Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ladytron and the Chemical Brothers @ Riviera, Chicago 9/24/07

These photos are stolen from
energetiko!'s Flickr account
... just thought I should give him credit because my pix are on a disposable and I haven't gotten them developed yet... too poor!

So last night Sam and I went to see the Chemical Brothers and Ladytron at the Riviera in Chicago. I was wayyyyyyyyyy psyched to see both bands, especially the Chems since I've been waiting since high school, and not having to pay for it made it even cooler lol.

Ladytron we're (of course) very upset looking and emotionless but I imagine that's part of what they do. If they were all shiny happy people we'd be fucking weirded out. They went right into their set, once they got on stage, and unfortunately were having problems from the get go. I'm not sure I actually heard any guitar during that whole performance. Then Mira's keyboard, that was supposed to provide most of the electro based sounds we are so familiar with, was just totally dead for the first half of the set (someone had to run in and fix it... finally we were able to hear it). Finally they pulled it together (or rather their setup guy did) and the second half of the sohw went really well. This is where we got to hear "Seventeen" and "Destroy Everything You Touch", both of which I recorded and are at the bottom of this post.

Sam and I went to the balcony for the Chems (p.s. there was no air, or even fans, and it was hot as fucking blue blazes last night) just so we could relax as we were getting worn out. Their visual show is amazing and of course the music was totally spot on as well. I think the main thing that took away from the performance for me was that we couldn't get back into the pit to dance and instead I just found myself staring and trying to trace back every beat in my head the way all DJs do. Instead of just enjoying it I was waiting for songs to drop, or synths to change, or other technological things that no one should bother thinking about at a show. Am I right, or am I right?

Anyway they were fucking awesome and if you get the chance you should totally go see them. I highly advise not taking psychedelic drugs if you do go though because their is a really scary clown face during "Get Yourself High" that might send you to the hospital... I think that's a great way to convince people that electronic music is not just "drug music".... put up visuals that NO ONE on drugs would want to see and *POOF* problem solved! Now everyone in the audience is there because they really like the music lol! Brilliant!

I've tacked on a couple tracks that you already probably have but I can't really post anything new because I'd feel guilty... but I also can't not post MP3s... seeing as this is an MP3 blog and all! Hopefully a few of you are stumbling on to something new... if not then check out the videos below from the show...

The Chemical Brothers- "Electronic Battle Weapon 8"

The Chemical Brothers- "Electronic Battle Weapon 8" YSI

Ladytron- "Seventeen (Soulwax Remix)"

Ladytron- "Seventeen (Soulwax Remix)" YSI

Ladytron playing "Seventeen" part 1...

...and due to a text message cutting off my video, part 2 of "Seventeen" (my girlfriend didn't know any better, not her fault, so don't hate... appreciate! har har har)

Ladytron playing "Destroy Everything You Touch"... full song...

Chemical Brothers from the balcony...

Chemical Brothers "All Rights Reversed" from the floor...

And that's that. I've gotta write up this interview with Noise For The Passive, so if I were you, I would expect that as the next post. Or the remix from "youknowwhochip" that I'm sitting on til I get word otherwise. Later............

P.S. On a TOTALLY unrelated note, To My Boy just had a new single come out! Here's the info...
Our new single came out yesterday
There are 2 versions
7" one
A - Fear Of Fragility (single edit)
B - Type1>Type2

7" two
A - Fear Of Fragility (single edit)
B - Fear Of Fragility (acoustic version)
get them here>>
and you can get all the tracks on iTunes >>
The video is now on MTV2 ... vote for it in the NME chart here >>

Sam + Jack x

They are officially friends of the blog so I highly suggest that you cop that shit YA HEARD?!?!?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Holy Fuck... this is awesome... Klaxons hip-hop Dalliance!

Well we heard that Klaxons wanted to work with Dr Dre. And some people thought that would be awesome (including myself) but the likelihood of that happening is probably rather slim... (their closest hip-hop collabo so far was the one I blogged about back during Pitchfork Festival with Cadence Weapon *pictured above... I searched forever for a picture of them together and then found it on their Flickr lol*)...

