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ddpesh Jahcoozi REMIX! Also The Whip/Hadouken/Hot Chip...

Y'all know I love me some fucking Jahcoozi. Robot Koch and company get about as much coverage as good old Frankmusik here. I think they are an AWESOME band and that they are cool people so I'm down with whatever they are up to... when I got this Jahcoozi approved remix I thought I'd throw it up. ddpesh are for sure going to be making waves in the future, so if you haven't heard them yet consider this your introduction to a great duo... I've been meaning to get this thrown up for a while but once again, I get crazy busy, which is why you haven't seen interviews with LOTP, These New Puritans, and people like that... but my life is getting more balanced so you should see more frequent posts and more quality shit! Like this!

Jahcoozi- "Flatline (ddpesh Remix)" YSI

Jahcoozi- "Flatline (ddpesh Remix)"

Here's a bio for these cats...

Since 2006, Brooklyn-based ddpesh have been churning out sleazy-sexified
electro beats and rousing New York City's hipster pack onto the dance floor
with their infectious DJ sets. The duo came together during high school in
Youngstown, Ohio based, on their shared love of 90's hip-hop and dance
music, and became fast friends. Since then, the pair have walked into
residencies at Crudo and King Size and played countless gigs throughout
Brooklyn and the Lower East Side. Their remixes for Kudu and Oppenheimer in
2007 and Chromeo in 2008 garnered them acclaim from both local and
international media. ddpesh are currently working on new remixes and busy
promoting their soon to be released Porsche People EP.


I'm down with The Whip... in fact I'm so down I wanna do an interview with em lol... but anyway... After pounding their Bloody Beatroots remix of "Trash" non-stop in the car and on my radioshow I was stoked to hear that NME is giving away a Hadouken! remix (want the interview there too still *cough*). I'd post it but I probably would get C&D'ed! Instead submit your details and get the track via email...

In the meantime... I don't want to rub people the wrong way so I'm not going to post this gem... but check this out and tell me it's not perfect... because you'd be lying!

Hot Chip have some dope podcasts... I don't know if you're all hype about Zune but that is ONE of the ways to get the podcasts... I mean Zune is making a Joy Division Zune but... I mean... it's not an iPod! That's all I have to say... you can also get the podcasts from iTunes but for whatever reason the email I got had Zune links so I don't have the iTunes ones...

Over And Over - B-sides - ZUNE
1. Over And Over (Radio Edit)
2. Grubbs
3. Sexual Healing
4. Plastic
5. A Family In here
6.The Girl In Me
7.(Just Like We) Breakdown (Booka Shade Vocal Mix)
8.(Just Like We) Breakdown (Booka Shade Dub Mix)
Over And Over - The Mixes - ZUNE
1. Over And Over (Album version)
2. Over And Over (Earlies Remix)
3. (Just Like We) Breakdown (DFA Remix)
4. Over And Over (Naum Gobo Remix)
5. Over and Over (Justus Kohncke's Baking horse Club Mix)
6. Over and Over (Solid Gold Remix)
7. Over And Over (Maurice Fulton Remix)
8. Over And Over (Maurice Fulrton Dub)
9. Over And Over (Mock And Toof Dub)
10. Over And Over (Instrumental)
Colours B-sides - ZUNE
1. Colours (radio edit)
2. Music From electric And Musical Industries
3. Take A gamble
4. Gang Can Dance
5. Disguise
6. (Just Like We Breakdown (Booka Shade Vocal Mix)
7. Careful (Careful Version)
Colours Remixes - ZUNE
1. Colours (album Version)
2. Colours (DFA Remix)
3. Colours (Remixed by Jeff Samuel)
4. Colours (remixed by Fred Falke)
5. Colours (Instrumental)
Boy From School The B-sides - ZUNE
1. Boy From School (Radio Edit)
2. The Bell Ringers
3. Laws Of Salvation
4. A Glue Too Thick
5. A Bad Bad Tackle
Boy From School The Mixes - ZUNE
1. And I Was A Boy From School (Album Version)
2. Boy From School (Cosmic Sandwich Remix)
3. Boy From School (Queens Remix by Jane)
4. Boy From School (Erol Alkan's Extended Re-work)
5. Boy From School (Hot Chip Re-Work)
6. Boy From School (Instrumental)

So this is the end of the week post... I should be back in the next couple of days with goodies from the inbox or mailbox. Until then enjoy the track... and also if you're going to DEMF/Movement let me know :)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Sometimes a label is more than a label. Sometimes it's an indicator of what you're all about. Commercialism and consumerism aside, we all align ourselves with bands/groups/personalities/magazines that mirror our beliefs, hopes, and desires in an attempt to connect to SOMETHING in this post-9/11 (or 7/7) world we live in... maybe that's a little intense but it's true.

As the record industry is pumping schlock in an attempt to sell anything possible, a few labels still stand out as being consistant and admirable; to find one that isn't JUST concerned with money is difficult (and if that's not the sole focus it's almost heroic given the economy and the pressure to sell or fold). A great label doesn't compromise and they do what's best artistically. Astralwerks is one of those labels... Dim Mak... all the major indies in the U.S... Sub-Pop, Matador, Thrill Jockey, Touch & Go, Kill Rock Stars etc... obviously the UK/EU has way more amazing uncompromising labels like Warp, Modular, Kitsune that get attention... the list could go on for days!

