Thursday, June 28, 2007

South Central does it better

Right now is a funny time for music. We just had the greatest explosion of of awesomeness in ages. SMD, Justice, Klaxons, NYPC, Hadouken, Supersystem, Shy Child, To My Boy, Black Ghosts, Shitdisco... and labels like Kitsune, Ed Banger, and countless other tiny labels that released your fav singles of the year. Everything has been fucking baller for the last 18 months.

But now what?

Who are the new heroes? Because most of what I have been hearing sounds like Daft Punk smoking crack in a closet full of bouncy balls that are ricocheting off the walls. Or like some new combination of SOME rock genre mixed with SOME electronic genre. Maybe like no wave and gabber. I dunno but... Seriously... Blog house is fucking over. And if your band failed at being a guitar band, don't go buy synthesizers! The vultures are coming in and you can smell the stink of death for miles.

We may be facing an unstable musical future BUT the fun is "not over yet" (cue Klaxons... har har). There are still a couple of awesome bands whose records have simply not come out yet. They aren't band wagon hoppers... they just have summer release dates! One of those awesome bands is, Arcadia favourite, South Central!

They have a new track coming out in August called "Machine". It's a limited run of 500 through the Regal Singles Club (which means I'd get on top of that if I were you)... I've got the b-side however right now, which I'll post at the bottom of the page...

Just to get your mouth watering... here's a little bio info if you didn't catch it last time...

The Brighton-based duo dubbed - “the British Justice”, by Eddy Temple Morris, Xfm - are a Band/DJ production team who are leading the vanguard of the new generation of artists melding both indie and electro influences. South Central rose to prominence providing innovative dance cuts for the likes of Shitdisco, Sunshine Underground and The Maccabees to name but a few. This already illustrious list is set to expand over the summer months with Twisted Charm, Dandi Wind and Shychild locked and loaded ready for the most demanding summer dance floors!

‘Machine’ is immense, a heady surge of unstoppable, warped Electro. Cerebral as well as Fabric friendly, both ‘Machine’ and the equally glorious flipside ‘Revolution’ were apparently inspired by the work of two Philosopher/Mystics of the ‘Fouth Way’ from the turn of 20th Century, G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky. ‘Machine’ refers to Gurdjieff’s theory that the ordinary man is a machine who is only capable of reacting to what acts upon him. ‘Revolution’, with its repeated refrain “Can’t Stop The Wheel’”, is a reference Ouspensky’s only novel, ‘The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin’, which is based on the theory of eternal recurrence (think ‘Ground Hog Day’). The title ‘Revolution’ also pays homage to South Central’s favourite system kicking Psychedelic rock anthem from Spacemen 3.

It is also common knowledge that Gurdjieff expounded the idea that mankind’s souls existed only as a source of food for the Moon… fear of becoming lunar lunch won’t be enough to stop South Central reaching for the sinister satellite!

Catch South Central DJing or with their hotly tipped 5 piece band this summer:

Thurs 28th Hull Club NME @ The Welly (DJ set)
Fri 29th Doncaster Underground @ The Priory (DJ set)
Sat 30th London Proud Galleries (DJ set)

Fri 6th London The Cock @ Ghetto (DJ set)
Thurs 12th London Fly Regal Club Night (DJ set)
Sat 14th London Club Motherf*cker @ Barden's Boudoir (DJ set)
Thurs 19th Manchester Electrobanque @ Roadhouse (DJ set)
Sat 21st Brighton, single launch party @ Kabuki (Live)
Sat 28th Secret Garden Party - Remix Stage (live & DJ set)

Fri 3rd London Club NME @ Koko (Live)
Sat 25th London TDK Cross Central Festival (live)

Ok... here it is patient readers... "Revolution" by South Central!

South Central- "Revolution" YSI

South Central- "Revolution zShare

Check out the MySpace @

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Music is great again... thank Simian Mobile Disco and Heads We Dance!

I have some wicked live Simian Mobile Disco tracks to give you... BUT first I implore you to check out my favourite new band on the internet. Heads We Dance are about the coolest shit I've run into in a minute. Right at the moment that I've become totally wiped out by the never ending queue of "samey" sounding blog-house in my iTunes this band emerges out of nowhere restoring my faith in internet music. They make songs that feel comfortable in a playlist with stuff from the Kistune Maison albums as well as Depeche Mode and New Order. They site PKD and all sorts of other shit that I love as influences. And they sound fucking awesome... so check out their myspace, listen to their songs, download the tracks below, and make a note that you heard it here first. Because these guys will be big soon. (Speaking of big... they've got DatA & Yuksek remixes on the way... how fucking baller is that?)

Heads We Dance- "My Heart Is Set On You" zShare

Heads We Dance- "My Heart Is Set On You" YSI

Heads We Dance- "Love Version 15" YSI

Ok... now SMD... I've been waiting for this for quite a while. The last time that all the planets aligned and every (dance) album that came out was awesome was roughly 1997 (really it was the tail end of 1996 and the beginning of 1998)...