BUT NOW THIS DREAM HAS BEEN PARTIALLY REALIZED! A BBC Covers album is coming out with loads of covers including Klaxons cover of Blackstreet's "No Diggity" (which was, of course, produced by Dr Dre). It is quite simply the fucking most awesome idea that has come to fruition in quite sometime. They are heading into second album territory and we need things like this to whet out palate until we get to hear that...

So I now present to you, my friends, in all of it's radio ripped 128kbps sounding glory, the cover...

Klaxons- "No Diggity (Blackstreet Cover/Radio Rip)"

Klaxons- "No Diggity (Blackstreet Cover/Radio Rip)" YSI

Now you say to yourself, "Why is this asshole giving us a radio rip and not the song in it's full glory?"... first off, I don't have it... second off, if I did I wouldn't post it... I really really like the Klaxons and want them to make money! My blog is not about depriving people of income it's about promoting bands I like (so BBC when you come here to kick my ass lay off please)... when the covers album comes out make sure you pick it up! There are TONS of other artists like Hard-Fi, Maximo Park, The Fratellis, etc that you (the discerning 'Arcadia' reader) will probably love if not at least be entertained by!

This was a surprise post I didn't even intend on making but once I found this I KNEW you guys would want to hear it! Check back soon for more interviews and more awesome tracks.. until next time!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Super super super super super super super super Namalee von Namazon!

Unless you live under a rock (or in Iraq) you've probably heard of/bought/read/subscribed to Super Super Magazine in the last few months. If you haven't seen it you have to be colour blind because it's pretty hard to miss... take a looksie...

It obviously has been making the right waves seeing as it's sold out loads of back issues, has been featured on telly with Trash Fasion as the heart of a burgeoning scene, and has been proclaimed (with much zest) to be the New Rave Bible! I mean, fuck, they had both M.I.A., Lightspeed Champion, AND Arcadia fav Frank Musik on the cover this last issue! You know that Super Super is nailing it over and over and over (like a monkey with a miniture cymbal I might add)...

NOW on top of tackling London Fasion Week they've upped the ante... Namalee Bolle (editor or Super Super) has transformed into Namalee von Namazon, flouro covered songstress and living human offspring of cartoon rock Jem. Which couldn't be cooler because frankly right now we are in need of heroes and she certainly has that in her bloood! Namalee was kind enough to take some time out of her day to do a little interview and let us post a couple of her tracks!


Patch:Hello Namalee, it is a serious fucking honour to be interviewing you! I mean it's always an honor with all the people we interview but with you shit's on a whole 'nother level... granted it's an email interview and all my responses are pre-programmed but it's still quite an honour!

Namalee: : ) !!!

Patch:You're welcome. Now I love Super Super but another reason I'm hyped is because you used to be former style editor at Sleazenation... that was my favourite magazine in high school! You and Steve Slocombe (also at Super Super) both come from the Sleazenation background... how did the death of that magazine influence the birth of Super Super?

Namalee: Sleazenation was brilliant - I remember the first time I read it and the tone was just so brutally honest. It was definetly the predecessor of Vice - I remember alot of the original Vice lot used to contribute. At the time there weren't loads of other style mags like there are today and then along came Sleazenation - this mag that had real balls and the tone was just so direct and in your face. Steve was first the art editor and then he became editor. When I met him it was like two naughty school children clocking eachother across the play pen!! We had similar radical views about art and fashion.

Steve took Sleaze from an underground fanzine to mainstream style mag in the 3 years he was editor, but it was hard cos we could see this whole new era coming towards us. For example my styling was really 'brash and loud and cartoony' and alot of the old skool stylists found it offensive. It was just a generational shift thing - i didnt relate to them aesthetically - I understand where they were coming from, and I respect tradition, but I felt like I wanted my generation to be seen and heard. After 3 years the publisher went on holiday and Steve just changed the whole magazine around to look more 'tabloid' and created the first 'multi-image' cover that became the Super Super cover you see today. At the time people hated it so much but to me it felt 'modern and relevant.' Some subscribers ripped it up and posted it back to the office in disgust. The publisher wasnt best pleased and sacked Steve. I knew that we had to start something of our own so i resigned ....and the rest is history!!

