip" that I'm sitting on til I get word otherwise. Later............

P.S. On a TOTALLY unrelated note, To My Boy just had a new single come out! Here's the info...
Our new single came out yesterday
There are 2 versions
7" one
A - Fear Of Fragility (single edit)
B - Type1>Type2

7" two
A - Fear Of Fragility (single edit)
B - Fear Of Fragility (acoustic version)
get them here>>
and you can get all the tracks on iTunes >>
The video is now on MTV2 ... vote for it in the NME chart here >>

Sam + Jack x

They are officially friends of the blog so I highly suggest that you cop that shit YA HEARD?!?!?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Holy Fuck... this is awesome... Klaxons hip-hop Dalliance!

Well we heard that Klaxons wanted to work with Dr Dre. And some people thought that would be awesome (including myself) but the likelihood of that happening is probably rather slim... (their closest hip-hop collabo so far was the one I blogged about back during Pitchfork Festival with Cadence Weapon *pictured above... I searched forever for a picture of them together and then found it on their Flickr lol*)...

BUT NOW THIS DREAM HAS BEEN PARTIALLY REALIZED! A BBC Covers album is coming out with loads of covers including Klaxons cover of Blackstreet's "No Diggity" (which was, of course, produced by Dr Dre). It is quite simply the fucking most awesome idea that has come to fruition in quite sometime. They are heading into second album territory and we need things like this to whet out palate until we get to hear that...

So I now present to you, my friends, in all of it's radio ripped 128kbps sounding glory, the cover...

Klaxons- "No Diggity (Blackstreet Cover/Radio Rip)"

Klaxons- "No Diggity (Blackstreet Cover/Radio Rip)" YSI

Now you say to yourself, "Why is this asshole giving us a radio rip and not the song in it's full glory?"... first off, I don't have it... second off, if I did I wouldn't post it... I really really like the Klaxons and want them to make money! My blog is not about depriving people of income it's about promoting bands I like (so BBC when you come here to kick my ass lay off please)... when the covers album comes out make sure you pick it up! There are TONS of other artists like Hard-Fi, Maximo Park, The Fratellis, etc that you (the discerning 'Arcadia' reader) will probably love if not at least be entertained by!

This was a surprise post I didn't even intend on making but once I found this I KNEW you guys would want to hear it! Check back soon for more interviews and more awesome tracks.. until next time!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Super super super super super super super super Namalee von Namazon!

Unless you live under a rock (or in Iraq) you've probably heard of/bought/read/subscribed to Super Super Magazine in the last few months. If you haven't seen it you have to be colour blind because it's pretty hard to miss... take a looksie...

It obviously has been making the right waves seeing as it's sold out loads of back issues, has been featured on telly with Trash Fasion as the heart of a burgeoning scene, and has been proclaimed (with much zest) to be the New Rave Bible! I mean, fuck, they had both M.I.A., Lightspeed Champion, AND Arcadia fav Frank Musik on the cover this last issue! You know that Super Super is nailing it over and over and over (like a monkey with a miniture cymbal I might add)...

NOW on top of tackling London Fasion Week they've upped the ante... Namalee Bolle (editor or Super Super) has transformed into Namalee von Namazon, flouro covered songstress and living human offspring of cartoon rock Jem. Which couldn't be cooler because frankly right now we are in need of heroes and she certainly has that in her bloood! Namalee was kind enough to take some time out of her day to do a little interview and let us post a couple of her tracks!


Patch:Hello Namalee, it is a serious fucking honour to be interviewing you! I mean it's always an honor with all the people we interview but with you shit's on a whole 'nother level... granted it's an email interview and all my responses are pre-programmed but it's still quite an honour!

Namalee: : ) !!!

Patch:You're welcome. Now I love Super Super but another reason I'm hyped is because you used to be former style editor at Sleazenation... that was my favourite magazine in high school! You and Steve Slocombe (also at Super Super) both come from the Sleazenation background... how did the death of that magazine influence the birth of Super Super?

Namalee: Sleazenation was brilliant - I remember the first time I read it and the tone was just so brutally honest. It was definetly the predecessor of Vice - I remember alot of the original Vice lot used to contribute. At the time there weren't loads of other style mags like there are today and then along came Sleazenation - this mag that had real balls and the tone was just so direct and in your face. Steve was first the art editor and then he became editor. When I met him it was like two naughty school children clocking eachother across the play pen!! We had similar radical views about art and fashion.