One label stands out especially though... because it's not just a label... it's a brand. A brand the way that Factory Records was... or Ghostly International is (ps. buy the JDSY album, it's amazing). It's a club that people feel they are really a part of, it's a touchstone for burdgeoning graphic design, it a label people respect for it's quality control, a venue that people look at as a mecca, it's everything a fan/clubber/dj/bloke could every want all at once. It's Fabric.

Now, even as a DJ, I've grown tired of DJ Mixes. They are fucking EVERYWHERE. I could amass 10 gigs worth of free mixes between now and midnight so how can I have any interest in a DJ mix (which is bad news for my DJing self because I know other people think that too). Fabric is some whole 'nother shit though. The tunes and the quality of the mixing, the mastering... it's just awesome. I'm going to begin doing regular posting about Fabric's cd lines (both Fabric and FabricLive) because in my mind they are a British institution that has been a vital part of clubland (and everywhere else) for this whole decade. Regardless of whether the artist is British or not I will be reviewing the work seeing has home base is in London! So let's get cracking and I'll go over the last few releases that have really popped out to me...

Fabric 39: Robert Hood

I live close to Detroit (at least closer than you probably!) so Underground Resistance and Robert Hood are hot shit in my mind. As soon as I opened the envelope and saw that I went apeshit. This cd isn't fucking around and gets fast and frenetic from the get go. We've probably all had those moments (for me it was Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliot as well as Kevin Saunderson at DEMF.. errr, I mean Movement) where we appreciate techno so much we wish we could touch it... this cd will allow you to embrace the physicality of dance music whether or not you are dancing because the bass is THICK. We probably wouldn't have minimal techno without this man and this release shows he's as vital as ever.

Here's some of the press...

"In an era where credit is rarely given when due, a lot of today’s so-called “minimal” enthusiasts may not actually be familiar with its creator: it’s near impossible to find anyone who can rival the magnificence and innovation of Robert Hood. With an absolute, visionary state of mind, Hood has been one of the most extraordinary and forward-thinking artists in the history of techno. He’s regarded by some of the biggest names in electronic music as being one of the founding fathers of techno’s development, yet some of the newer faces to minimal are none the wiser.

Raised primarily on Motown in Detroit, Robert Hood’s family was enveloped in music: his mother recorded a 45” locally, his uncle managed jazz and R&B bands, his grandmother’s first cousin was Berry Gordy, his father was a jazz musician (piano, drums, and trumpet). Robert followed his father’s footsteps at a young age, picking up trumpet in the school band. But, distracted by youth, it wasn’t long before he swapped the trumpet for vinyl, obsessively focussing on the arrangements, musicality and instrumentation of the records he cherished. His zealous interest in production guided him to a pawn shop, where he picked up some basic equipment and began recording demos. Unable to find someone able to do “some kind of political abstract MCing – a cross between Chuck D and Q-Tip,” Robert laid down his own lyrics on his productions. Eventually, a fortuitous introduction to a well-connected musician, Mike Clark (a.k.a. Agent X), led to him eventually pass on a demo to a key player in underground Detroit, Mike Banks. Instantly enamoured with his lyrical styling, Mike Banks and Jeff Mills took Robert on board as an MC for 2 tracks on a compilation they were putting together. As Robert’s productions grew stronger, the incomparable Underground Resistance crew formed, putting political outrage to an experimental beat, and Robert found his place as a seminal member, the “Minister of Information.” With UR, Robert forged a path for himself, creating a simple yet powerful sound that fully encompassed the Detroit ethos, but also pushed unparalleled levels of imagination.

Fabriclive 39: DJ Yoda

This cd is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. You've got a reqiuem, a shout out from Kanye, and the Violent Femmes in the first like 2 minutes. It's mostly straight up purist hip-hop with nice DJ tricks but then you've also got like The Coral toward the end. This is the one I put on the most at my house. This cd would be a great present for your friend who blathers on about how hip-hop sucks now, no one is doing anything dope or pushing boundaries anymore... because Yoda does that. The force is strong here... you know I had to say that lol...

Good press blurb...

"FABRICLIVE.39 ArtworkWe’ve all been there at one point: sat in our bedrooms, making homemade pause/record mixes with our tape decks, convinced that someday our names would grace music history books alongside Grandmaster Flash, Steinski and Jazzy Jeff. But alas, our mixtapes that could’ve made Spinbad sweat have been chewed up and acquired nothing but dust, and ‘cut n paste’ has sadly become a term that causes even the strongest of us to shudder, as we recall a grueling day in the office struggling with Excel. But one DJ, hailing from North London, held tight to his dreams; his undamaged mixtapes have only gotten more polished and famed as he continues to commandeer the cut n paste fight – the irreplaceable, definitive hip hop protagonist, DJ Yoda.