Patch:Now on to some music questions... "I Wanna Be A Kartoon" is fucking great... That shit is hot! It reminds me of Tricky but not... it really sexy and weird! The title and the sound seem totally opposite. How did this song evolve?

Namalee: Erm. Thats so interseting that you say that cos I love Tricky/Wild Bunch and Massive Attack and that whole trip hop vibe. Its so slow and melancholic cool...I dont know really - I wrote the song just after I left Sleazenation, years ago. Its a very sad song so it took me years to have the balls to sing it. I havent sung it out live yet cos im worried i might cry. Niyi is to thank for the sound - i think he really feels my sadness and knows how to handle it best. The pace it really slow and drawn out - I play a kind of Jessica Rabbit role in it I guess. I suppose the sexy weirdness is just how I am...

Patch:Here's the big question. Do you a) have a full length in the works that's going to have loads of super awesome new-rave-star cameos or b) are you working with a handful of people that you're really close with or c) are you doing all the music by yourself?

Namalee: haha!! All of the above really. im really taking all of this in my stride because I fucking ENJOY it!! I met Niyi ages ago on the clubscene and I knew on the spot that he was 'the one'. He is incredibly talented - its that raw talent that I relate to. He sits in his flat on his crappy computer with loads of wires hanging out and a one string guitar and comes up with something amazing. Its very unpretentious and real - straight from the heart. Neither of us have ever claimed to know what we were doing - we are self taught musicians.Its very creative and punk in that respect. My musical heart belongs with Niyi and I am working with other people like Warboy who is another Nu-rave legend. Rat Scabies from The Damned is gonna be producing my album with us too - I love all the original punks - I always get on with them cos they were straight talkers just like me. Scabies is a fucking legend. The Damned were incredible!!!

Patch:Sounds very exciting. Bland question but who are your favourite emerging artists right now?

Namalee: Niyi, Fashion Plate Daddy, Black Peter Group,Lightspeed Champion, No Bra, Bishi, K-Tron n the exploding Triangles

Patch:I see I see. Now we all see the Jem connection BUT if you had to be the progeny of some other cartoon characters who would they be an why?

Namalee: Spongebob Squarepants because he is so nice. He's well - meaning over enthusiastic goofball just like me.

Jessica Rabbit because she's such a hot slinky biatch!!

And I like the Pink Panther!!

Patch:Fascinating! Well I don't want to take up any more of your time but feel free to plug away and let the good good people know what's going on in your very colourful world of print, fashion, and music!

Namalee: Okay, well, I'm gonna start putting my music out next year. There seems to be quite a demand for it which is really amazing. And lookout for Niyi's new single 'Poached Eggs' out next month (www.myspace.com/niyi). And listen out for my sister (Shirani's) band fashion Plate daddy - her voice is INCREDIBLE!!! (www.myspace/fashionplatedaddy) and the new issue of SuperSuper is out NOW with a free CD by Tapedeck/679 records - waaaaay cool!!!
Spread the love and life is too short to hate on everyone - we're all gonna die in the end and our bones will all look the same!! PEEEEAAAAAAAAAACCCEEEEE !


Patch:Thanks Namalee von Namazon! We are all routing for you to have a Christmas #1!

Namalee: : ) !!

And here's the goods... a couple tracks off her Myspace! Go over there to download "I Wanna Be A Kartoon"...

Namalee von Namazon- "Super Shiny"

Namalee von Namazon- "Super Shiny" YSI

Namalee von Namazon- "Namazonia"

Namalee von Namazon- "Namazonia" YSI

Check this documentary with Namalee and Trash Fashion that I posted months and months ago... but it's worth watching trust me, even if you've seen it 10,000 times!