Steve took Sleaze from an underground fanzine to mainstream style mag in the 3 years he was editor, but it was hard cos we could see this whole new era coming towards us. For example my styling was really 'brash and loud and cartoony' and alot of the old skool stylists found it offensive. It was just a generational shift thing - i didnt relate to them aesthetically - I understand where they were coming from, and I respect tradition, but I felt like I wanted my generation to be seen and heard. After 3 years the publisher went on holiday and Steve just changed the whole magazine around to look more 'tabloid' and created the first 'multi-image' cover that became the Super Super cover you see today. At the time people hated it so much but to me it felt 'modern and relevant.' Some subscribers ripped it up and posted it back to the office in disgust. The publisher wasnt best pleased and sacked Steve. I knew that we had to start something of our own so i resigned ....and the rest is history!!

Patch:Now on to some music questions... "I Wanna Be A Kartoon" is fucking great... That shit is hot! It reminds me of Tricky but not... it really sexy and weird! The title and the sound seem totally opposite. How did this song evolve?

Namalee: Erm. Thats so interseting that you say that cos I love Tricky/Wild Bunch and Massive Attack and that whole trip hop vibe. Its so slow and melancholic cool...I dont know really - I wrote the song just after I left Sleazenation, years ago. Its a very sad song so it took me years to have the balls to sing it. I havent sung it out live yet cos im worried i might cry. Niyi is to thank for the sound - i think he really feels my sadness and knows how to handle it best. The pace it really slow and drawn out - I play a kind of Jessica Rabbit role in it I guess. I suppose the sexy weirdness is just how I am...

Patch:Here's the big question. Do you a) have a full length in the works that's going to have loads of super awesome new-rave-star cameos or b) are you working with a handful of people that you're really close with or c) are you doing all the music by yourself?

Namalee: haha!! All of the above really. im really taking all of this in my stride because I fucking ENJOY it!! I met Niyi ages ago on the clubscene and I knew on the spot that he was 'the one'. He is incredibly talented - its that raw talent that I relate to. He sits in his flat on his crappy computer with loads of wires hanging out and a one string guitar and comes up with something amazing. Its very unpretentious and real - straight from the heart. Neither of us have ever claimed to know what we were doing - we are self taught musicians.Its very creative and punk in that respect. My musical heart belongs with Niyi and I am working with other people like Warboy who is another Nu-rave legend. Rat Scabies from The Damned is gonna be producing my album with us too - I love all the original punks - I always get on with them cos they were straight talkers just like me. Scabies is a fucking legend. The Damned were incredible!!!

Patch:Sounds very exciting. Bland question but who are your favourite emerging artists right now?

Namalee: Niyi, Fashion Plate Daddy, Black Peter Group,Lightspeed Champion, No Bra, Bishi, K-Tron n the exploding Triangles

Patch:I see I see. Now we all see the Jem connection BUT if you had to be the progeny of some other cartoon characters who would they be an why?

Namalee: Spongebob Squarepants because he is so nice. He's well - meaning over enthusiastic goofball just like me.

Jessica Rabbit because she's such a hot slinky biatch!!

And I like the Pink Panther!!

Patch:Fascinating! Well I don't want to take up any more of your time but feel free to plug away and let the good good people know what's going on in your very colourful world of print, fashion, and music!

Namalee: Okay, well, I'm gonna start putting my music out next year. There seems to be quite a demand for it which is really amazing. And lookout for Niyi's new single 'Poached Eggs' out next month ( And listen out for my sister (Shirani's) band fashion Plate daddy - her voice is INCREDIBLE!!! (www.myspace/fashionplatedaddy) and the new issue of SuperSuper is out NOW with a free CD by Tapedeck/679 records - waaaaay cool!!!
Spread the love and life is too short to hate on everyone - we're all gonna die in the end and our bones will all look the same!! PEEEEAAAAAAAAAACCCEEEEE !

Patch:Thanks Namalee von Namazon! We are all routing for you to have a Christmas #1!

Namalee: : ) !!

And here's the goods... a couple tracks off her Myspace! Go over there to download "I Wanna Be A Kartoon"...