Surrounded by music from his very onset, with both parents avidly working in the industry (his father a manager of legendary artists such as Eddy Grant and Eurhythmics; his mother working for various producers), even young Duncan Beiny’s bedroom was no escape, being the storage space for his dad’s abundant record collection. His father’s cherished pop records were thoroughly ruined when Duncan began learning to scratch at the ripe age of 15. Originally DJing under the name DJ Beiny (actually his first two initials and surname), it was a Yoda toy that sat by his turntables that ultimately gave him a DJ name that stuck when he was 19 years old. His combined loves of quirky pop music and 90s hip hop became fused and intertwined on home-made demo mixtapes, at first modestly distributed amongst the smaller of record shops. They eventually caused such a stir on the underground hustle – by the year 2000, over 5,000 were being distributed around the country - that it caught the attention of Antidote Records, through whom he released three consecutive volumes of an official mixtape series titled ‘How To Cut & Paste.’ Entertaining, sentimental, kitsch and musically unbound, the mixtape series brought an accessible sense of humour to what had essentially become the serious, elitist world of hip hop.

“From around 2000, hip hop went downhill for me. It was getting a bit samey – for me, all the best stuff was out in the early 90s. It was the rawness, you know? Now I think a lot of middle class, happy people are making it, whereas for me a lot of the best music comes out of frustration, anger and difficult times. I just think that hip hop has become safe. To me, I’m a hip hop DJ but my understanding of hip hop means you play everything. The style you play it in makes it hip hop for me. It’s why I’ll play anything from TV themes to kid’s music to religious music – it can be anything. But I think if you know how to scratch or can feel a beat, then you’re a hip hop DJ.” – DJ Yoda"

Fabric 40: Mark Farina

I lived in Chicago for a few years back (hence why I still yap about that scene even though this is a primarily British blog; gotta support my boy Curt Autobot and Flosstradamus, Kid Sister, Cool Kids, and all them cats)... so once again Farina is another big name for me personally. Farina can do a straight up funky ass Chicago/SF house blend, or just drop the sunniest alt-hip hop with the smoothest transitions on earth. I got to see him in Miami in 2003 and it was like magic. I was at the party by myself, it was actually my birthday, and I wasn't even trying to pick up girls or get crazy waster-cated... Farina brings the type of DJing I enjoy most and I just wanted to bask in it's glory. I'm a firm believer (just for me when I'm DJing) in riding out the transition and dropping bits of the record back in after it's dropped and that's something he's really skilled at. This cd highlights that and reminds you why Farina is one of America's treasures as a pioneer and an amazing DJ. I tell you, Fabric means quality, and Farina brings his best in a minute here...

The press for this cd...

"fabric 40 ArtworkMusic has ruled Mark Farina’s every step, since his vibrant youth: days spent marching routines with a trumpet in his Chicago high school’s band blurred into wild nights stomping around hardcore and punk shows. Eventually persuading his parents to allow him to ditch the brass bugle and bring a drum set into the house, Mark held the beat down for a New Wave alternative cover band (reworking The The, The Smiths, The Cure, Front 242, Ministry and the like) that tore through countless garages, gymnasiums, churches and Battle of the Bands. As Mark’s musical tastes took a turn for the electronic, he dove head-first into the luscious world of turntables and nightclubs, a shift reflected by his band becoming the high school’s first to incorporate a drum machine in its setup. Zealously weaving in and out of late-night teen clubs in-between his electronic band’s shows, Mark celebrated his first solo DJ gig at the Chicagoan underage mecca, Medusa’s, at the age of 16."

So there you go kids... You can get streams of the albums over at FabricFirst. I suggest you do that and then get yourself a copy because it's hot. If we want quality we have to support the people who are giving it to us.

Coming up on the 2nd you lucky Londoners (or people from the surrounding area) can get down on the hottest shit in the universe @ Fabric... Joe Chip? Switch & Sinden? Kid Sister boyfriend and Kanye DJ Mr. A-Trak? Surkin's album launch AND Para One is there (I just bought that Para One album "Epophanie"... what a fucking banger)? Plus there are like 7 other people I'd kill to see... Rusko... damn... you gotta go for me... take pictures!

Room One:
Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) DJ Set
A Trak

Room Two:
Surkin (Album Launch)
Para One
Curses! (Live)
Das Glow
Jean Nipon
Room Three:
Scratch Perverts
DJ Fresh


I've got a review I'm going to do for Radioactive Man, which was released on a Fabric sub-label, but I want to give that it's own review in it's own space. Keep your eye out for that! There will be more to come so I hope you guys have enjoyed our first foray into the music universe that is Fabric London... come back soon!

Download 25 FREE songs at!

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150th Post! And Black Ghosts Pt 2 (The Interview)!!!

You guys know I'm obsessed with Black Ghosts. I don't have to say too much about that. I posted a track that we Americans haven't had the chance to get our hands on quite yet about a week or so ago... and now I have the follow up interview for you guys. Simon Lord, 1/2 of The Black Ghosts, took some time to do an interview here which hopefully will hopefully tickle your pickle! AND on top of it just being fucking way cool this also commemorates the 150th post for Arcadia! Hope you guys have enjoyed the ride so far... hopefully I just have more and more quality to bring to you going forward... anyway... enjoy the interview!

