Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why I started this blog... Babyshambles!

I frequently feel like throwing in the towel nowadays. As Veronica from Cream Team said, it's not that I need to stop blogging, it's that I need to leave Blogger. And I hate to admit it but she's probably right.

Beyond that I've got some amazing interviews? And I can't be arsed to transcribe them because I'm so fucking sick of the "work really hard, get nothing" aspects of blogging. I mean I appreciate you all reading but my passion for a lot of this music has slowly been drained outta me. There are still producers, like Toddla T, that make this exciting but... sometimes I can't even remember why I started this.

And then I remember it was Babyshambles. Before this somehow morphed into a predominantly dance music oriented blog... it was that spirit, that dedication to romance and melody, that made me want to write about music... and do a radio show... and all the other things that have suddenly felt less important since I lost my job.

I recently read an official book about the 'Shambles, and showed some friends a Libertines DVD, and was reminded by the extremely personal nature of these bands and how you could really feel like you were close to them (even if you were an ocean away).

I'll admit I didn't really pay attention during the first album... I was sort of busy trying to even spell my name... but by the 2nd album I was a total convert and followed the trials and tribulations on a daily basis because it was all something I could intimately understand. During that time my (now deceased) ex-girlfriend and I spend whole days looking around the internet for studio tracks (or even little acoustic scraps) that hadn't made it onto records yet.

Of those songs the one that probably sticks out the most as being a brilliant track (that is too libelous to see the light of day) is "Gang Of Gin". I thought I'd go ahead and post it just to remind myself why I started this... and hopefully get of some you excited in the process!

Babyshambles- "Gang Of Gin"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Robot Koch & Mimi De La Boheme cover The Doors!

Our dearest Robot Koch of Jahcoozi and his girl friend Mimi De La Boheme

They're gonna perform this @ WMFclub (Saturday) and Bar 25 (Sunday) (in interesting surprise costume) along with some dubstep versions of soul classics like "At Last" by Etta James! Don't wanna miss that! Robert I hope you record all this jazz :)

Robot Koch feat Mimi De La Boheme- "People Are Strange (Doors Cover)"

Enjoy, I'll be back soon!

Monday, July 13, 2009

30H!3's 'Dont Trust Me' feat Kid Cudi!

Funny, I just posted about Hostage and his remix of 30H!3's track 'Dont Trust Me'... and BOOM now we've got a remix featuring Kid Cudi!

30H!3's track "Dont Trust Me (feat Kid Cudi)" Rcrdlbl

It seems to be that everyone like hates these guys... but the remixes have been fly! And the beat is ill... truthfully I think it's just nutty joke shit... like if Hadouken! didn't take themselves seriously and were a joke band! I think these guys are just like "Autotune The News". Am I wrong? Whatever, obvs it's still got life in it because these guys are still going strong...

I'd love to point you in the direction of the Hostage and Acid Girls remixes I posted before but... that link got taken down... so... thank the IFPI and the DMCA for that. Be back soon...

EXCLUSIVE: Hostage presents the Sunburn Mix!

I've obviously been having problems with writing recently. Just... I dunno. Once again it's like 1) ennui, 2) lack of cool music, 3) DMCA take downs and... just, something feels off. I've been PRAYING for something cool to hit my inbox (no offense to people whose stuff I have yet to post)...

And finally something came my way...

You may be familiar with the name Hostage. In fact I recently posted a Hostage, along with my friends Acid Girls, remix of 3OH!3's "Don't Trust Me"! Even if you've been barely paying attention to the blogosphere, at this point, if you're not familiar with the name (doubtful) then you're familiar with the music.

Hostage hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, (which put him neck and neck with Swayzak to be our favourite Scottish artist; sorry Hudson Mohawke, you're dope though) and has really taken the internet by storm. This new mix, like all my favourites, is very diverse and isn't afraid to veer away from the obvious and genre hop without sounding unorganized. If you've only heard Hostage's remix or production work this mix will prove to you this guy is also a DJ's DJ as well... expect to see a lot more from him in future posts. I love this shit so much he's automatically Arcadian Family!

Hostage Sunburn Mix 2009 zShare
Hostage Sunburn Mix 2009 YSI

Here's the tracklisting!

Seriously, that picture above is what Ima look like when I come back from Jamaica. Off topic, but does anyone have suggestions for places to go while I'm down there? I want to get into some soundsystem action...

Back to Hostage: his next release will be a remix of Foamo's 'Wardance' on Skint Records, also with remixes from Reso and Hijack.

Also it's worth noting, for those of you residing in the Uk, Hostage will be playing at Glade Festival in England this weekend on Sunday. So, download the mix, get yourself pumped, sort out your mates, and get buck this weekend with Hostage... and tell him ISoA sent ya...

Be back soon!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Heads We Dance Remix Competition!

As you very well may know I've been out of circulation because of sickness, and general irritation with the blogging world. I want to stay on Blogger... but... I'm looking into switching... the take downs are a little too much and I don't want to loose good interviews and exclusive material to DMCA garbage.

Anyway... I think it's important to post this about my fam and their remix project! I thank them from waking me from my blogging coma lol...

Heads We Dance- "Love In The Digital Age (Frankmusik Remix)" YSI

Heads We Dance- "Love In The Digital Age (Frankmusik Remix)" Mediafire

In September 2009 HEADS WE DANCE will release a remix album to
accompany their debut album Love Technology and are looking for the
best up and coming remixers to contribute tracks. The remix album
will feature the best of the past remixes including those by Don
Diablo, Frankmusik, Tepr, Russ Chimes, Sidechains and Louis La Roche
as well as brand new remixes of album tracks. HEADS WE DANCE have
uploaded a cappellas of the tracks available for remix to
www.headswedance.co.uk/remixes and ask for submissions to be emailed
to the band at headswedance@googlemail.com by Monday 10th August. The
best remixes will be chosen by the band and included on the remix

And if you haven't checked it out yet...

Find out more at www.headswedance.co.uk and

Be back soon! I've got and itch to write more... put up some stuff I've been waiting on.