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This is essentially just a cut and paste but there isn't anything I can tell you about the new Fader better than the guys AT the Fader lol... I still can't get over how fucking cool it is that you can get one of the best culture/music/art magazines in America for FREE, with music! I'm not even shilling for them... free shit is just baller. I realize this isn't British but I'm sure if you comb the magazine hard enough there's SOMETHING Brit in there lol...


You can download the PDF and podcast here -

Here's the tracklisting:
"Cryptical Envelopment" 3/1/69 - Fillmore West
"Turn On Your Lovelight" 1/24/71 - Seattle Center Arena
"New Speedway Boogie" 5/15/70 - Fillmore East
"Tore Up Over You/Legion of Mary" 4/7/75 - Keystone, Berkeley
"Candyman" 6-11-76 - Boston Garden
"Terrapin Station" 12-29-77 - Winterland, San Francisco


"The Fader Magazine Presents Its Annual Icon Issue: A Tribute To The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia, With Contributions From Jerry's Bandmates, Family, Friends & Peers, Plus The Voices Of The FADER Generation Of Artists

Available on Newsstands and iTunes

New York, NY: The FADER magazine—the definitive voice of emerging music—releases its annual Icon Issue, this time taking an in-depth look at one of the most consistently relevant forces in popular music: Jerry Garcia. The Grateful Dead was an incredible musical force that defined its generation, with Garcia as its de facto leader, to the point that the band is almost synonymous with the ’60s. Yet the Dead—and Jerry especially—remained an active force well into the ’90s, and the band's power and influence has anything but diminished since their final show. In fact, Jerry and the Dead are as relevant now as they've ever been—a constant inspiration and obsession for the current generation of musicians that The FADER celebrates issue after issue.

It is also telling that The FADER's 46th issue hits newsstands on the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, and notable that The FADER's tribute focuses on the early years of the Grateful Dead, when Garcia was a young rocker obsessed with authentic American music like folk, bluegrass, the blues and the jug bands of the ’20s. The photographs in the feature come exclusively from 1966, 1967 and 1968, including never before seen images. The entire feature is comprised of "as told to" style interviews full of untold stories and reflections on Garcia's life from those who knew him best, including Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Adams Garcia, the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart, his friend David “Dawg” Grisman, his collaborator Ornette Coleman, his manager Richard Loren, and the Dead's legendary soundman Dan Healy, among others. Artists from The FADER generation also give accounts of their experiences with Garcia's life and music and the impact it has had on them. Contributors include Devendra Banhart, Brightblack, Modest Mouse, Animal Collective, Dungen, the Hold Steady, the Meat Puppets and many more.

“There are so many misconceptions and prejudices regarding Jerry and his legacy,” said Alex Wagner, Editor in Chief of The FADER. “We wanted to dig deep and show our readers that he's an incredibly relevant and inspiring figure—an honest to goodness rock star who very much deserves his place in the canon of modern music.”

As the Icon Issue also doubles as The FADER's Photo Issue this year, the rest of the feature well of The FADER's 46th issue focuses on extensive photo portfolios from some of the magazine's most dynamic contributing photographers. The photo features includes stories on underground eco leaders in Philladelphia, gang life in the shadow of Wounded Knee, South Dakota, and the golden days of the itinerant gypsy community known as the Roma. As always, F45 will also be available via iTunes in its entirety, with corresponding audio podcasts, and as a free download at


JERRY GARCIA, with contributions from:

Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Adams Garcia
“There was an aspect of his playing that kind of reached through the dimensions and affected how people felt about things. There was a certain kind of musical catharsis going on sometimes when he played. After a while things became so fluid and sparkling and sort of gorgeous, I found it very touching and moving and loved it. I still do.”

Bob Weir
“We lived together in Watts…Everybody brought their own music for everybody else to enjoy…at the same time we were all listening to the radio and deconstructing what we were hearing. We just had no idea what we were up to, every possible direction was a possible direction. The world was full of endless possibilities.”

Mickey Hart
“I remember the end of it. We were sitting in a meeting saying, ‘What are we gonna do?!’ and Jerry drew this snake that was eating its tail. He said “This is us. We’re eating ourselves.’

Richard Loren
“I was riding a camel around the Pyramids and the Sphinx when suddenly I looked over to my left and saw a stage. It all kind of hit me. A light bulb went off in my head and I thought God, you know, the band should play here!”

Devendra Banhart
“The Grateful Dead are the reliable band. They are the sonic, aural equivalent to warm water. They give you these options and choices and it’s all a world of maybe. And the realm of maybe is what really makes a trip comforting. They are that comfort. Suddenly the water isn’t going to boil and it isn’t going to turn ice cold, it’s going to stay warm.”