And here's Namalee and the Namazonz rocking out...

Thanks to all of you who stopped by for the Simian Mobile Disco... my numbers we insane... it was awesome to be the first person to get my hands on that track :) MAKE SURE IF YOU ARE IN NEW YORK YOU CHECK OUT DANCE MUSIC INVASION THAT MY BOY LARRY TEE IS THROWING AND GO SEE JAMES FORD FROM SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO PLAY! If you see Larry, tell him Patch from 'In Search Of Arcadia' sent ya!

Stay tuned for more awesome interviews and groovy tunes... until next time...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We are very close... and in the meantime we have Simian Mobile Disco...

We are VERY close to having posts full of interview awesomeness and some other little treats... things have been a little rough though and so I've been a little stalled out as far as posting goes... I'm getting that Namalee from Super Super finished up, and I've got Noise For the Passive in the queue coming up right after that. And then some other cool shit but I won't get into that (brandnewremixby2006mercuryprizenomineesandDFAsigneesforanotherAstralwerksband)...

IN THE MEANTIME... Sam and I went to the Chi last night to see Simian Mobile Disco (click the name to see the P4K article) at the Empty Bottle (pictures to of my own to come soon I'm sure) and it was amazing.

We just happened to run into James Ford from Simian Mobile Disco (read it like this: Pharrell Williams is to hip hop as James Ford is to 'New Rave'/Dance Punk/Electrorawkwhateveryoucallit *just in case you didn't already know that, you hipster mp3 blog reader*) right before the show. We talked for a minute, he signed the idea notebook I carry with me, gave him a copy of the State Crime demo, he got a light from Sam and then went on his merry way. I warned him (based on his buddies Klaxons surprise reactions both times they played in Chicago) that the American audience will take at LEAST 30 mins to warm up so don't let your feelings get hurt :)

And that's exactly how it went down... by the time they got around to "It's The Beat" (about 20+ mins into their set) shit popped off. The audience never really gave SMD what they wanted response wise because most of the audience wasn't there for them... most of the audience came because it was some awesome Flavorpill giveaway deelybop or because someone told them they should RSVP or someone said "Tuesday is a good night to drink!"... but there were a few people in the front of the crowd (Sam and I included) who were going ape shit and all and all it was a near perfect show. To see something that awesome up close, something that in my beloved England would have been on a super huge stage where I couldn't make out anyone's face, was monumental and as far as I'm concerned a historical event :)

When we left the show there were still loads of gift bags (because for some reason the primarily hetero burly man fest that was there didn't really want a bag with a socially conscious magazine, a bunch of sculpting hair products, and a couple fliers in it... who would have thought... I thought those dudes LOVED SOME PRODUCT! My hair is going to be so sculpted though now j/k)...

We ducked out of the show early (btw Telefon Tel Aviv was awesome but needed a little hype man to let us know they were on the fucking stage... it went from the DJ straight into their set with no fanfare.. sorry guys) to get over to the Funky Buddha Lounge for their XXX Panty Party... check out the videos from the show and then hear the rest of the story............

EDIT: This is a picture of us earlier in the evening.

I mean we seriously hauled ass...

When we got to the Funky Buddha it was midnight on the nose (10 minutes late on bar time) and I basically had to beg the door lady to let us in because she was about to dispose with the RSVP list... and once we made it there *Screeching tire sound mixed with a loud BOING!* we realized we were not wanted. I don't care how homo people think Sam and I are, or that I was wearing a purple shirt with silver letters with lavender shoes and pink shoe laces, we were immediately spotted as tourists in the gay (mostly lesbian) world. They knew we weren't gay, and since the party was being thrown by Estrojam and there were trannies walking around in their underwear everywhere, we got lots of dirty looks as though we were there as tourists (and not there for music at all).