Namalee von Namazon- "Super Shiny"

Namalee von Namazon- "Super Shiny" YSI

Namalee von Namazon- "Namazonia"

Namalee von Namazon- "Namazonia" YSI

Check this documentary with Namalee and Trash Fashion that I posted months and months ago... but it's worth watching trust me, even if you've seen it 10,000 times!

And here's Namalee and the Namazonz rocking out...

Thanks to all of you who stopped by for the Simian Mobile Disco... my numbers we insane... it was awesome to be the first person to get my hands on that track :) MAKE SURE IF YOU ARE IN NEW YORK YOU CHECK OUT DANCE MUSIC INVASION THAT MY BOY LARRY TEE IS THROWING AND GO SEE JAMES FORD FROM SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO PLAY! If you see Larry, tell him Patch from 'In Search Of Arcadia' sent ya!

Stay tuned for more awesome interviews and groovy tunes... until next time...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We are very close... and in the meantime we have Simian Mobile Disco...

We are VERY close to having posts full of interview awesomeness and some other little treats... things have been a little rough though and so I've been a little stalled out as far as posting goes... I'm getting that Namalee from Super Super finished up, and I've got Noise For the Passive in the queue coming up right after that. And then some other cool shit but I won't get into that (brandnewremixby2006mercuryprizenomineesandDFAsigneesforanotherAstralwerksband)...

IN THE MEANTIME... Sam and I went to the Chi last night to see Simian Mobile Disco (click the name to see the P4K article) at the Empty Bottle (pictures to of my own to come soon I'm sure) and it was amazing.

We just happened to run into James Ford from Simian Mobile Disco (read it like this: Pharrell Williams is to hip hop as James Ford is to 'New Rave'/Dance Punk/Electrorawkwhateveryoucallit *just in case you didn't already know that, you hipster mp3 blog reader*) right before the show. We talked for a minute, he signed the idea notebook I carry with me, gave him a copy of the State Crime demo, he got a light from Sam and then went on his merry way. I warned him (based on his buddies Klaxons surprise reactions both times they played in Chicago) that the American audience will take at LEAST 30 mins to warm up so don't let your feelings get hurt :)

And that's exactly how it went down... by the time they got around to "It's The Beat" (about 20+ mins into their set) shit popped off. The audience never really gave SMD what they wanted response wise because most of the audience wasn't there for them... most of the audience came because it was some awesome Flavorpill giveaway deelybop or because someone told them they should RSVP or someone said "Tuesday is a good night to drink!"... but there were a few people in the front of the crowd (Sam and I included) who were going ape shit and all and all it was a near perfect show. To see something that awesome up close, something that in my beloved England would have been on a super huge stage where I couldn't make out anyone's face, was monumental and as far as I'm concerned a historical event :)

When we left the show there were still loads of gift bags (because for some reason the primarily hetero burly man fest that was there didn't really want a bag with a socially conscious magazine, a bunch of sculpting hair products, and a couple fliers in it... who would have thought... I thought those dudes LOVED SOME PRODUCT! My hair is going to be so sculpted though now j/k)...

We ducked out of the show early (btw Telefon Tel Aviv was awesome but needed a little hype man to let us know they were on the fucking stage... it went from the DJ straight into their set with no fanfare.. sorry guys) to get over to the Funky Buddha Lounge for their XXX Panty Party... check out the videos from the show and then hear the rest of the story............

EDIT: This is a picture of us earlier in the evening.

I mean we seriously hauled ass...

When we got to the Funky Buddha it was midnight on the nose (10 minutes late on bar time) and I basically had to beg the door lady to let us in because she was about to dispose with the RSVP list... and once we made it there *Screeching tire sound mixed with a loud BOING!* we realized we were not wanted. I don't care how homo people think Sam and I are, or that I was wearing a purple shirt with silver letters with lavender shoes and pink shoe laces, we were immediately spotted as tourists in the gay (mostly lesbian) world. They knew we weren't gay, and since the party was being thrown by Estrojam and there were trannies walking around in their underwear everywhere, we got lots of dirty looks as though we were there as tourists (and not there for music at all).

