Wednesday, March 26, 2008

EXILE PARADE produced by Owen Morris

I know that a lot of people are looking forward to getting some audio goodies from Manchester's Lowline whose upcoming album was produced by the great Owen Morris...

In the meantime there is another band that Mr Morris has worked with that for sure deserves a look over as well... they are called Exile Parade... the other day I said something would have fit right in on the Doom Generation soundtrack... and this is another one of those songs... one you listen to on repeat driving through the desert 100 miles per hour as if you're trying to drive off the edge of the earth... the song is raw as rusty nails and I like it :)

The title would seem to be from the Twin Peaks movie... but you know I never actually got into Twin Peaks so I don't know much about it. I actually love David Lynch, in fact I was friends with his son in high school. Ironically he stole my Doom Generation cd and I called David Lynch's house to try to get it back... no such luck. POINT IS I never got into Twin Peaks because that would involve time and money and I have neither (and haven't had them for a good 5 years or so)... Anyway perhaps the song has nothing to do with Twin Peaks and I'm an idiot...

Here's an mp3 of the exciting upcoming single from Exile Parade produced by Owen Morris (Oasis/The Verve) and mixed by Rick Parker (BRMC/The Von Bondies).

It is being released on ltd edition 7" Vinyl... but you can just have it here at Arcadia for free :) But I still suggest you buy the 7" if you enjoy it...

Exile Parade- "Fire Walk With Me" YSI

Exile Parade- "Fire Walk With Me" Rapid

Here is a link to the music new video

Hope you enjoy. Comments are always appreciated. Join eMusic and make me $6 so I can watch Twin Peaks. Woo hoo. More goodies on the way.

Download 25 FREE songs at!

Dead Kids will sleep with your mum!

Yeah, Dead Kids are fucking awesome. They sound like a summer drive back from the beach, drunk, driving in the wrong lane at 100 miles per hour, trying to read "A People's History..." while getting road head. No really, I'm not going for graphic, that's what it sounds like. It sounds raw but decadent in a political way without being obnoxious... they rock so hard it's insane. And the fact that I can play Dead Kids songs when I DJ makes me even more happy... this "America Mix" below will have you losing your mind until next winter comes. Then you'll have a vast collection of Dead Kids mp3s, a sweet handmade medium sized tee shirt, and a picture of you and Dead Kids with Iggy Pop... I'm fucking bringing the power this week... read on...

ISoA:So hi there Mike. How's life at the moment?

Dead Kids:its pretty just waiting for spring to get kickstarted. im not a stay in and get cosy by the fire human being. i want to be out there in the sun. i only wear t shirts. i went for a walk the other day and a bird made a funny noise and then a squirrel walked alongside me. spring makes me feel like im in a disney movie. its cool.

ISoA:One would think it's going pretty well. Dead Kids are really making waves at the moment. What's the most balls out crazy thing that's happened so far as a result of gigging up to this point?

Dead Kids:i got to run across crowd of people in paris who then lifted me upside down and hoisted me up by shoulders so that i could run across the ceiling and then flip down and avoid smashing my head on the concrete floor by centimetres. that looked pretty good apparantly. i try not to do anything too balls out since ive had a few falls and a and e experiences. the adrenalin turns you though. you end up living in that moment with no fear. we are getting to play with iggy pop soon too so thats going to be a mission to say hello.

ISoA:Niceeeeeeeee... ok. Did you have any other names before Dead Kids? If not just make some shit up...

Dead Kids:ill make some up for you right now.

mother!, little dead babies, battle scar gallactica, we are the world, mr mortimer

ISoA:At least one of those will be the name of one of my children provided I ever have any... it would be warped to name your child "Dead Kids" you know. Anyway. You've had some stellar remixes so far... anything in the queue coming up that you'd care to let us know about?

Dead Kids:we've given a song I LOVE AMERICA that we wrote recently to some people in LA called Villains and basically there are tonnes and tonnes of people in their bedroom wanting to do remixes so i send them out the stems whenever they ask. this happens alot in brasil for some reason. i love brasil.