Frankly the music wasn't really popping off... the highs were too high, there was no low in one room, and in the other room the levels were totally off, and the songs were BARELY being mixed. I don't even know who the fuck was playing. Sam and I sat around waiting to see if this party was going to be the great amazing party that you sit around dreaming of when you're a teenager in Nowheresville, Michigan... but that never happened. It was mostly us getting stared at no matter how close we sat to each other, and there were a few straight girls desperately seeking out the straight men (btw what a cock block am I? I've got a girlfriend who I live with, but I'm always dragging us to DJ gigs were chicks are all about it, AND then I'm saying "Ok Sam, time to go! I got to get to work in the morning!"... poor dude... I owe him a night were we don't have to be back by morning... and I'll find somewhere else to sleep lol...) Not really our scene if the music isn't working seeing as we both don't drink anymore.

Eventually we figured that by the time they were going to be giving away vibrators, and condoms, and lube... everyone was gonna be taking their clothes off... we would be getting pelted with those vibrators and die a gross an pathetic death. And we both had class in the morning (in fact I've been in class the whole time I've been writing this) in the morning and SMD probably wasn't going to be DJing until 5am so it just didn't make sense to stay. Hope everyone else had fun!

I'm sure that at least one person went home with someone of a surprise gender last night (remember that scene with Begbie in 'Trainspotting'?)... "Girls who like boys that like boys to be girls..."

But that was that and it was mostly awesome! Next week Monday we've got the Chemical Brothers and Ladytron which should be extra special with sugar on top so we're pretty geeked for that. I doubt we would be so lucky to meet the Chems but maybe if we get there early? You never know! I never thought I'd just look up from pulling my bag out of the car and see James Fucking Ford. Mental... anyway here's a new Simian Mobile Disco remix that I haven't even heard yet from Armand Van Helden. Enjoy!

Simian Mobile Disco- "Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix)" Rapidshare

Simian Mobile Disco- "Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix)" YSI

Well I hope you enjoyed all that... once again... look forward to Namalee Von Namazon, Noise For The Passive, and an awesome remix from you-know-who-chip...

P.S. Please click that banner and join eMusic... I got the worst financial news ever right after I posted this blog... every extra six bucks helps! If that's not your bag then just enjoy the music!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What a shambles, what a shambles, what a shambles...

Well my friends the time is upon us... for the greatest release of the year (next to Klaxons, M.I.A., and well lots of albums but lets ignore that for now!) BABYSHAMBLES- Shotter's Nation to come out... and Albion has a track from it just for you! Sadly, it didn't come from the source as it usually does BUT I think the source will be o.k. with it seeing as I heard they're sending it out to other people before me (boo).

Here it is in all of its glory...

Babyshambles- "The Lost Art Of Murder" Rapidshare

Babyshambles- "The Lost Art Of Murder" YSI

All you damn Brits make sure you get out to your news stand and get your NME before the 7" single sells out... I bet you this one gives the White Stripes one a run for the money... there are so many of us Doherty obsessives that there is no way this won't be huge! Someone want to ship me one? I think my news guy is going to fuck me out of mine and buy up all the copies because we are feuding since me snubbed me about a DJing gig... prick... (Why? Why would you do that when I'm trying to be kind turn down my offer to play a dubstep set for your hippie friends? Why? Because you're fucking rude that's why!)

Here's an awesome vid for "Delivery" you've probably already seen but why not watch it again!

EDIT: Parlophone sent me the email with the track... I just hadn't gotten it yet. Even my email says they had sent it out earlier... must be connection issues. Anyway their email had more video info I thought you might be interested it!






I cannot fucking wait until the album comes out. I think I'm just going to put on headphones and walk until I have heard the whole album front to back because this is such an important album to me... can't just listen to it at work, or in the car, or what the fuck ever... kind of like a Bjork album... just too close to my heart. I'm sure it will be awesome.

Hope you all enjoyed! Check back for updates! Leave comments! Join eMusic from here!

And just in case you needed this...........

Delivery all formats special offer


Delivery CD Single



Delivery 7”


Shotter’s Nation