Frankly the music wasn't really popping off... the highs were too high, there was no low in one room, and in the other room the levels were totally off, and the songs were BARELY being mixed. I don't even know who the fuck was playing. Sam and I sat around waiting to see if this party was going to be the great amazing party that you sit around dreaming of when you're a teenager in Nowheresville, Michigan... but that never happened. It was mostly us getting stared at no matter how close we sat to each other, and there were a few straight girls desperately seeking out the straight men (btw what a cock block am I? I've got a girlfriend who I live with, but I'm always dragging us to DJ gigs were chicks are all about it, AND then I'm saying "Ok Sam, time to go! I got to get to work in the morning!"... poor dude... I owe him a night were we don't have to be back by morning... and I'll find somewhere else to sleep lol...) Not really our scene if the music isn't working seeing as we both don't drink anymore.

Eventually we figured that by the time they were going to be giving away vibrators, and condoms, and lube... everyone was gonna be taking their clothes off... we would be getting pelted with those vibrators and die a gross an pathetic death. And we both had class in the morning (in fact I've been in class the whole time I've been writing this) in the morning and SMD probably wasn't going to be DJing until 5am so it just didn't make sense to stay. Hope everyone else had fun!

I'm sure that at least one person went home with someone of a surprise gender last night (remember that scene with Begbie in 'Trainspotting'?)... "Girls who like boys that like boys to be girls..."

But that was that and it was mostly awesome! Next week Monday we've got the Chemical Brothers and Ladytron which should be extra special with sugar on top so we're pretty geeked for that. I doubt we would be so lucky to meet the Chems but maybe if we get there early? You never know! I never thought I'd just look up from pulling my bag out of the car and see James Fucking Ford. Mental... anyway here's a new Simian Mobile Disco remix that I haven't even heard yet from Armand Van Helden. Enjoy!

Simian Mobile Disco- "Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix)" Rapidshare

Simian Mobile Disco- "Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix)" YSI

Well I hope you enjoyed all that... once again... look forward to Namalee Von Namazon, Noise For The Passive, and an awesome remix from you-know-who-chip...

P.S. Please click that banner and join eMusic... I got the worst financial news ever right after I posted this blog... every extra six bucks helps! If that's not your bag then just enjoy the music!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What a shambles, what a shambles, what a shambles...

Well my friends the time is upon us... for the greatest release of the year (next to Klaxons, M.I.A., and well lots of albums but lets ignore that for now!) BABYSHAMBLES- Shotter's Nation to come out... and Albion has a track from it just for you! Sadly, it didn't come from the source as it usually does BUT I think the source will be o.k. with it seeing as I heard they're sending it out to other people before me (boo).

Here it is in all of its glory...

Babyshambles- "The Lost Art Of Murder" Rapidshare

Babyshambles- "The Lost Art Of Murder" YSI

All you damn Brits make sure you get out to your news stand and get your NME before the 7" single sells out... I bet you this one gives the White Stripes one a run for the money... there are so many of us Doherty obsessives that there is no way this won't be huge! Someone want to ship me one? I think my news guy is going to fuck me out of mine and buy up all the copies because we are feuding since me snubbed me about a DJing gig... prick... (Why? Why would you do that when I'm trying to be kind turn down my offer to play a dubstep set for your hippie friends? Why? Because you're fucking rude that's why!)

Here's an awesome vid for "Delivery" you've probably already seen but why not watch it again!

EDIT: Parlophone sent me the email with the track... I just hadn't gotten it yet. Even my email says they had sent it out earlier... must be connection issues. Anyway their email had more video info I thought you might be interested it!






I cannot fucking wait until the album comes out. I think I'm just going to put on headphones and walk until I have heard the whole album front to back because this is such an important album to me... can't just listen to it at work, or in the car, or what the fuck ever... kind of like a Bjork album... just too close to my heart. I'm sure it will be awesome.

Hope you all enjoyed! Check back for updates! Leave comments! Join eMusic from here!

And just in case you needed this...........

Delivery all formats special offer*

Delivery CD Single;-1;-1;-1&sku=704175

Delivery 7”

Shotter’s Nation;-1;-1;-1&sku=649842

Friday, August 31, 2007

TO MY BOY bring you special 'Messages' in this AWESOME INTERVIEW!

TO MY BOY ARE ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME FUCKING BANDS ON THE PLANET... and for some reason they are nice enough to keep doing stuff for your favourite Brit-blog... such as this interview! Jack from To My Boy took some time to answer ridiculous questions that I came up with on break at work...