Back then you had Sneaker Pimps, Fluke, Orbital, Aphex Twin, Photek, Atari Teenage Riot, "Homogenic" by Bjork, Dj Shadow, Prodigy, and a host of other bands who were releasing great albums all at the same time. But most of all you had the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk. And all of these bands together orbited around the awesome magazines and products of the time (The Face magazine, Wipeout XL videogame, Playstation) and for about a year and a half it looked like the future was here (even in America).

Now we have a new Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers in Justice and Simian Mobile Disco. I mean I realize they sound nothing like their predecessors (ok well maybe there's some Daft Punk in there) but they are the two flagship bands that are going to make this summer (and this year) fucking awesome!

Simian Mobile Disco- "I Believe (Live)" zShare
Simian Mobile Disco- "I Believe (Live)" YSI

Simian Mobile Disco- "It's The Beat (Live)" zShare
Simian Mobile Disco- "It's The Beat (Live)" YSI

Simian Mobile Disco- "Sleep Deprivation (Live)" zShare
Simian Mobile Disco- "Sleep Deprivation (Live)" YSI

And here is the new video for "I Believe"...

So that's it. Hopefully you're excited about music as I am now. I'll be back soon. I've got those other tracks to post... I'm just so busy. In the meantime... how bout you join eMusic? lol...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The greatest thing since "Janie Jones"...

This is the greatest day for Libertines fans since the Janie Jones single... I don't even know what to say... other than... I'm a dork... VIVE L'ALBION! I don't think we'll ever hear another album from the Libs but who cares... DPT and Babyshambles are great on their own.. and this song is quite fun... so lets just enjoy this nugget and praise the lord they're both alive!

The Libertines- "A Day In The Life (Beatles Cover)" YSI

The Libertines- "A Day In The Life (Beatles Cover)" zShare

And since I'm running short on words I'll give you guys an awesome Kissy Sell Out Libs remix...

The Libertines- "Ha Ha Wall (Kissy Sell Out Remix)" YSI

The Libertines- "Ha Ha Wall (Kissy Sell Out Remix)" zShare

Well that's all for now.. you know I've got more tracks for you.. but I've been busy... I'll get them to you this weekend... check back soon!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

T-t-t-t-twenty four hour party people...

SO... I finally have something new to offer you folks... as far as I can tell this hasn't been posted anywhere else yet. I don't think I'm going to give you a long into... I think I'll give it to you straight no chaser.

So here it is...

The title track from the Happy Mondays new album "Uncle Dysfunktional"...

Happy Mondays- "Uncle Dysfunktional" YSI

Just in case you've been living inside a bubble and know nothing about British music...

Happy Mondays are an English alternative rock band from Salford, Greater Manchester. Formed in 1985, the band's original line-up was Shaun Ryder on lead vocals, his brother Paul Ryder on bass, lead guitarist Mark Day (aka "Moose" or "Cowhead"), keyboardist Paul Davis (aka P.D), and drummer Gary Whelan. Bez would later join the band onstage during a live performance after befriending Shaun Ryder (known to him as "X") and served as a dancer/percussionist. Rowetta Satchell joined the band to provide backing vocals in the early 90s. They have stated that the band name is a take on the title of New Order's song, "Blue Monday."

I wish I could give you more than this but... but wouldn't be right... I'm sure the WebSheriff will be riding in on his horse in no time so take advantage of the song FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES while it's up!

To whet your whistle a little more... here's a recent interview on Transmission from this year...

And I'm sure you remember this one...
Happy Mondays- "Kinky Afro"

So I hope you enjoyed... I have another post in waiting and I still have some promo tracks to get you... so keep checking back... AND LEAVE SOME COMMENTS!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


You guys know I fucking love Metronomy... in the last couple months I've been listening to him (errrrr...them? is Metronomy a band now?) quite a bit. His remix material is on par with the other giants in the game like Phones and Crystal Castles so everyone and their mom ask come to him to get a piece of his magic... Architecture in Helsinki, Infadels, Magnet, Dead Disco, Roots Manuva, Franz Ferdinand, Temposhark, S├ębastien Tellier, Klaxons, Box Codax, Max Sedgley and The Young Knives just to name a few...

NOW you can add quick up-and-comer Kate Nash to the list. Just in case you weren't aware... here's a little history on Ms Nash from Wikipedia...

"After a few gigs, Kate uploaded her music to the popular website MySpace. Her music soon began to receive support from users of the site and Kate soon found herself a manager (also through MySpace) and began to look around for producers for her music.

Fellow MySpace star Lily Allen has stated that she believes Nash to be the "next big thing" and has also garnered support from publications such as Vogue and NME, the latter dubbing her as 'chavtronica'".

Here at Albion we're more than happy to support "the next big thing" (or basically already becoming big thing) and we love remixes so I couldn't be more happy to present to you the Metronomy remix of the new Kate Nash song "Foundation"! Please leave comments so I can get a feel for what you think of it...

Kate Nash- "Foundation (Metronomy Remix)" YSI

Here's the video...

Keep checking back... I've got new tracks from Tiny Dancers and some other people... I'll get them up asap...