Sunday, November 29, 2009

Heads We Dance present "Take My Picture Video"!

I love Heads We Dance... they've been really getting places as of late and yet they're cool enough to remember where they came from (which I really respect). I am very proud to present to you this wicked new video for "Take My Picture"...

The video is a perfect stylish counterpart to such a sleek sounding song. Around about 2:10 you realize that this song is going to be stuck in your head for months to come, and if you're like me? You're lusting after some remixes :) Heads We Dance have proved time and time again that they are committed to being one of the best dance bands out there and that hard work evident in "Take My Picture".

On that note it's worth mentioning that their remix album, Dance Technology, it's still up on their website for download! I recommend you take a listen before it goes to iTunes and other digital download sites... take a listen here.

Here's a little more info... and some praise :)

"HEADS WE DANCE are pushing all the right buttons." - Mixmag

"Glittering, lustrous electro-pop" - Artrocker

"The twisted offspring of an illicit threeway between French disco,
pop and forward thinking electro" - iDJ

"Everything that La Roux wants to be and a whole lot more." - Leeds Guide

"HEADS WE DANCE are fast becoming stars." - Yorkshire Evening Post

Check out more at their website or Myspace! And keep looking back here as I'm sure they'll give us some free remixes and tracks closer to the release!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

NEW Robot Koch video!

He's my boy so you know I'm going to post this. Go pick up his album Death Star Droid at fine retailers and online stores everywhere :)

robot koch - gorom sen from robot koch on Vimeo.

P.s. I hear Robert is in the studio with Jahcoozi so expect big things soon!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Filthy Dukes- "Tupac Robot Rock (feat Wiley)"

I've been enjoying Filthy Dukes a lot this year. They did a total barn burner of a Fabric Mix and then unleashed "Tupac Robot Rock". Now we've got this remix with Wiley on the track and it's killer!

I really like Wiley best on dance tracks I think?!? I mean, I like his albums, and his singles, but the 4/4 beat just suits the guy. I know this might not be everyone's style but... I still enjoy the old school rave/buzzsaw synth thing so it works for me. I'd play it out... in fact I will...

Filthy Dukes - "Tupac Robot Club Rock (Kill Em All Let Wiley Sort It Out Remix - Clean Radio Edit)" YSI

Filthy Dukes - "Tupac Robot Club Rock (Kill Em All Let Wiley Sort It Out Remix - Clean Radio Edit)" Soundcloud

This is a really fun one to post and I hope you enjoy it... we need more songs like this as the weather gets worse :( I wanted to mention we do have a winner for the Bad Lieutenant contest and the full details will be on the site soon! Be back...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

UNRELEASED Frankmusik King Cannibal Remix, PLUS Don Diablo!

I was wondering how long it was going to be before we had an official piece of mail about our dear Mr. Vincent Turner (aka Vincent Frank, aka Frankmusik)... I was trying to avoid posting anything on my own because I recognize the preferential treatment he gets on this blog lol.. I was thrilled to see this message from British musical institution Ninja Tune about an unreleased King Cannibal remix of Frankmusik's classic "3 Little Words"!

Sad thing is apparently the whole remix package got scrapped that this had been part of. Shame because it was might mighty good one! Well I guess turn that frown upside down because, despite not getting released as part of the remix package, the KC remix is here for you! For FREE! From Ninja Tune!

Frankmusik - "3 Little Words (King Cannibal Remix)" WAV version via .zip on Ninja Tune servers

Frankmusik - "3 Little Words (King Cannibals KC in CK Remix)" YSI m4a file to register on!

King Cannibal's acclaimed debut album "Let The Night Roar" is out now on Ninja Tune... you can get a free megamix of his new album here... and the Prodigy remix here! Check out the Myspace and Ninja Tune!

A non Brit extra from our very good friend Don Diablo... I figured I'd throw this on as I haven't been on the internets in a minute and I owe you guys some tunage! I know you all love this dude, I love this dude, and I could care less if it's off format lol...

Don Diablo - "I Need To Know" YSI
Don Diablo - "I Need To Know" zShare
Don Diablo - "I Need To Know" Box
Don Diablo - "I Need To Know" Mediafire

Don Diablo - "I Need To Know" YSI
Don Diablo - "I Need To Know" zShare
Don Diablo - "I Need To Know" Box
Don Diablo - "I Need To Know" Mediafire

Here's the press write up in case you wanted to know more!
"Don Diablo's ( trademark guitarlicks, staccato basslines and distorted synths are all united in this funky little number called 'I need to know'. It will not be on his forthcoming album, but it does come in two versions, an original version and an extended mix for those who are not afraid to try shake things up in their neighbourhood disco. Do you want to get Don Diablo's forthcoming album for FREE, straight into your inbox 6 weeks ahead of release? Then sign up here and tell your friends about it:"

And this is still a way off but I want to help support my boys at Fabric (ya mans still here, I'm just dealing with some stuff guys!) coming up in December here... peep the line up...