Patch: Hello Jack! As usual this is an email interview, so you and I aren't
actually talking, but how are you doing today?

Jack: good thanks.. we just flew back from doing a couple of gigs in Prague
and Vienna. Proper mint trip.

Patch: Fantastic to hear! Say hi to Sam for me... unless he's with us on this
interview and I say hello to you too Sam! I wanted to mention, right out of
the gate, that it is completely impossible to search for any information
about you guys on the internet! Are you aware of this? You're as bad as
that band with all the porno words in their name!

Jack: Yep..its a curse. Maybe try using speech marks round the whole name

Patch: Because of this I'm going to have to ask for a little bio info...

Jack: We formed at University in Durham (I was studying physics and Sam was
doing History of Art) and formed a 4 piece band out of boredom.. then
i started writing demos on the computer to teach the bass player and
the drummer to play stuff more simply - we realised the demos were
better than the sounds we could make with the real instruments.
We played lots of house parties in Durham for a few months, got signed
via an unlikely sequence of events, left Uni and moved to Liverpool.

Patch: Ok next up... you've got some fantastic promo pictures, the coolest of
which is you to standing in some sort of spaceship like corridor. Where the
hell is that? Did you guys get to go to the Russian space station? Because
that would be pretty baller and would explain a lot...

Jack: Thats actually an alley-way in Liverpool (down by the side of Cash
Converters) which was renovated as part of Capital of Culture '08. We
filmed the video for the Grid there until we got chased off by the

Patch: I see I see. Unlike a lot of the other bands that have had the "new rave"
tag thrown at them you guys make music that is dissimilar to just about
everyone out there. A lot of your contemporaries are only distinguishable
by their ID3 tags, whereas, as soon as you hear one of your songs you know
it's To My Boy. Is this just the product of self expression or did you sit
down at one point and say 'we're going to make sure we don't sound like
anyone else'? (I'm not trying to be an idiot asking that, it's just
sometimes you say "I'm gonna go out of my way to not sound like my peers
because I don't want to be a ______ clone"... when I write songs I think "I
love Justice but I don't want to sound like them" and make a conscious
decision to not write music like that)

Jack: It was just a combination of things we love. Both club music and indie
music are really important to us so we took what we saw as 'the best
bits' from each > the ideas, melodies and song structures from indie
music .....and the production and sounds from electro.
we started before the term 'nu-rave' existed ... i think its probably
damaged us a bit being lumped in with all those bands - made us seem a
bit novelty.

Patch: Since we're on the topic of sound, what are some of your influences? This
doesn't have to be music, it can be film or paintings or a really shitty day
in October 2001. Anything goes! Have at it!

Jack: Albert and his Grid, Cosmic Fashion and his Wonderful Circus, Goddard,
Wikipedia, Panic! at the Disco, Mr Oizo, John Pilger, Ultimate Frisbee
(a trully modern sport) and Kate Bush

Patch: Gross. Gosh I'm not sure you needed to go into such graphic detail but 'ask
and ye shall receive' I guess! Not a really original question here but what
have you guys been listening to recently?

Jack: Quite a mixture of things really - we rediscovered Dogs Die in Hot
Cars (godhopping is a massive tune), we really like Late Of The Pier
(best new band at the moment), the new MIA album, Hounds of Love
(album) by Kate Bush, great new producers like Crookers, Hervé, Sinden
and Switch. Even a bit of Belle and Sebastian.

Patch: Any collaborations coming up?

Jack: We've literally just been in studio with some London based electro
barons who are working on an album at the moment. Not sure if im
allowed to mention any names but it went well.

Patch: And while we're on the topic of working with other people I have to say that
your remixes have been fucking awesome. That goes both ways. Both the
remix you have done ("Gravity's Rainbow" is the only one I am aware of) and
those that have been done for you are fab-oo. Care to divulge any names of
remixes (song wise for yourself or other artists) or remixers we'll see tied
to you soon? Are you guys going to do some more remixing work or even some
production work?

Jack: we're into doing remixes (although we prefer to be
writing new songs when we have free time) we have a ridiculously fast
one we did of Pull Tiger Tail.... one for I Was A Cub Scout and
another for Example. Its a fun thing to be able to do..especially if
you're a fan of the song.