ISoA: Hello Simon, thank you for taking the time to speak with us! Quite the

I have to say you guys outdid yourselves with that mixtape. Every
single track on it was fire especially the new live version of
"Something New". What made you decide to redo it for this release?

We wanted the mixtape to represent what we do live/DJing. The version of 'something new' with Lindstroms 'i feel space' was something we figured out live and has become a cool part of our show so it had to go on there!

ISoA: It's a tried and true banger that's for sure. As is the remix you guys
did for Frankmusik... do you have any idea when that might see release
outside of the mixtape? Because that's like the musical equivalent of
Superfriends or something. It's perfect!

Yeah we're really happy with that remix and Vince (Frankmusik) is too, we're both mutual fans, but i'm rubbish with knowing about release dates and things like that so i have no idea if or when it'll get a 'proper' release... though these days i think the whole notion of a release has changed, as soon as you make it available on the internet it becomes available to everyone! (except old people with no computer who hate that music anyway...)

ISoA: That mixtape had so many Arcadia favourites I can't even tell you! Now
you can ignore this question if you like but... We've seen serious
quality releases from you guys in the last 18 months, are we going to be
seeing a full length album in the near future? I see the lyrics up on
the site for songs I haven't heard so I know they are there!

YES! We actually finished our full length album what seems like (and actually is) ages ago but our record company wanted to build up to it with a bunch of single releases first. I understand why they wanted to do it that way, to introduce us slowly to the public, but we've been desperate to get the album out because we're proud of it and want to get it heard. This summer the wait should be over, phew...

ISoA: Fair enough. Now you have an extremely exciting resume. We've got
amazing songs from the Simian era (one of which, "Never Be Alone", can
be cited as the genesis of a huge portion of the current quality dance
music landscape), the Black Ghosts, Lord Skywave... your voice and your
songs are the cornerstone of inventive pop music since the beginning of
this decade and they are still having an serious impact in the current
landscape. 20 years from now when people look back how do you want
people to view your contribution to music?

hmmm you're flattering me, stop it, i like it... that's a weird question to answer, I guess if people remember me as keeping alive the spirit of creative pop song writing (and as a decent singer) then i'd be happy.

ISoA: Awesome. If you would can you explain what the difference is between
your Black Ghosts output and Lord Skywave output?

The Black Ghosts is me collaborating with Mr Theo Keating, combining our strengths to create modern pop/electro/soul/whatever music. Lord Skywave is more of an audio diary for me and charts my experiments in sound over 2007... it's more experimental and utilises old recordings of my grandmothers music, my dad's home-made synthersizers and influences from the London scene especially dubstep.

ISoA: And you are also doing production work as well... a very busy man...
anything that we should keep our eyes and ears open for?

erm, i haven't done as much production recently because i've been keeping busy with performing and writing but i've literally this minute been working on some tracks with littleboots that i hope might see the light of day sometime.

ISoA: I've read your bio info so I know some of your influences... but what
are some of current influences (this can be film, art, literature,
biological warfare, or obscure things that don't actually exist but
sound like they do)?

Currently I've been amazed by the new Bjork video for her single called wanderlust. It's a cool track anyway but combined with the video it is incredible... it's one of those things you watch in silence and just wonder how the hell they did it. It's technically amazing but at the same time beautiful and graceful.

ISoA: Who right now is occupying your headphones at the moment? You guys
obviously have great taste if you're enlisting people like Plastician
and Skeam, Rustie, and Boy 8 Bit To work with you... what artists are
you into most right now?

I'm really into a new remix of 'oops'- tweet by Hudson Mohawke and a track called 'need you' by Darkstar. It's important to keep an ear on what's fresh production-wise but also to keep handy 'behind the scenes' so I've also been enjoying getting the acoustic guitar out again!

ISoA: Anytime you do a mixtape like that there end up being artists that you'd
like to put on but don't fit the format or feel of the mix... I've got
this friend JDSY who I would love to put on a mixtape but most of his
stuff doesn't fit into that format of a four-to-the-floor-mix... who
are some artists that you wish you could have put in a mix?

We really like a new swedish singer called Lykke li, it would have been cool to put one of her songs onto our tape... we're into all sorts of weird non-club music, electronic and otherwise. There's quite a few tracks on our album that are more for home listening than raving.

ISoA: You just played Fabric here the other day how did that go? Did you guys
DJ or was it a live show? I love those Fabric...

At the moment we've been doing all our live shows as DJ shows but then i bring along a laptop and controller so i can sing live and make loops and edits live, so our shows mutate between a live set and a DJ set.

ISoA: Speaking of gigs you guys have had some awesome ones in the last couple
years... what was your favourite crowd recently?

Recently we played over at SXSW in Austin. We played at the Mad Decent party which was on the roof of a big car-park. Our set was timed perfectly for the sun going down and everyone had a great time, that was one of our favourites.

