Monday, January 25, 2010

The Glamour cover Daft Punk for "Love Burn" b-side

The Glamour are not new kids on the block but they are new to Herve's Cheap Thrills Label. To really get out there and get people's attention so they have covered Daft Punk's "Robot Rock" for the b side of their new single "Love Burn" (out on Beatport this week, and in the shops next week)!

The Glamour - "Robot Rock (Daft Punk Cover)" YSI
The Glamour - "Robot Rock (Daft Punk Cover)" zShare
The Glamour - "Robot Rock (Daft Punk Cover)" Dropbox

Here's the press kids:
The Glamour - ‘Robot Rock’(Daft Punk cover)
From the ‘Love Burn’ EP (Cheap Thrills)
Release date: 8th February

• The Glamour are Diamonds (Asher Gray) and Richard Richard (Richard
Galling) and are based in Milwaukee
• Their proximity to Chicago meant that plenty of house music legends passed
through town, influencing a small scene from which The Glamour take their
• The ‘Love Burn’ EP is their first release on HervĂ©’s Cheap Thrills label and
the title track features vocal from Diamonds – it’s also been remixed by
Cheap Thrills labelmates Max Morrell
• ‘Robot Rock’ is found on the b-side with a space disco remix by Mighty
• Cheap Thrills have previously released tracks from Fake Blood, Trevor
Loveys, Jack Beats and High Rankin, to name but a few

Check out more on Myspace! Granted, these guys aren't British, BUT I've got mad love for the Midwest and Herve is behind them... and it's a Daft Punk cover for Pete's sake! Leave your comments below... I'll be back soon! Thank to Anna btw :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Steve Aoki feat - "In The House (Qemists Remix)"

I like Steve Aoki well enough... that "Pillowface" mixtape was sick... and I don't hate he put's on a good show, and I used to like the Peas, at least they have made semi-decent dance cross over music.'s heart is in the right place with all his David Guetta, Daft Punk-loving, Tron meets N.E.R.D. thing he's been taking overground. And I DEFINITELY love the Qemists sooooooooo...

I really like this remix. It's a nice slice of D&B but... this must be a sample because it's really short... that's the only bummer here. Listen and tell me what you think...

Steve Aoki feat (as Zuper Blahq)

Here's the press...
In The House (Qemists Remix) - Steve Aoki feat [[[Zuper Blahq]]]
The Qemists smash down the door into 2010 with a d&b remix of Data records debutant Steve Aoki featuring rapper [[[Zuper Blahq]]] aka Will I Am. Its very simple. This is a banger! Pure quality from the Brighton trio who deliver a peak time dance floor destroyer. Support so far from Andy C, Friction, TC and more. Go here to listen:

So, whatddahyatink?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massive Attack - Girl I Love You (She Is Danger Remix)

You know I love Massive Attack. I don't think they've ever released anything I haven't liked which puts them in a tie for my favourite band (Joy Division, The Libertines, Massive Attack= 3 way tie)...

So I was very excited when Jez sent me this track yesterday. It's over at RCRD LBL as well but... download it from here because that's more fun :)

Massive Attack - Girl I Love You (She Is Danger Remix)
Massive Attack - Girl I Love You (She Is Danger Remix) RCRD LBL

Buy new Massive Attack on iTunes!

Always interested to hear what you think of the track! Keep your eyes and ears open and I'll be back soon :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Findlay Brown cover of The Black Ghosts

Sooooooo... I was going through my iTunes earlier and found an "untagged" acoustic version of "It's Your Touch" by The Black Ghosts. I knew it wasn't Simon Lord singing and Oli from This Is Music confirmed I was correct. It's actually Findlay Brown. As far as I'm aware this song has not been posted before (at least on The Hype Machine) SO I am very proud to present Findlay Brown covering "It's Your Touch"!

Findlay Brown - "It's Your Touch (Black Ghosts Cover)" YSI

I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks again to Oli, and keep your ears open, I'll be back soon!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Robot Koch's FREE Phon.o remix! New EP info!

Well at this point, if you've been paying attention to buzz so far this year, you probably heard about Robot Koch playing Low End Theory in LA last week. Luckily we've got some video for those of you who weren't there... but it's sure to say that Arcadia's good friend made a real splash...

Why is the man behind Jahcoozi's beats touring you ask? Well on top of dropping his stellar Death Star Droid album he's prepared a new EP for your asses! It's full of remixes from Loops Haunt, Flako, Blue Daisy, Shlohmo, Body Language, and Phon.o as well as 2 new tracks!

You may know Phon.o from our friend Chris De Luca's CLP project. He's a quality remixer and producer, and this remix is a great way to get excited for this upcoming release!

Robot Koch - "Gorom Sen (Phon.o Remix)" YSI

Robot Koch - "Gorom Sen (Phon.o Remix)"

Here's a little info for ya:

Shortly after the release of his hugely successful album „Death Star Droid“ , Robot Koch returns with this Remix EP, that also includes 2 brand new tunes by the sleepless robot.

On this EP, robot gathered some friends and like minded artists from around the globe to flip his original compositions.

The EP kicks off with a brand new original tune from Robot Koch: „Blind“ featuring Grace on Vocals, who also appeard as a guest vocalist on on death star droid.

Robot and Grace are working on some new stunning material at the moment that will come out sometime in fall 2010.

When robot played in NY last time, he met brooklyn based band Body Language, who release on Machine Drum`s normrex label, and shared a stage with them at coco66 in brooklyn.

For this EP Robot remixed their tune „new day“ and they made a surprising flip of koch`s dubstep infused album tune „gorom sen“ in return.

Robot`s berlin mate Flako, who recently grabbed the attention of the likes of Giles Peterson and Stones Throw, make a nice re-edit of the title track of robot`s album: death star droid.

Phon.o (of CLP/Shitkatapult fame) took the club banger potential of the tune gorom sen to the next level and made it sound like zomby and boy 8 bit jamming it out.

Upcoming beatmaker Shlohmo from san francisco also remixed gorom sen, making some noise on the blogoshpere about it prior to the release already.

Loops Haunt from Scotland, who could be found recently in Rustie`s Fact magazine Mixtape and Hudson Mohawke`s BBC Essential Mix, made a ten remix of gorom sen.

Producer beat laden from portugal, that recently caught attention with his KUBO remix on man recordings gave that original sengalese vocal scatting a rerub and turned it into a solid club banger.

Talen, from Switzerland made their very own unique interpretation of Robot Koch`s frenetic original.

And last but for sure not least, UK Producer Blue Daisy made a sublime remix of the song while feat. Manya one of the few vocal tracks on Robot Koch`s Album. His mix does the cinematic original justice and takes it even further out of space or underwater. A pure Sound Trip.

Album Press quotes :

the album 'death star droid' by Robot Koch is the sound of artifical intelligence discovering Religion - essential listening.... (bobby friction/BBC)

"A gothic galactic aesthetic of ten ton beats and space age melodies" (dazed and confused)

“Death Star Droid’ is definitely one of the standout instrumental albums of the year.” (ATM magazine/UK)

“If, in some distant future, robots will make folk music, this is what it would sound like.”
(The Crack Magazine/UK)

„death star droid by robot koch is dopeeeeeeee! Berlin power!“ (Modeselektor via twitter)

“Like mum and ratatat covering a dubstep tune” (stop play rewind blog)"

Hope you're as excited as I am. Please comment, a look forward to more here soon...