ISoA:Everyone has fucking amazing things to say about you. That you sound like "Dead Kids are the spitting electrocuted baby of PIL" and "this is a band capable of redefining contemporary music as we know it"... what is the most obnoxious thing you've read about Dead Kids up to this point?

Dead Kids:i dont know..dead kids will eat your children and sleep with your mum. i sprayed that on a wall in coventry. does that count? (ISoA Note: this is the coolest thing I've read in weeks)

ISoA:If you could be in one band for one day to teach them a lesson what band would it be (and it can't be Keane because that's too easy)...

Dead Kids:who am i to teach lessons? i'd shake the hand of anyone doing it because its pretty tough right now and if you can make money doing it then good for you. there is so much identikit music out there though that it hurts. if you watch mtv2 any one of those bands could be singing the other bands songs. there are no personalities. no charisma. it seems to me that if you go to university or if you've ever watched that SKINS programme then you have to be in a band. this means we get loads of good-looking and clueless bands with future managing directors of SHELL OIL on bass. the record industry are all looking around at each other thinking what the hell are we going to do? they are not spending half the money they were in the past. yet with all of this uncertainty i think this is still a good time. you baton down the hatches. you write music. you get out there. you deliver. i know there is a lot of blood but god told me to do it. i give everything ive got.

AND THAT KIDDIES IS IT! Except for this fucking anthem of a song. Once again, it actually is an anthem. It may actually make you feel something other than entertained so be prepared. Maybe put on a condom and listen to this song?!? You don't want to get your pants pregnant (I know you don't wear underwear either so that would be pretty obvious if you busted one)... my favourite French word phrase is "Super cool"... I just love saying it... "Soup-airrrrr kew-uhl"... and it almost always sounds like you're disgusted with something unless you say it like Borat... and then you sound like a twat... anyway... Check out Dead Kids Myspace and go to a show if you can. Support awesomeness.

IMPORTANT EDIT: There was a little confusion between Mike and myself about who did this song and what this song was called etc... THEN I GOT IN A FUCKING CAR CRASH RIGHT AFTER I WROTE THIS POST, GETTING T-BONED BY AN 80 YEAR OLD WOMAN WHO FORGOT SHE WAS DRIVING APPARENTLY, TOTALLY DESTROYING MY CAR and making so that I have no way to get to work (amongst 20 other awful fucking things)... ANYWAY IT IS A DEAD KIDS SONG! Not Villains! But they are remixing it! So there you go... now it's fixed 12 hours later because I was in the casualty department all night...

Dead Kids- "I Love America"

Dead Kids- "I Love America"

What a fucking great interview right? Keep it tuned for more awesomeness... I'm trying to get through the PR machine to bring you an interview from someone who has graced these pages and has been repeatedly given props by Klaxons... but you'll just have to guess for now :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Frankmusik is the future of music. Period.

I know I rave about most people/duos/groups that get type on this blog. That's how it works! I won't write about shit I don't like!

But Frankmusik is different. I literally think he's the future of pop music. Literally. So having had the chance to talk to him on and off over the course of the last year or so has been fucking awesome... I consider him to be more of a acquaintance than a "contact" because I've had the chance to get to know him a little... and he's not a pretentious twat like some of the other people I've been involved with. He's a very genuine person, a true artist, and the type of guy whose talent is so plentiful that it is impossible not to gush about him!

It's not an understatement to say that I'm
always going to post how fucking amazing Frankmusik is so.... I'm going to get right into the interview... It's a little more involved and overzealous than my normal interviews but... that's I so fucking stoked to bring this to you guys... I'm not afraid to cross the fanboy line and geek out on this one... so... TA DA! Here we go...