ISoA: Lastly, you guys just recently released a blazing hot new single 'I Want
Nothing' and every mix is truly quality. We don't have it here in
America yet but thankfully your management was willing to give the
blogosphere a little taste out of that to appease your American fans!
Thank you guys for that. Not to dig too deep into the creative process
but what was this song born out of?

When writing that song we were definitely were thinking about clubs. I really like the iggy pop song 'nightclubbing', it sums up the narcissism and intoxicated feeling that surrounds going out.

ISoA: Ok well thank you for your time... Black Ghosts will always get support
here at Arcadia and I anxiously await more output from you guys

The Black Ghosts- "Let's Get Physical"

The Black Ghosts- "Let's Get Physical"

Check out more from Black Ghosts over at eMusic and check back for more of your favourite British tunes...

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Underworld Fake Blood Awesomeness

Ah yes... Underworld... one of the 5 greatest dance bands of the 90's (Prodigy, Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Leftfield probably yeah?) returned with a great album a few months back and a really great single now. "Ring Road" has been the most requested song for us, over at Albion, since this album came out... now the ante has been upped with this "Fake Blood" remix that we'll end up playing the hell out of! It's all James Brown loops and ravey ravey synths and awesomeness. And you can hear it over here... I'd give it to you but well... frankly this is too purchase worthy...

Come on... I don't tell you to stream things often... you know it's really good then yeah?!?!

Underworld “Ring Road”
Fake Blood Mix
Released: 7th May on

This single is taken from the current “Oblivion With Bells” album. Other remixes on the package from Laidback Luke and Kris Menace. Underworld announce new live internet radio broadcast schedule with a one-off show on Wed 23rd April 2008 (6pm UK time). Exclusively live on

Make sure you peep their Myspace

They are touring their asses off so get on top of that... the Underworld live DVD is probably as close as I'll ever come to seeing them so please go on my behalf lol.

may 2008
3-may-08 cracow screen festival cracow poland
7-may-08 nuits sonores festival lyon france
9-may-08 forward festival madrid spain
10-may-08 forward festival valencia spain
14-may-08 festival xtremo monterrey
16-may-08 festival xtremo guadalajara mexico
18-may-08 festival xtremo mexico city mexico

june 2008
8-june-08 rockness festival scotland uk
14-june-08 escape into the park swansea wales

july 2008
4-july-08 main square festival arras france
5-july-08 wireless festival london uk
6-july-08 rock werchter leuven belgium
26-july-08 fuji rock naeba japan

27-july-08 pentaport rock festival seoul korea

august 2008
24-august-08 creamfields liverpool uk
29-august-08 electric picnic stradbally, co laois ireland

Stay tuned... the next post is the 150th and I've got a REALLY special interview for you. So keep your eyes locked on this spaceeeee...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Radiohead... Best Of?

So... Parlophone and I are cool... right? We're cool aren't we? Yeah I thought so. That's why they aren't going to C&D my ass for posting this as the Radiohead Best Of is coming out! That would be silly right :) Because it's probably making Parlophone more money me posting this track than not posting it lol...

Radiohead- "Climbing Up The Walls"

Radiohead- "Climbing Up The Walls"

All jokes aside the little widget for the album is to to your right side (that I might leave up for a minute... mind you not because anyone asked me to but just because).

Now, I know a lot of you have been very "anti" the best of... because your fav song got left off... or because the 2nd disc is better than the first but is limited edition... well... truth hurts... Best Of comps aren't meant for FANS... they are meant for the uninitiated! They are meant for 14 year olds who we're in onesies when "Creep" came out. They are for your uncle who just came out on the other side of his midlife crisis and likes good music now. They are for the now 35 year old former student who stopped really listening to Radiohead after "The Bends" and wants to know if their "new" work is good as everyone says it is. They serve to bring people into the fold, back to the fold, and to remind people of what they are missing. And of yeah... to make money. Probably shitloads of money. Parlophone, no offense, but you guys are probably going to make a lot of money off this one and people are going to be angry for that reason alone...

Why? Because people have a "personal" relationship with Radiohead. The way people do with Jesus. They feel that their feelings and their essence is reflected in Radiohead's art. NOW, this "corporate record label" (now the obvious antithesis of what Radiohead is) is "selling Radiohead out" so that all these sloppy people can have a cursory knowledge of Radiohead. This is life. And it sucks. I would love to drown in Stanley Donwood paintings and listen to "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" back to back everyday for the rest of my life and feel like me and a few other people we're really "PART" of it all... but that isn't real and it isn't going to happen. If you really care about Radiohead be happy they are being exposed to young people who haven't heard them. Fuck the money. Forget the money. Remember why you love Radiohead.

For those of you who have addressed that "In Rainbows" is nowhere to be found... well that's because record labels tend to release the WHOLE back catalogue of an artist and then they do a "Best Of" when the band leave the label... ummmmmmmm... "In Rainbows" wasn't on Parlophone. We know the band is sort of "whatever" about this comp being released. Why would those tracks be on there? Doesn't make any sense.