Patch:And last off, we're nearing the end of summer and that means that festivals
are drawing to a close (in fact they are all done here in the U.S. for the
most part)... which artist was your favourite to watch this summer?

Jack: I watched Bjork at Glastonbury .. that was pretty mad. It was like
watching a massive pagan ritual with a huge brass section.. a bizarre

Patch: I appreciate all the info, you album "Messages" is out now and is pure
fucking magic, you guys are gods and please say anything you want to lead us
out of this interview..............

Jack: Glad u like Messages, we really want to get over to the U.S and play
it to our fans over there. hopefully that will happen soon, when our
label gets its act together. we're looking forward to more touring and
recording our next record > which shud b ready next year. love & speed

AND AS IF THAT WEREN'T AWESOME ENOUGH THEY GAVE US A TRACK TO POST! You may have already seen it over at Palms Out Sounds but that doesn't make it any less awesome... so get your download on and leave comments about how awesome TMB are in the comments...

To My Boy- "Type 1/Type 2"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Projects want to Entertain you

It has been an all together star studded week. I mean seriously. I got word from Jack (To My Boy) that they're down to do an interview with moi (which was great seeing as they leaked "Model *Sinden Remix*" here), got a very nice email from my buddy Larry Tee (who I will always regard as a superstar no matter how much he talks to me like a normal person), and got word of a special mysterious bootleg from one of our Arcadian friends (more about that later)...

...And I had my own brush with fame (hey listen buddy it feels like fame more so than sitting behind this fucking desk right now being a telemarketer) when Palms Out Sounds posted a State Crime mash-up that my boy Curt (from Flosstradamus) and I did eons ago. Here that is again if you didn't catch my first link to it lol!

...And other good things happened too. I got a raise (I think) after two years of being ignored or treated like a trash can. AND I got some Chemical Brothers tickets which is just amazing. May I remind you all how much I fucking love (and have loved for many years now) Astralwerks Records who release most of the music worth buying still in America :)

Speaking of Chemical Brothers.... Ladytron is touring with them. And you know what? Mira from Ladytron is working on some songs with our interview of the day GRAEME FROM THE PROJECTS *weee hurrahhhh zingggg sparkler trumpet blaring*

Instead of some boring back info how about we go straight into the interview and then we'll put a nice little track at the bottom for you! Sounds good yeah?

Interview with Graeme from The Projects

Patch: Although this is just an email interview and I'm not actually speaking to you, hey Graeme how are you today?

Graeme: I'm good despite just having just watched the film 'Cat People' this morning. I mean, Natassja Kinski, Malcolm MacDowell, Bowie singing the songs, you'd imagine you couldn't go wrong. When, in actual fact, it's worthless rubbish. Come to think of it, I don't know if anything good came out of the 1980s. All that hair spray and the primary colours. John Lennon was murdered, everyone wore stone washed jeans and Jason Donovan was a superstar. At the time I realised something was deeply wrong, it's just that, being right in the thick of it, I couldn't work out exactly what. It turned out, with hindsight, that it was everything! Anyway. I'm just fine thanks.

Patch: I see, based on a post from your Myspace earlier, that Mira from Ladytron (one of your listed Myspace influences) is doing some vocals on your album. That's really exciting! Did this come about because of the line up changes in the band, or is it the fruit of some collaboration (and can you explain the line up change a little for the folks)?

Graeme: It's great news, yes!

We have had lots of line up changes, but the biggest is Lisa leaving the band to move to sunny Berlin. This all happened a while back, so it's nice to hear her on our 'Voice Is Glue' record that just came out - Track and Field took an astonishingly long time to release it. Anyway, Mira is to sing on the new record, on a half dozen songs or so, and the rough mixes all sound marvelous. We've been friends for ages and she's always liked the band. Her singing really fits the music. It all fitted! We were playing an Alla Pugacheva song 'Million Crimson Roses' in rehearsal but it sounded pretty awful with me singing. I knew that Mira spoke Russian so I asked one time we met up if she would sing on it. I had imagined that she might be too busy with Ladytron, I mean, their schedule is just crazily busy, but she was up for it, and this and the other songs really make the LP that's being mixed (provisionally titled 'Words Of Love In Code Sent By Number Station' - I'm quite fascinated by the creepy Number Station broadcasts...)