ISoA: I first heard your music through Heads We Dance who had approached me about posting some tracks. Then I heard the remix you had done for them and was blown away. THEN you were on the front page of Myspace the next day and I thought "I better contact him before he takes over the world!"... things have changed a lot since then I imagine. You got signed, has that dramatically impacted your life?

FM: Since I got signed to Universal / Island records all that has changed is my bank balance. I still work in the same studio with the same equipment I have used since I was 17 and I don't see any need to change my creative process just because of a major signing. I got signed on the merit of my original work therefore I shall carry on working within my limitations rather than saturate my creativity with new shiny gear just because I have the money to.

ISoA: I've noticed quite a bit of fan art and what have you on your Myspace, it seems that people go pretty fucking mental for you and your tunes. You could easily make shitloads of money being a bloke behind a mixing desk, but you're out there singing, DJing, and producing all whilst leading the pack for a pop movement that is still in it's early stages (I'll get back to that bit in a min). Do you enjoy that attention or is it a tad overwhelming?

FM: There really isn't that much in the way of attention I feel. I have a good team of people who work with me and support me to the nth degree so I feel that what ever happens, as long as I have these amazing people beside me I will be level headed and grounded in my work rather than my ego.

ISoA: Now this is a pretty throw away question but just for the sake of dreaming teenage girls (who tend to make up a large portion of my radio and blog audience lol) are you single at the moment?

Sort of....

ISoA: Right then, back to serious questions. So... the type of music you're writing really is sort of an amalgamation of a lot of things but also so fucking different it defies categories SO FAR. Would you be ready to be the face of a whole new movement? Like if some NME journo put a label on you (Peter Robinson made note of you in his column, what, about 5 months ago? I've stopped reading the NME since lol) and your music, could you handle being a trailblazer and that level of attention? Like how would you handle something like the media landslide that happened to Klaxons? Because I can see that happening to you... Or has this already happened since I stopped reading the NME lol?

FM: I am just doing my thing. I have always tried to do things differently. Like while everyone else was trying to be football fanatics at school I was bombing around on a bmx. I don't know I would just rather think that there is more to life than what we are already faced with. NME magazine is something that I have never really payed much attention to due to the fact that I am an electronic pop act rather than one of the guitar based bands that they seem to go for normally. If I am starting a new movement or the media grasp onto something then great but I really could not give a dandelion due to the fact that it means that I am only going to have to change my style again to rebel against another journalistic label.

ISoA: Since we're talking about bits and pieces put together... who are your influences? I hear like Missy Elliot, a happier Aphex Twin, pinches of New Order, good pop like Annie and Justin Timberlake (edit: So, with Missy Elliot and JT mentioned, I guess that really just means shades of Timbaland lol)... that would be my five second five name description for someone who had never heard you... that's a bit daft so give the readers a better idea lol...

FM: Vangelis taught me how to ride a bike. Daft Punk took me to my first day at school, Bobby Caldwell was my playground best friend, Masta Ace taught me about the streets and Boards Of Canada used to read me bedtime stories from what I can recall.

ISoA: Similar note, what has inspired your music on a personal level?

FM: Oh that is easy. I just love to write about the fact that I have never managed to fall in love and to try and conquer its meaning through my songs which is of coarse an impossible task due to the fact that love is an abstract term to start with.

ISoA: "Swings and Roundabouts" that you produced for Kash is one of the most amazing pop songs I've heard in my whole life full stop. It's the type of song I can listen to over and over and over. (The original idea was to do an interview with both of you at the same time but I can't find time to coordinate that lol! You know my life got derailed like 6 months ago lol). Are you guys friends or how did that come about?

FM: I met Kash a while back through the London club circuit. We just kind of hit it off and decided that making music as a good idea. He also lived round the corner from my studio and so the logistics were quite easy. Kash is a great song writer and also a good produced in his own right. I have a lot of time for his eats (sp) meets west style.

ISoA: Southern Fried sent me the Black Ghosts Mixtape for my birthday and of course I was really excited to see you were on there. That song "Three Little Words" is fucking infectious. When can we expect to see the album now that you're on Island, you're touring this next month, and there are songs in the can?