Now, I'm not some paid lackey but we all know I am fiercely passionate about British music. And up until now the world needed record companies to sell records! Maybe we're past that and the age of selling digital straight from the band is really here... but Parlophone released Supergrass, Babyshambles, and a billion other artists you probably own or listen to. So please stop acting like some crime has been perpetrated! Music is sold... the make the artist money and up to this point the record company is like the pimp that gets the happy hooker out there. Seriously, no offense to record companies, but we all know that's what it is. Maybe it's about support. Maybe it's about art. It's mostly about money unless you're say Astralwerks and then you still have to release soundtracks to make money back.

So I've said my piece. Buy it. Don't buy it. Just stop freaking out about it. And enjoy the song and remember why Radiohead are so great.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Loads more stuff for the midweek!

Radiohead Best Of...

Parlophone has released the MUCH talked about Radiohead 'Best Of' which has a couple neat little widgets... one of which you should see above!
Facebook Widget

The Kooks new album is out now... apparently Luke Kook sat down with AOL and, err, kicked out the jams? :) I love Astralwerks so I have to post it :) I wonder if he knows I have his phone number... hmmmmm...

Lone Kook Luke Pritchard took to our Los Angeles studio recently to deliver a rare acoustic performance of the new tunes, not to mention some old ones, including the band's latest single, 'Always Where I Need to Be.'

While the band may have achieved pop success in their native land with the release of their debut album, 'Inside In/Inside Out,' Pritchard tells Spinner that his Kooks are ready for Stateside stardom. "England is the size of one of your states," he jokes. "We just want everyone to get into it. I'd like it to be received as a great album, one that you'd go back to. It's a dynamic record." Catch the full performance and interview on Spinner.

The Kooks in-studio Interface performance on Spinner

NOW.. I realize this isn't British... BUT... we've got to diversify here and well... what better place to start than Romanthony. Now I used to live in Chicago and be a house DJ so Romanthony is like a saint in my world... but for those of you who don't know...

Romanthony (born Anthony Wayne Moore) is an American disc jockey, producer, and singer. He is best known[citation needed] for his work with French duo Daft Punk (he provided the vocals for '"One More Time" and "Too Long" on their Discovery album). His stage name comes from his first name, Anthony, combined with his favorite book of the Bible, Romans.

Stream the songs from here:

Then there is a nice little counter for the release of the Hadouken! album (still no word........)


And that's it for now. You notice I got that fancy Fabric Podcast banner on the side of that page. Check that out until I get the reviews done (tonight)... they've been releasing pure fire... I'll be back soon... keep your eyes and ears peeled...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hot shizzz for the beginning of your week... Esser & Herve's Cheap Thrills!

Just the beginning of another week. Although this one seems to be going every which way (positive, negative, positive, negative)... but of course that doesn't stop the music (thank god)... or at least other people's music... my music came screeching to a halt... but that's another story...

I caught Esser in Dazed and Confused a couple months ago and thought "Looks like something I need to check out"... and low and behold I got my hands on an Esser track to give to you fancy folks.

He has this to say about himself:

"Esser is a person not a band. I use a computer machine and some instruments to make popular songs. Most of my songs are in the key of E. When I was fairly young I managed to wear two ties to school. One on top and one underneath my shirt. But look at me now!

Yes, the two ties thing has served him well :)
Esser- "I Love You" YSI

Esser- "I Love You" Rapid

Make sure you check out his Myspace. Star on the rise kids, star on the rise...

Speaking of things on the rise... Herve just don't stop!

He's got a new release as Voodoo Chilli... the 2nd release on his new Cheap Thrills label... you know it's crazy fire already without hearing it. But once you do hear it... it evokes the sound of the type of records I heard Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk spinning in a Chicago warehouse 10 years ago... really funky... the Bucketheads drop in there? I dunno... I have no idea what it's all about... but it makes me wanna buy this E.P. like yesterday! Check out his Myspace for more info.

‘Titans EP’ Sampler

RELEASED 19th May on Cheap Thrills (CHEAP002)

* This is the second release on Cheap Thrills Records and a rare outing for the Voodoo Chilli alter ego of Joshua ‘Hervé’ Harvey

* Voodoo Chilli burst onto the scene back in 2006 with “Look What You’ve Done To Me” on Speaker Junk Recordings

* This EP includes four high-octane sample based block party bangers that highlight Josh’s penchant for classic disco and funk with a head nod to the Roulé label

* Trevor Loveys gets his disco boots on joining Josh for the feel good joint “All I Need”

* Also available is a re-release of “Look What You’ve Done To Me” on Dubsided which includes 2 new tracks and a remix from Mustapha 3000 aka Erol Alkan!

* Cheap Thrills Records will have a hectic release schedule over the first 6 months so watch out for releases by Action Man, Hervé and Detboi.

The E.P. tracklisting is as follows...
Get On Down
All I Need feat. Trevor Loveys
Big Byrd

Voodoo Chilli- "Titans E.P. Sampler"

Voodoo Chilli- "Titans E.P. Sampler"

Out of control and you know it... I'll be back soon providing I don't lose my mind today... keep on keepin' on...

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

This is just random FIRE... Riton, Van She, Marv, The Whip, South Central, and more...

So sometimes beautiful diamond tracks get lost as everything is strewn about... I'm hustling so hard to get things done that I lose track of things I REALLY want to post...