Patch: The first thing that put your name on my radar again recently was the recent Broadcast remix of your track "Accidents Will Happen". That's pretty major as I don't remember seeing loads and loads of Broadcast remixes throughout the years. They are obviously an influence but are they close friends or did you just send them an email and say "hey can you do my track"? Or did the remix come through some other channel?

Graeme: We all really love Broadcast, they make such great records, and so we were thrilled to be invited to support them at the ICA in London. Trish and James liked the show and asked if we'd like to tour with them. It was great fun, especially the infamous M8 motorway brawl in the van, the details of which I shan't divulge to save the face of a certain former member. Yes, it actually involved a real punch thrown (not by or at me, I should add. I only suggested that we drive a tiny bit faster on account of the fact that we were so late for a show in Aberdeen), but that's a different story. James came up with the remix after this tour. Again, this all happened quite a while ago but the time machine that is the Track and Field release schedule makes it all seem like it were only yesterday.

Patch: Speaking of influences, if you could, name a few that aren't on your Myspace... This doesn't have to just be music, it can also be books, art, or movies...

Graeme: I've been watching all of Eric Rohmer's films recently. I hope to God they aren't influencing me though. 'A Summer's Tale' features a singer songwriter writing a song as the film progresses and it's really awful (it is the 1980s after all). For those of you who don't know, Eric Rohmer's a French director who makes realist films that usually involve petty romances. I love or hate his films. I loved 'The Green Ray', but hated 'A summer's Tale', for example. Nope, better to be influenced elsewhere. I suddenly thought of Godard's 'Chinois' now that I'm thinking about French New Wave Cinema. The chairman Mao song in that may be worth plagiarising/being influenced by...

Patch: You guys seem set to have your biggest year to date... if you became massive indie superstars what band would you try to emulate? Would you stick with the modesty of lets say TV On The Radio (who as far as I know seem to be politically active and fairly modest) or would you totally lose it and turn into Razorlight and get celeb girlfriends and motorcycles?

Graeme: A private amusement park would be nice, no? Will the budget stretch to that? If not I think I might just start talking about myself very loudly, as if anyone really cared, in restaurants and bars.

As for motorcycles, I have an MZ ES250/2 and it's fantastic. Everyone should do an image search and change their desktop wallpaper! In fact, everyone should get one.

Patch: Cool cool. Regardless of your last answer I'm glad you're getting motorcycles! Every artist has a song they are really really emotionally connected to more so than their others. What song would you say this is for you guys... and is there a story behind it you'd like to share?

Graeme: Our first single 'Entertainment' makes me feel nostalgic for live shows with the old line up. It was really exciting to play that song live and Lisa's lyrics are just fantastic. The song was written when I tried to play Jacques Dutronc's 'Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous' but couldn't quite manage it (shameful, when you think that there's barely three chords in the song).

Patch: Well I don't want to take up much more of your time seeing as you're busy writing some of the best tracks we're bound to hear in 2007-2008. Here's the part where you tell everyone the promotional info like website, release dates, and other important information (like crack is wack and stuff like that)... go on then!

Voice is Glue is out on Track and Field and it's being stocked by Amazon amongst others. MPLS are releasing it on vinyl in the States in October. Our previous LP 'Let's Get Static' is still to be found here and there.

The Projects Myspace

Patch: Thank you very much to Graeme we look forward to hearing your new material soon!

And there you have it... I put up one of the couple songs for download over at The Projects Myspace, the aforementioned "Entertainment" song I promised (from their first single and also a track from the 'Let's Get Static' LP) , and another one called "New Fun" (taken from their current 'Voice Is Glue' mini LP... which you should go buy right now...)

The Projects- "Entertainment"

The Projects- "New Fun"

The Projects- "Heard You Whisper"

For those of you who read to the bottom I have some news that will make you neon kids freak with delight... Two big dancefloor names and the greatest bootleg of the summer are on the other side of this link. The party is certainly not over yet my friends... What does SC vs LOTP mean to you?

Word on the street is strictly 500 12's which will be going out to UK, Japan and possibly Canadian outlets on Sept 17th. Shhhhhh... don't tell too many people... you won't get one for yourself :)