11 DECEMBER 2009

The Chemical Brothers (DJ Set), Hercules & Love Affair (LIVE), Riton, Filthy Dukes, Stopmakingme,

Boy 8-Bit, We Have Band (LIVE), Noob, Crystal Fighters (LIVE), Tronik Youth

The Juan Maclean (DJ Set), Dan Beaumont (Disco Bloodbath), Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath), Ben Pistor (Disco Bloodbath)

As the ahead-of-the-game Kill Em All family step up to celebrate 6 years of future-forward ideas and imaginative artistry, by now an endless list of journalists and publications have tried to pen their history to paper. Perhaps it’s best left to Olly Dixon (1/2 of the Filthy Dukes) to put it into his own words, describing how it’s all started, shaped and progressed over the years.

“Kill Em All first began life as Kill Em All Let God Sort It Out at the Embassy bar in Islington, 2003. It was named with our good friend Stokley Webster after a poster he had on his wall of New Order. Bernard Sumner was wearing a t-shirt adorned with the slogan in a photoshoot for the Melody Maker in 1986. The night began life on a Sunday evening and we invited bands to come and play the records that had influenced them. Simian Mobile Disco (then still performing as the band Simian), South, Zongamin, Electrelane & Menlo Park were the original record selectors and every night was dead, except for one, which fell on a bank holiday.

“The people who owned the Embassy then moved to The Lock Tavern in Camden and Kill Em All went with them. For some reason we decided, from this rather shabby start, that it was time to run a proper club night - so we ran a pre-party at the Lock and then the actual night took place at the gloriously grotty Barfly down the road.”

What made you decide to start Kill Em All?

“Inspired by Electroclash and club nights like Trash & Return To New York, we wanted to do something different. A new record label from New York called DFA had just released The Rapture's ‘House of The Jealous Lovers’ and LCD Soundsystem's ‘Losing My Edge’ - they sounded like the most exciting records we had ever heard and we wanted to be playing them to people. Trevor Jackson’s label Output was releasing some incredible music too, and there were some new emerging bands who seemed to share our ethos. So, with our record bags full of these - plus some classics from Roxy Music, Can & Talking Heads - we attempted to inflict our music on the indie kids of Camden. It had mixed results with a lot of complaints and arguments by the decks, but we stuck to our guns. Soon, playing a Daft Punk record next to a Gang of Four record meant we gained our own crowd…and six parties in, we had queues around the block. We wanted to book exciting new bands and DJs, with equal emphasis on both and soon gained a reputation for breaking new acts who went on to do rather well. Bloc Party, These New Puritans, We Are Scientists, The Rakes, Young Knives, Late Of The Pier, Friendly Fires, MSTRKRFT & Simian Mobile Disco all played very early gigs for us at the Barfly. After a year or so of some amazing parties, fabric got in contact about Kill Em All booking Room Two on a Friday bi-monthly and this is when things really started to get exciting.”

Can you tell us a bit about the Kill Em All parties you’ve thrown here at fabric, from 2003 until now?

“The second party at fabric was when it all fell into place. Playing live were electro goths White Rose Movement who had just released ‘Love Is A Number’ alongside Test-Icicles (who were the craziest band anyone had ever seen in fabric) and the indie dance masters Cut Copy. Filthy Dukes, Simian Mobile Disco and a little known French duo called Justice who hadn’t released a record yet were playing the records. Justice had of course done the rather amazing remix of Simian's ‘We Are Your Friends’ some time ago, but it was still a bit of an underground record at this point. Suddenly Room Two was the busiest in the club and things were going crazy. It felt like something really exciting was happening. Simian Mobile Disco and Justice became our unofficial residents alongside ourselves, and over the next few years we went on to program the whole club with guests along the way such as: Justice (live & DJ sets), Erol Alkan, Chemical Brothers, Friendly Fires, Boys Noize, Maccabees, Cut Copy, Clor, Late Of The Pier, Aeroplane, The Proxy, Crystal Castles, James Murphy, Popof, Surkin, Zombie Nation, Digitalism, Brodinski, In Flagranti, Jackson And His Computer Band, Busy P, Joakim, SebastiAn, Metronomy and the list goes on...

“Six years on and we are still as thirsty as ever for new music and putting on a party. The team of Filthy Dukes and Stopmakingme marches on alongside newest resident Riton. We are very, very happy to still be working with fabric and we recently released our FABRICLIVE 48 mix album.”

And that takes us up to the present. As for their 6th birthday party, the Kill Em All crew decided to…

“...go all out. Hercules and Love Affair are a band we have been trying to book from the moment we heard their early release ‘Classique 2’ and then saw their amazing live show at Bestival. ‘Blind’ was played by almost every DJ one night at fabric, so this is something really special for us and we are so chuffed they agreed to play. Room One is a bit of a family affair after that with all the residents - Riton, Stopmakingme and of course ourselves - so expect a few classic tracks from the past 6 years of Kill Em All thrown in.