This would be these four tracks...

Ok, here's the first rule bender. Hercules & Love Affair ain't quite from ol' Blighty. BUT Riton is and therefore this can totally get posted. I could have gotten the jump on everyone because I got it a while ago but once again, life called and I answered, and this track has sat around crying waiting for me to come back since then :( But now like a shit father I pass it off on you... even if I am passing on parental rights please get Hercules & Love Affair to stop dancing so much. I would like them to play football. And drink more often, and other more masculine and less socially responsible things than dance. Although I gotta say that "Club Mix" version of "Blind" made me want to dance... but only a little... in the mirror singing into a hairbrush... but only a little... I'm still straight despite that and owning a Lemar and Duley Rainbow hoodie... that's why I want my estranged track of a son here to be a footie hooligan...

Hercules & Love Affair- "You Belong (Riton Remix) YSI

Hercules & Love Affair- "You Belong (Riton Remix) Rapidshare

Now this one is a little off the beaten path... there has been talk about setting aside one day a week to hit the Brit related but not quite British releases (such as this one). I was told jokingly that Ladyhawke is LIVING in England right now and that should count for something lol... and over at the "Albion" show we use the excuse that Australia is "Britain's Prison Island" and therefore it's ok to play artists like Van She (or in this case Van She Tech). The song is fucking FIRE so it deserves a post and lots of play. I'm only giving you a low bitrate version of this so you can go be a responsible music buyer and get yourself a REAL copy of this! I mean don't tell me this isn't fucking awesome...

Ladyhawke- "Back Of The Van (Van She Turbo Fire Engine Mix) YSI

Ladyhawke- "Back Of The Van (Van She Turbo Fire Engine Mix) Rapidshare

This one makes me want to cry that I waited to post it. I was SOOOOO into it. But the not having a job, then car crash, then subsequent things that came from that got me way off the track. I actually I thought I had posted this actually! How sad is that? But it's a fucking baller track... all that superhero talk is a good way to get me locked into a track. I'm a fucking nerd. Like Lupe said "I am American mentally, with Japanese tendencies, and Parisian sensibilities"... but more I'm British mentally, and American residentially lol... that Japanese tendencies shit basically means you use chopsticks and read manga watch anime lol...

Marvin The Martian- "Superhero (Superfriends Remix Part 1) Feat. Example & Akira The Don"

Marvin The Martian- "Superhero (Superfriends Remix Part 1) Feat. Example & Akira The Don" Rapidshare

Now this one I'm going to ASSUME is blog safe because that's how I got it. South Central are friends of the Arcadia so I wouldn't do something I didn't think was in their best interests (especially because State Crime has a song in the works that I'd realllllllly like them to remix lol; btw guys I'll send you the rough demo here soon). South Central (like Frankmusik and Black Ghosts) will get preferential treatment until the end of time here because I like them and I think they are cool fucking guys. The Whip are pretty awesome in my eyes too right now... X Marks Destination is a wonderful record I suggest you all pick up. All the single and the new album are over at eMusic which you can get to from the link below or to your left (help us all make a little money yeah?)... I'm only posting this YSI because I think you need to go buy it...........

The Whip- "Trash (South Central Remix)"

Ok and that's it for now... once again interview from Metronomy, Kash, and Black Ghosts in the works... releases from Astralwerks, Fabric, Parlophone, and about 10,000 PR firms soon to come :) Keep it locked. Oh yeah and join eMusic so I can start to do this as a partial career and not just a free time killer!

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New Black Ghosts pt #1 (the mp3)

Sooooo... just in case you haven't guessed... I'm errrrr maybe a little too into Black Ghosts.

Like very very very into them. As in I don't care that I just did a post on them recently and will be doing another one probably within the week.

I recently was trying to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole and secure an interview... which lord only knows how, I was actually able to do! And while I was at it asked if there were some demos lying around...

And of course I fell into a goldmine. Because that's how it works. My life is in shambles... my music career in grinding to death in a perpetual state of inertia due to the former... BUT in the blogosphere everything just falls in my lap. If I could translate this to real life I would be set for life. Like I would be a ballin', hanging out with Pharrell Williams, living in Chicago, wearing fancy ass streetwear, working with people who would become world famous DJs... errrr... hold on... shit...

Anyway, I was allowed to pick a remix to post out of the "I Want Nothing" remixes which was something I had sort of been dreaming about (EDIT: This is only exciting for us American readers, the UK got this last week. However apparently no blogs have had the balls to post it? At least not that the Hype Machine is tracking...). Now, I had no idea that it was the new single but after I bought the track I could tell it was one of the most slammin' things they have done period. It was a song that I kept wishing was longer... well ask and ye shall receive because now I've got the extended mix :) Which I'm mixing with... well fuck that, I'm not telling you, it's too perfect... you'll just have to hear it once I've got it recorded...

I see Kunk sort of beat me to the Sinden remix (Note: Kunk people, you must have some awesome friends to get that shit on March 22nd) but that's ok... you all remember I'm sure the monster Sinden remix of To My Boy's "Model" that I got before anyone else so I'll bask in that (before Fluokids! And they are way fucking cooler than I am!) and post one of the other super dope remixes...