FM: Project "Finish The Damn Album" is going really well. I am producing it and have one of the best mixers in the world working on the mix. Oh and I have the best programmer too so there will be some nice surprises in the final versions of my tracks for the album. I want to get a couple more tours done before the album comes out next year. But do not fear as there will be singles out before then!

ISoA: Speaking of, care to let us know what you've released recently and what you have coming up soon (either as Frankmusik or as a remix or production for someone else) just so we can scoop them up before they sell out...

FM: I have a new Alphabeat remix coming up soon. A Go:Audio remix, Barringtone remix, The Coolness Remix and a Paige Remix. Oh and I have just finished a collaborative track which feature Alphabeat, Leon Jean Marie and Frankmusik. Its a cover of a famous daft Punk song and sounds pretty amazing!

ISoA: Good good good. We'll you will get nothing but love from this blog. Make sure you stay in touch, we art school drop outs have to stick together lol... Any parting words?

Stay in the Heath but always be looking outwards.


Frankmusik vs Go Audio- "Go Audio Re-edit" YSI
Frankmusik vs Go Audio- "Go Audio Re-edit" Rapid

Frankmusik vs Barringtone- "Barringtone Vs Frankmusik" YSI
Frankmusik vs Barringtone- "Barringtone Vs Frankmusik" Rapid

Ok kids, go over to eMusic and buy Frankmusik's first E.P.
Frankisum or I won't be your friend anymore. "Three Little Words" may be one of the top 100 songs ever written.
I'm gonna try to still do an interview with Kash, I've got Dead Kids on the line, and there are a couple others that have sort of been put in limbo but check back for more interviews music and over all Arcadian madness!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Super super super SUPERGRASS return! And it's my birthday!

Some of you have probably already seen this (I CAN'T GET TO EVERYTHING OKKKKKKAYYY?), but I thought it was still worth posting... I mean the album doesn't come out for a week so it's still fresh yeah?

Whilst on the Hoo Ha Men tour, Duke Diamond and Randy Hoo Ha were followed by men with audio visual recording equipment. This is the trailer to their forthcoming documentary 'Glange Fever'. I warn you now, those with an aversion to pale nakedness need look away now. If anyone was worried that the band had grown up……the good times still roll...


And there's more...'Rough Knuckles', a belter of a track from the new album 'Diamond Hoo Ha' - This video was made by the band from footage they shot while recording the album at the legendary Hansa Studios, with producer Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Nick Cave).


Then here is the oldest new Supergrass video "Bad Blood"...


Big ups to Parlophone for that! Sorry I didn't get to it earlier!

Today is my birthday and despite the fact that it's glum as fuck out I'm rather chipper... ESPECIALLY because Southern Fried sent me a copy of The Whip and The Black Ghosts new stuff, an album and a mixtape respectively, and they are both fucking awesome. The new "live reversion" of "Something New vs Lindstrom" is fucking out of this world... like I can't have that track in enough different versions (outside of a 320 kbps version of the original bootleg lol)...

ON A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT NOTE... ANY OF YOU ARCADIA READERS GOING TO SEE JUSTICE IN CHICAGO ON THURSDAY NIGHT? If so hit me up at Facebook... the banner to my page is on the side...

And to all of you famous Arcadia readers... I'm finishing up a grip of interviews today so HOPEFULLY you'll all be getting them in the mail soon... After hearing the Frank Musik track on the BG Mixtape last night I cannot fucking WAIT to have a chat with him lol...

Come back round soon... cheers!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So I think Southern Fried Records is pumping out the fucking jams right now. They've got one of my fav bands period The Black Ghosts up there... and they also have loads of Britblog friendly stuff like Crookers 'Knobbers', Armand Van Helden 'Je T'aime' Simian Mobile Disco Remix, Mighty Dub Katz 'Just Another Groove' (aka Fatboy Slim) that I'm loving. I gave up on Armand Van Helden but I guess I was way off... that Simian Mobile Disco remix is balllllllahhhhhhhh...