Geologist, Animal Collective
“There’s also the parking lot. I try and say this to Animal Collective fans. In the indie world or whatever, there is a lot of pretension and exclusion in the attitude, like, ‘This band and this music are mine, and I have no interest in anyone else being a part of it.’ At Dead concerts, these old hippies would be like, ‘Oh is this your first show? Welcome to the party! Congratulations, that’s great!’ One day I hope the parking lot of an Animal Collective Show will feel like the parking lot at a Grateful Dead show, just an overwhelming sense of fun and community.”

About The FADER
Founded by Rob Stone and Jon Cohen in 1998, The FADER magazine is the definitive voice of emerging music and the lifestyle that surrounds it. Through in-depth reporting and a distinct street sensibility, The FADER aggressively covers the most dynamic breadth of music and style emanating from the fringes of the mainstream to the heart of the underground, and was also the first publication in history to be released on iTunes. The FADER is the authority on what's next."

So yeah... I'll be back asap with some awesome new shit. I've just been so busy I haven't been able to thinkg much less write a blog. Speaking of busy... y'all motherfuckers better be at the State Crime show @ Smartshop on Friday. I just bought a bunch of new records from Ghostly to play so you better be there!

ps. I've got some promo shit from Parlophone to put up too so be on the look out for that as well... later

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Neverending Download Queue

So I finally figured it out... how to get any and every song ever in the history of the world.... and now my hard drive is filling up so fast I don't know what to do. There is no way in hell I will ever be able to listen to all this music if I keep downloading at the pace I've had for the last couple of days.

In the last two days I've found albums I'd lost YEARS ago that I've been dying without and I couldn't be happier to have them back. I'd be lying if I said I didn't nab some pre-releases as well but you guys know I end up buying them anyway so it's all good... It's hard to decided whether I should post some of that stuff but... I figure I might as well. The point is to get you guys hyped to buy the album, right?

I don't need to give an into to NYPC... I've posted enough about them already... they have a new album coming out called Fantastic Playroom... if you liked their other stuff you'll love this. You can buy it the day it comes out... don't even need to hear what it sounds like.. trust me... well then again if you don't just download this!

New Young Pony Club- "Grey"

I take pride in the fact that, as far as I can tell, I'm the first person to post this so far on the internet... To My Boy rock... nuff said... er... buy the album.. it's called Messages.... and if that's not enough info refer to earlier posts... I'm in a hurry and I'm tired!

To My Boy- "Eureka"

And this may not be the NEWEST thing on the block but it's baller... I fucking love this guys and I'm sure you do to... I hope their record company gives me the album early (pretty please!).... Hopefully you all caught the Black Ghosts mixtape last week...

The Black Ghosts- "Any Way You Choose To Give It (Playgroup Remix)"

And instead of something new... how about something really old... like something off the 2001 Hot Chip Sanfrandisco E-Pee?

Hot Chip- "Making Tracks"

Ok, I'm done for the night... I've got DEMF all weekend and I can't be bothered to keep typing... hope this whet your whistle for all these awesome upcoming albums.

P.s> OH.. before I forget... even though this isn't British... when the Matthew Dear album comes out? Buy it. It's amazing.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Come with me, come with me...

Sooooooo... I've done loads and loads and loads of Klaxons posts. I mean fucking loads. I am pretty fanatical about the band... which is something that's kind of weird to me when I really think about it. These are a few guys, close to my age (or are my age), who for all intents and purposes are doing the same things I'm trying to do with my life (write music for a living... albeit quite a bit more successfully)! I'm not trying to say I have anything close to their musical chops, what I'm saying is they are just dudes who write songs... as Scroobius Pip would say, they're "Just a band"... yet they still inspire a sense of wonder in me. To get so excited about a band seems goofy when you're closer to the source... having said that though, I'm still dorking out about them and will continue to in the future... hopefully I'll run into them again at Pitchfork this summer and be able to give them the "Atlantis To Interzone" remix that State Crime is working on...

I know some of you have expressed interest in a "best of" post... but instead of doing something that would make the record company kick my ass... I'm going to give you some new live tracks from Minnesota Public Radio...

We're I to do a best of, however, it would look like this.... if I'm missing anything let me know!

Magick (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
Golden Skans (SebastiAn Version 1.2.0 Remix)
Golden Skans (Erol Alkan's Ekstra Spektral Dub)
Golden Skans (Surkin Remix)
Golden Skans (Switch Remix)
Golden Skans to Interzone (So Me Remix) which is technically a mash up...
Atlantis To Interzone (Digitalism Remix)
Atlantis To Interzone (Metronomy Remix)
Atlantis To Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix) off Xan Valleys E.P.
The Bouncer (Gorky Remix)
The Bouncer (South Central Remix)
Gravity's Rainbow (Kavinsky Remix)
Gravity's Rainbow (Gun's'N'Bombs Freakout Rmx)
Gravity's Rainbow (Nightmoves Remix)
Gravity's Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)
Gravity's Rainbow (Van She Remix) off Xan Valleys E.P.