“In Room Two we have Boy 8-Bit who - with his last single ‘Baltic Pine’ and his remix for Florence & The Machine - seemed to take a slightly new direction. For me, they are two of the best tracks of the year. His DJ sets are amazing, and take all sorts of unexpected twists and turns. We have played with him several times but this is his first Kill Em All gig. Noob is one of the best remixers and producers around at the moment; his track with Brodinski, 'Peanut Club' has been played in every trendy discotheque in the world and we put it on our FABRICLIVE 48 mix. He has also made some of the best remixes of the past 12 months for the likes of Tiga & Popof. Tronik Youth is on warm up duties, who has been impressing us with his clever disco-tinged remixes and recent release, ‘Disco Sucks.’ We Have Band! is our favorite band of the past 12 months - so much so we released their last single on Kill Em All Records. Like ESG meets LCD meets Prince, they have an awesome live show and played for us at fabric at the start of the year. Since then they have been on tour constantly, so we are really happy they are coming back for their last London show of the year. Crystal Fighters are a great live act and brilliant people. I have to admit the first time I saw their live show I really wasn't sure, but I have seen them loads since and they have become one of my favorite bands. They are the real deal.

“Room Three we have given over to the Disco Bloodbath boys, who have helped sculpt London's club scene in the past 12 months. We thought - who better to host Room Three for us on our birthday? We are massively excited to welcome back Juan Maclean for a DJ set, who, in our opinion, released one of the albums of the year with Future Days.

“Oh yes, last but not least we have THE FUCKING CHEMICAL BROTHERS DJING! Without a shadow of a doubt, they are the biggest influence on everything dance music. I was 15 when Exit Planet Dust came out and it was the first time I ever really got dance music. It sounded like the most exciting thing on earth and from there I was hooked. It goes without saying that they have released some of the most incredible dance music ever made - from ‘Chemical Beats’ to ‘Galvanize,’ and ‘Out of Control’ to ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl,’ they are the undisputed champions and we are so privileged to have them come to DJ in Room One.”

I'm tired right now so that's that... but hopefully I'll have some Roses Kings and Castles soon for you plus some other good stuff I've let slip because I've been busy! Check back soon, and thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CONTEST: Win Bad Lieutenant Deluxe Prize Package!

Oh I'm reallllllllly enjoying this Bad Lieutenant album.

So these upcoming concerts are like a special delivery from God itself!



It is with frustration and regret that *Bad Lieutenant* reluctantly announces the cancellation of the band's four U.S. dates set to commence next week. The more stringent immigration laws and changing visa parameters resulted in an inability to process the necessary paperwork.

"We were all so very excited about coming to the States to play our new music for our American fans," said Bad Lieutenant's Bernard Sumner, "and are extremely disappointed that on this occasion, we won't have the opportunity to do so. We plan to reschedule the Chicago and New York shows along with some additional U.S. dates in Spring 2010."

The four Bad Lieutenant dates that have been cancelled are:
November 18 - Park West (headline), Chicago, IL
November 19 - supporting the Pixies in Chicago, IL
November 21 - Webster Hall (headline), New York, NY
November 23 - supporting the Pixies in New York, NY

The concerts were in support of /Never Cry Another Tear/, Bad Lieutenant's debut release which arrived in stories on Tuesday, November 10. The band features New Order/Joy Division's Sumner, newcomer Jake Evans on vocals and guitars as well as guitarist Phil Cunningham and drummer Stephen Morris, musicians who helped make the legendary New Order a multi-Platinum-selling band and one of the most influential forces over the past three decades in the alt/rock/dance genres.
Bad Lieutenant's Spring 2010 dates will be announced soon."

Hmmm? What's that? You wanna go? And see what The Music Slut brilliantly described as New Order - Peter Hook + Blur’s Alex James?

Well you can do that! If you get chosen that is :) I've got tickets for shows at both Park West in Chicago and Webster Hall in New York! Two great shows in two of the greatest cities in the world... Put your names in the comment section (if you live in the Chicago/New York area, or can make it on your own dime to Chicago/New York) and one reader will be chosen to win a pair of tix (obviously separate winners for each night) to see one the coolest bands this year with members of a couple of the greatest bands EVER!

While you're waiting to see if you've made it enjoy these lil goodies:

Bad Lieutenant - "Sink Or Swim" YSI

THE NEW CONTEST WILL BE the Deluxe Bad Lieutenant package. What is that? How about you dream of the coolest thing that isn't free tickets to a show and there you have it! No, seriously though, so far what they've come up with is baller so don't be too sad about the change of plans/prizes :)

Check back as the contest will end, oh, let's say... November 15th? ALSO BE AWARE THAT THIS NOW OPENS THE CONTEST UP TO EVERYONE WHO LOVES BAD LIEUTENANT! Be back soon :)