Well anyway, you all know I love my Manchester bands (you all know I'm a Joy Division nut, and an Oasis/Factory Records/Smiths freak, and I obviously just posted about Mancunian up-and-comers Lowline) and here's another band I'm all about from that long linage of amazing fuckers... The Whip!

Yeah, I realize I'm acting like I've never posted them before or something (it's for dramatic effect lol) but seriously I really like them a lot. That Black Ghosts remix of "Muzzle No 1" had me getting crazy behind the decks and that Crystal Castles remix of "Divebomb" was fire. Like five alarm fire intense.

Or like rape whistle on the back stairs of the Funky Buddha intense (that was just for you Sam)...

Ummmmm... but anyway... The Whip are back with more fire for you and I've even got the video in downloadable formats! I know right?

The song has a rough sort of feel to it like I dunno... like it should be on the soundtrack to The Doom Generation (which is like the greatest movie ever... which means you should go watch it... you can borrow my copy... the colors are similar to this video... interesting yeah?).

I really like his voice on this song... they all look so awesome... with their rad girl drummer... getting attacked by neon monsters... it's like a weekend in Detroit...

I think you can convert that shit for your iPod (although I always mess up the sound) if you add it to your library and then hit convert for iPod. Tell me if that works for any of you lol...

Go see it on YouTube @

Here it is for you Apple folk in Quicktime

And you Windows folk in Windows Media...

Then once you've pick up that part of the goodies follow up with a listen over at their their Myspace...

AWESOME... so much greatness put so closely together. I've been doing lots of posts for you guys! I've got more awesomeness but it may have to wait a second... I'm contemplating having either a day of the week that I post NON-Brit stuff along with Britbands OR maybe I'll just really put some energy into the "City Full Of Neon Lights" blog... because I've got SO much material (like some promos from Fabric etc, that are not ALWAYS British but I want to share them with you guys. We'll see. Maybe the site needs a makeover first. Seems like even the young-buck-just-started-a-blog-yesterday-people are droppping hundreds (or lots of time) on their layouts! Maybe it's that all bloggers are actually art/design students lol... anyway... check back soon for more Brit-tastic-ness!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


I like Hadouken. I really do. They are however one of like... nope, I was gonna say more but strike that... the only group that has not responded to me with regards to promo request/interview/etc. THE ONLY GROUP. Do you realize how many people I contact or have contact with because of this damn thing?

There are even other artists/bands who have clumsily fucked up interviews and liners, or have pushed me off on their A&R people never to be heard from again, but no one has just blown me off... Hadouken are the only group that have stone walled me. I mean, seriously don't ask me how because I don't know, but I got Klaxons to do a liner damn near a year before I even got anything other than a newsletter (I signed up for) from Hadouken.

But, all bitterness aside, I still like Hadouken... we play them on the show... their music is good... and they've gotten a couple posts on the blog here despite my frustration with nuffin coming from their end. So this song (which was leaked a while ago) will still get posted... I love you Hadouken... now have your people contact me lol...

Hadouken!- "Get Smashed Gate Crash"

Hadouken!- "Get Smashed Gate Crash" YSI

I'd write more but... there is nothing you don't know about Hadouken by now. I wish the album would come out here in the U.S... or maybe they should tour here... hmmmmmm ... good idea...

Check out their Myspace

Monday, March 03, 2008

I did mention I love The Black Ghosts?

I love The Black Ghosts... I mean, I love them as much as I love like Simian Mobile Disco... in fact... well, holy shit! Doesn't that make a lot of sense!

I don't know how many of you kiddies out there remember... not KNOW, but literally
REMEMBER... how awesome Simian were, but they were fucking sweet. I really got into their "Chemistry Is What We Are" album and the follow up (as well as the Simian remixes like the Zero 7 one I posted a couple weeks ago) and thought they were amazing. And then, like all good things, they came to an end...