There were a couple I forgot and Cohen was nice enough to point this out... here's the ones I missed...
Atlantis To Interzone (Ayia Napa To Interzone Tapedeck Remix)
Atlantis To Interzone (Germlin Remix)
Atlantis To Interzone (Hadouken! Remix)
Atlantis To interzone (Yukski's Saucisses Wanna Dance to Dance Remix)
Atlantis To interzone (mr miyagis bootleg remix)
Golden Skans (David E. Sugar remix)
Gravity's Rainbow (Todd Edwards Main Mix)
Gravitys Rainbow (To My Boy remix)
It's Not Over Yet (Crimp Yr Hair DJs Remix)
Magick (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

B-Sides, Live stuff, and Demos
Hall Of Records
Electrickery off Gravity's Rainbow CDS
The Bouncer (live) off Golden Skans 7"
Golden Skans (live) off Golden Skans 7"
My Love (Justin Timberlake Cover) live @ BBC and is getting released on the next single!
Gravity's Rainbow (DEMO) no longer available for download, but previously available on Myspace
4 Horsemen Of 2012 (DEMO) no longer available for download, but previously available on Myspace
Atlantis To Interzone (DEMO) no longer available for download, but previously available on Myspace
The Bouncer (DEMO) no longer available for download, but previously available on Myspace
Totem (DEMO)
Golden Skans (DEMO)

And then these puppies...

Klaxons- "It's Not Over Yet (Live on MPR)"
Klaxons- "It's Not Over Yet (Live on MPR)" zShare

Klaxons- "Golden Skans (Live on MPR)"
Klaxons- "Golden Skans (Live on MPR)" zShare

Klaxons- "As Above, So Below (Live on MPR)"
Klaxons- "As Above, So Below (Live on MPR)" zShare

On another topic... as the last days of rainy shitty dark weather are dwindling down... I've been using these crap days as an opportunity to enjoy dubstep in it's best environment next to a) a dark alley or b) night time... I've been trying to get myself more well versed in dubstep... and while I was searching for music I got this gem from a friend at the radio station I work at... how fucking awesome is this!

Junior Boys- "Double Shadow (Kode 9 Remix)"
Junior Boys- "Double Shadow (Kode 9 Remix)" zShare

Then I got a new comp that I fucking LOVE called Tectonic Plates, and this fantastic shit was on there...

DQ1- "Wear The Crown" zShare

You can get the rest of Tectonic Plates on eMusic...

Although this isn't British, heads up to those of you in Chicago this week... you might want to check out Outdanced on Tuesday May 22... my boy Curt is DJing solo (as Dj Autobot, not as 1/2 of Flosstradamus) and Crystal Castles are playing a live show. Sam and I saw Crystal Castles in Miami a couple times and they were awesome (even though their sound system sucked... which wasn't their fault)... nice people... a good time will be had by all...

Flosstradamus Vice Records Mix (Original Demo) YouSendIt

Flosstradamus 3 Peat Mix zShare

Crystal Castles- "Black Fag"

Crystal Castles- "Alice Practice"

Crystal Castles- "Alice Practice" zShare

And since I did a Klaxons post...
Klaxons- "Atlantis To Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix)"
Klaxons- "Atlantis To Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix)" zShare

Speaking of clubs and music... there is an awesome DEMF (errrrr... Movement) afterparty this NEXT weekend with Ghostly International's own Audion that you should go to... unless you have something much cooler to do... which I highly doubt... BECAUSE GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL IS THE GREATEST LABEL ON EARTH (*cough* sign us please)...

OK... I'll be back soon... hope you guys are enjoying the recent posts! Please leave comments, it keeps me posting more... if you're going to be at the Chicago show, or at DEMF let me know...

...and sign up for eMusic... I'm broke...

Grrrr Hype Machine...

Well... Hype Machine has not posted ANYTHING I've put up for weeks now. I have no idea why! I've written letters and I've gotten no response. Because of this, until I get an answer, I will no longer be using Hype Machine. Instead I will be using only... I do hope, however, that this gets resolved because I like Hype very much...

IN THE MEANTIME... be looking for another "Best Of" Klaxons post... (hey Andrea... girl who asked for "Hall Of Records"... I'll put it up again if you ask! Just so that I know you're there)

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Black Ghosts, the friendly Ghosts, The coolest ass motherf**king Ghosts you know

Who do you love?

You love me, I know.

We'll not actually me...

You don't love me, you just love my doggyst... errr, music. And you're really gonna love me today...