So I chose the most wacky electro banger remix out of them. We'll get to that. But let me give you a quick overview of what I think of them all seeing as I'm going actually start REVIEWING things and not just talking shit. This spot has blown up big time in the last 6 months or so and I need to treat it as seriously as everyone is lol...

The "Extended Mix" is exactly what we all wanted... more of the the same song so that you either a) can listen to it longer or b) mix it without breaking your headphones in frustration due to the the two minute length of the original.

The "Markus Lange Remix" is the one I'm gonna post... think LarryTee+Switch -1/2Herve +(Audion)X(a-full-room-at-Fabric-close-to-the-end-of-the-night)= the Markus Lange Remix. It's a full on fucking BANGER that doesn't conform to the bloghaus style BUT is still accessible. The drums are very much "main room" material and the introduction of the vocal (sans melody) for a while makes it a total hands in the air teaser track until it brings the goods... think minimal techy electro that works itself up to a distorted stuttering shuddering blast of raw perfection. It is for sure more techy than it is housey and is a perfect compliment to..........

The Sinden remix goes for rave craziness. Where Markus keeps it low key and icey, Sinden makes it sinister and fucking maximal. If you have a friend with a coke problem don't let them hear this after midnight... it'll be like feeding Gremlins if you know what I mean. Hold on maybe I don't know what I mean. But any way you cut it, it's a fucking amazing ride. It starts out ravey, gets dark, then takes a left turn to Baltimore for about 30 seconds, comes back with rave from 1991, then puts all those things back together at the same time suddenly it's like... well, it will make you dance until your feet bleed. Like you'll be pounding them into the floor, grinding your teeth, trying to yell over the speakers that THIS is the best night of your life. The best night. Trust me.

Now Vincent Markoski goes for an all together different approach than everyone else who touched the song. It's "live" sounding drums, shards of the original, and dubby atmospherics. A really great track to use to switch your set up. Like this song could be the bridge between playing Justice tracks and playing Drop The Lime (which means it's a total gem). His approach to this song is really addictive, and makes me want to listen to it over and over even though he doesn't use much of the vocal at all. Ethereal, breakbeat-y, dubby, awesomeness.

Then of course I don't even need to talk about the original. But I will... from the moment that fuzzy 8 bit sounding synth comes in it's like you don't ever want the song to end. And it's a song that presumably everyone can relate to and it's hazy, lust filled, thirst. What a dope ass song.

So keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one. All of them are worth purchasing. Not one dud in the bunch! Here's your treat kiddies!

The Black Ghosts- "I Want Nothing (Markus Lange Remix)" YSI

The Black Ghosts- "I Want Nothing (Markus Lange Remix)" Rapidshare

So make sure you cop that when it hits the shelves (or digital marketplace). Much love to the powers that be for making this happen for us. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR THE INTERVIEW! I'm writing it as soon as I'm done writing this and I'm really really excited about it... in the meantime I've got some reviews of recent Fabric releases for you guys and other little treats that I sort of forgot about in the hustle and bustle. Keep it locked.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring is sort of here... and that means 'Digital Love' time!

You know...

It's nice to be first on the scene :)

I'm gonna savor this one for a few minutes. Ah...

Ok anyway, Alphabeat, Leon Jean Marie, and Arcadian superhero Frankmusik have created an awesome remake of the Daft Punk classic "Digial Love". And it's sweet. Like loads and loads of expletives sweet, but I have a feeling this post may draw a crowd, so I don't want to start swearing up a storm.

Here's a little background... they collaborated on this to promote the Wonky Pop tour... The song is produced by FrankMusik, featuring Alphabeat, FrankMusik and Leon Jean Marie... and the cover was recorded in Hackney in less than 6 hrs at the Premises
Studio... how mental is that? Ok, now that you know the background you can get ready to dance yeah?

Oh almost forgot, Little Boots and Annie are also Djing at spots on the Wonky Pop tour (check the link above for more info).

April 10 Leeds Cockpit
April 11 Sheffield Plug
April 12 Liverpool Korova
April 13 Oxford Bar Academy
April 15 Nottingham Stealth
April 16 Stoke Sugarmill
April 17 Cardiff Barfly
April 18 Bristol Start The Bus
April 19 Brighton Audio
+ Annie (DJ set)
April 21 Northampton Soundhaus
April 22 Birmingham Bar Academy
April 24 Newcastle Academy 2
April 25 Edinburgh Hive
+ Annie (DJ set)
April 26 Glasgow King Tut's
+ Annie (DJ set)
May 1 London Kings College
+ Annie (DJ set)
+ The Clik Clik
May 3 Tunbridge Wells Forum
May 4 Manchester Night & Day
+ Annie (DJ set)

Here I give to you, an Arcadia exclusive, "Digital Love"...

Frankmusik, Alphabeat, Leon Jean Marie- "Digital Love"

And if somehow you missed it check out the Frankmusik interview from last week! Catch you on the flipside...

Oh yeah, and buy Frankisum at eMusic!

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