BUT then we got Simian Mobile Disco into the public eye (and truly Justice) from the tidal wave interest stemming from "Never Be Alone (We Are Your Friends)" and life seemed good again! It seemed extra super fucking great when I realized that familiar voice in the Black Ghosts songs was homeboy from Simian and that he would be featured on a song called "I Believe" on Attack Decay Sustain Release!

Then life got even better when we got "Anyway You Choose To Give It" and all the remixes... then even better with "Some Way Through This" (whose Skream & Plastician remix is one of the best of 2007... State Crime is actually putting into a mix right now that is gonna make you guys totally shit yourselves).

NOW YOUR LIFE SHOULD BE ALMOST PERFECT... Black Ghosts are releasing a reupped and redone version of their Summer mixtape just a day befor a certain Britblogger's birthday (*cough*)... this version is out of control, with songs from our beloved Rustie and State Crime/Arcadia friend Frank Musik... along with like a heap of bangers that you'll totally lose it for...

The Black Ghosts- "Something New (Galactic Lindstrom Mashup)" Rapidshare

The Black Ghosts- "Something New (Galactic Lindstrom Mashup)" YSI

The Black Ghosts- "Something New (Galactic Lindstrom Mashup)" zShare

Here's the tracklisting...

1. Boy-8-Bit - The Suspense is Killing Me
2. Armand Van Helden - Je T'aime (Switch Remix)
3. SMD – Cliktrak
4. Ben Westbeech - Hang Around (Karizma’s Kaytronic Dub Mix)
5. The Black Ghosts - Something New (Galactic Version)
6. Rustie - Pendulum
7. Frankmusik - Three Little Words (The Black Ghosts Mix)
8. BOY 8-BIT - Fogbank
9. Trabant - The One (The Black Ghosts Remix)
10. Siriusmo - Discosau
11. Proper Villains - Trick Baby
12. Lord Skywave - Something
13. Alter Ego - Fuckingham Palace
14. Gossip Listen Up - (The Black Ghosts Remix)
15. The Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing (Extended Mix)
16. Fil OK "Wink Wink" (Touché remix)
17. The Black Ghosts - Some Way Through This (Replicants Remix)
18. Bonde Do Role - Marina Gasolina (Fake Blood Remix)
19. Fake Blood - Mars
20. The Black Ghosts - Face (Switch Mix)
21. The Whip - Muzzle No.1 (The Black Ghosts Remix)
22. The Black Ghosts - Anyway You Choose To Give It (Extended Mix)
23. The Black Ghosts - Anyway You Choose To Give It (Fake Blood Remix)

Boy 8 Bit? The Whip? The recently disbanded Bonde Do Role? Fake Blood? Seriously. If you don't cop this stop reading my blog... we have nothing in common lol... in the meantime if you want to download some goodies from Black Ghosts and The Whip head over to eMusic via the image below and help make a broke dude some money lol...

OH YEAH... btw... check out the most awesome Lego video ever for "Some Way Through This"...

Oh and what the hell... how about a 128kbps copy of last Summer's mixtape to whet your whistle?

Black Ghosts Mini-Mix July 2007

And while we're talking free music... did you happen to catch this over at XFM?

Download Charlatans New Album For Free!

I guess you'll be able to pick that up later in March in physical formats... I love how everyone is giving their shit away for free! It totally makes me wanna buy it.. no lie! If an artist trusts me to pay for what I think they are worth I'm gonna make good on my end... it's like if someone opens the first door to a building for you, then you open the second innermost door for them right? Right.

And also The Boy Least Likely To are releasing their new single for free download on their Myspace!

Ok kids, I've got a lot of catch up this week... but leave some comments telling me what you think of the track if you haven't heard it before. IT'S SOOOOOO EPIC. See you soon.