You know who we love here at Arcadia? The coolest motherfucking band I can think of at the moment... The Black Ghosts. As I've been searching for more dance rock bands to sink my teeth into I've found few that match up to, say, Klaxons... that is until I hear The Black Ghosts. And while it'll be a little while before we see if they achieve the same success (they are currently working on their album for Southern Fried Records) they certainly seem to be in a position where they could steal the crown. They are one of the few bands I've been obsessively listening to since I got back from Miami (put into my consistent rotation of Klaxons, Justice, Simian Mobile Disco and "Youth Alcoholic" by Fox N Wolf) so I'm very very very happy to present you with their new mix tape!

The Black Ghosts- "Trophy Twins Radio Mix"

The Black Ghosts exclusive 30 minute download mix!

Following their new remix work - spicing up new singles by The Dykeenies ('New Ideas') and Gossip's forthcoming re-release of 'Listen Up', London duo The Black Ghosts have released details of a free exclusive 30 minute mix available for fans to download. The mix features 24 tracks ranging from Electrelane to Metronomy, The Whip to Beck all spliced together in typical Black Ghosts fashion (gothic-electro-pop).

The Black Ghosts

30 Minute Mix May 2007 Track-list...

Harco Pront "Night"

Emperor Machine "Rimramramrim"

Clinic "The Second Line"

Soul Savers "Rumble Fish" (Simian Mix)

Supercollider "Darn Cold Way Of Loving"

Electrelane "The Valleys"

The Jonzun Crew" "Space Is The Place"

Good Books "Leni (Crystal Castles Mix)

Heaven And Earth "Feel The Spirit"

The Firebirds "Soul Sonata"

Blowfly "Sesame Street"

Silver Apples "Lovefingers"

Gianfranco Reverberi "Nel Cimitero Di Tucson"

Metronomy "Trick Or Treatz"

Milton Hamilton "My Love Supreme"

101 Strings "Karma Sitar"

Can "Vitamin C" (Ghost 1 And Ghost 4 Edit)"

Zongamin "Spiral"

Brian Eno "Sky Saw"

Frankie Valli "Beggin" (Pilooski Edit)

The Whip "Muzzle #1" (The Black Ghosts Mix)

Beck "Sexx Laws" (The Wiseguys Mix)

The Black Ghosts "Amyway You Choose To Give It" (Fake Blood Mix)

The Dykeenies "New Ideas" (The Black Ghosts Mix)

Here is their crazy awesome video for "Anyway You Choose To Give It"...

And here's "Something New" (which is comprised of tour footage of your new favourite band)...

And just in case you're luck enough to live in England check out the Summer Festival dates:

June 23 2007
Aug 25 2007

If you go you have to take pictures for me! In the meantime I'll cross my fingers and hope they tour the U.S...

Monday, May 14, 2007

We Are Seriously Simian's Friends

Well... the two biggest albums of the year have leaked... Simian Mobile Disco's "Attack Decay Sustain" and Justice's "†"...

Most of the Simian Mobile Disco has been floating around for a while now... I'll still buy both despite tracking some of the songs down on the internet... it's just the way to be... not buying these albums if you like these artists is like saying "nah, I think I want good music to go extinct... I only want to hear HUGE pop records"... because if you don't buy the albums and see the shows? Then record companies can't sign people... it is a business after all!

Palms Out Sounds is organizing a "DON'T POST JUSTICE" downloading ban of which I am a full supporter... just get it when it comes out... if you HAVE to download the Simian Mobile Disco album please buy it... anything else is dirty pool and you know it!

One thing I was surprised to find the other day whilst on the Hype Machine was that it doesn't look like anyone has posted the ORIGINAL version of "Never Be Alone" by Simian. Of course that song is the one that got remixed and became Justice Vs Simian's "We Are Your Friends", which in turn created the current landscape of indie friendly dance music. Apparently the song didn't catch on when it first came out in 2004... at least not the way it did last year... shows you there's always room for a comeback... anyway, I've become re-addicted to the original and I thought I'd share it with you folks... It's better than posting one of the new tracks (I can sleep at night posting this)... but who needs new stuff when you've got this?!?! It's quite the banger by itself...

Simian- "Never Be Alone"

And I figure I can't post that without SOME incarnation of the mega hit remix...

Justice vs Simian- "We Are Your Friends (Radio Slave & Spencer Parker Re-edit)"

They should re-release the Simian album........... Here's the track listing for "Attack Decay Sustain Release"...

The album will be released on 18th June 2007.

The full tracklisting is:

01. Sleep Deprivation
02. I Got This Down
03. It's The Beat
04. Hustler
05. Tits & Acid
06. I Believe
07. Hotdog
08. Wooden
09. Love
10. Scott