P.S. Does the 4 bar Aphex Twin piano loop used in Saturday Night Live's "Iran So Far Away" make anyone else want to cry? Regardless of all the gay references and Adam Levine singing? NO? Oh, ok then I'm just a weirdo... it's just so pretty... even if they are singing about gayness and Iran lol! Maybe I'm having my man period lol...

I take back what I said about Brithop... and give you GTA

Remember when I said British hip-hop was mainly a load of shit... that I love grime, but "British hip-hop" (of "Brithop" if you will) too often sounds like an awkward off shoot of American rap (which mostly sucks)? Well, yeah, I sort of have to take that back... at least for these two...

I got an email from a duo called GTA and... um... their new single is effing (I'm trying to get a new job shut up) great. I mean it's really really fun... and I mean that in a good way... like Muscles "My Friend Richard" fun, not watching SpiceWorld fun... you just have to hear it for yourself! It's a good summertime jam that you play over and over in the car with the windows down and the system turned up...

Check the video... you kind of have to or you'd be missing out on half the fun... as Chima said in his email "Considering the UK spends on average £250,000 on each
medical graduate it could be argued this video cost about
£1,000,000 to make..."

Anddddd here's the bio:

Having met at Gosford Hill School (Kidlington) in 2000, Neill Timms a.k.a Ineffable (22) and Chima Anya (23) quickly created a vibe that excited anyone with a vague musical interest in the Oxford vicinity.

Now a fully qualified Practicing Doctor and Assistant Accountant, Chima and Neill, respectively, have embarked upon releasing their debut album, "The Way", with the hope of adding some much needed charisma and sophistication to the UK's "urban" scene.

Drawing influences from the aforementioned hip-hop legends and their cohort, GTA have the substance of old school hip-hop spliced with the cutting edge swagger and charisma of what hip-hop is evolving into. A quote from Chima's facebook:

"The exuberance of the O’Jays, the grandeur of Mozart, the swagger of Jay Dilla, the soul of Al Green, the sentiment of Elton John, the golden tone of early Stevie. Ladies’ and gentlement, I give you… GTA”

Despite Chima moving to Birmingham for 5 years to complete a Medical degree and Neill going on to Oxford Brookes to study Business; they managed, during their student years, to be invited to support legends such as KRS 1, Amp Fiddler, Flavour Flav. They also put out their debut EP, "Love is Here", in conjunction with Blunted Records - a venture hampered both by Blunted's incompetence and GTA's own naivity.

Yikesssss... sounds like they aren't happy with Blunted Records... pause and really take that one in... hmmmmmm... anyway here's the track...

GTA- "Wanna Be Myself"

So yeah, I implore you to buy this if you like it because it's RARE that an artist gives us a high bit rate copy of their single before it comes out... or least downgrade the copy to like 128 for your friends and be like "Yeah, it's sounds great like that but you should hear it when it isn't torn to shreds... go buy it" lol... this is a duo that deserves serious support... you know I don't post crap...

Their Myspace has a few more downloadable tracks and an awesome design so I suggest you check it out.

Until next time... keep your ears and eyes on this space...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Joy Division forgotten gem...

The nice part about working at a radio station with a SERIOUS record collection is that you can easily get your hands on things like this. I never realized it before but the b-side to my favourite Joy Division song (my fav band next to Babyshambles... I know... that's a huge difference in musical taste but that's how I roll) is TOTALLY different from the version you are used to...

First off the production and instrumentation are more stark and cavernous... then there is a bunch of extra lyrics at the end of the song... it's fun stuff to find that this exists! When a band hasn't released (and can't release) an album for 25 plus years it's the little things that matter lol... like those Martin Hannett Mixes that came out... anyway enjoy this... sorry about the distortion at the end!

Joy Divsion- "She's Lost Control (Single FACUS2 Version) Vinyl Rip

So yeah... just a little treat to tide you over. There's such a renewed interest in Joy Divsion because of Control that hopefully this will reach some new ears... anyway, make sure you check back because I've got a nice slice of Brithop for you in the next post..