Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The great British "forgotten songs" post (Simian, So Solid Crew, and more)...

Seeing as I didn't "do" Halloween, this picture is my attempt at making up for it. Me in a bright coloured LRG-ripoff hoodie in a Detroit parking garage two months ago...

But anyway, I haven't been around much. You guys know why. School problems. Work changes. Girl issues. Two parents with serious problems. Just TOO MUCH STRESS! But during all this I've had a chance to listen to LOADS of music and find some stuff that I forgot about.

First off, y'all know how I love Simian Mobile Disco. I loved them when they were Simian. My ex, Megan, and I took a long drive to northern Michigan once listening to Zero 7, Princess Superstar (close friend of my future friend Larry Tee), and the first Simian album. Since it was such a long drive we drove these CDs into the dirt but it was a fun time. Then I didn't listen to any of those albums for quite some time... NOW I have rediscovered all three but, much to my excitement, I also rediscovered this gem. Simian did a remix of Zero 7's mega track "Destiny" giving it the most bizarre (and interesting) rework imaginable. Here I present it to you in all it's glory! From what I can tell the blogosphere has ignored this one entirely so bask in it's awesomeness...

Zero 7- "Destiny (Simian Remix)" YSI

Around that same time I was torturing this girlfriend with lots of rap music, and even more So Solid Crew. See, I liked that poppy MJ Cole 2 step stuff, but I also liked the insane macho craziness of the Crew. I recognize most people in the UK actually hate them because they started fights with other artists, half of them went to jail, and brought fan violence to new never before seen levels. In fact they may have ruined the country that year there were so many of them. BUT I really really loved them at first in an "ironic" way and eventually in a a real way. I'm no Ali G but we used to drive around Chicago BANGING this Playgroup remix like what. The Kelis one also got CONSTANT rotation. I used to play them on my radioshow all the time and... well if you disliked them back then, maybe this will give you new perspective, because it's good stuff (p.s. if anyone knows how to get a copy of the album in mp3 form please let me know!)...

Kelis- "Young Fresh and New (So Solid Crew Remix)"

Playgroup- "Number One (So Solid Crew Remix)"

Then in the 'new arrivals' corner we've got dear Kate Nash doing a cover of Black Kids' "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" which is fucking crazy awesome. I've really been getting into Ms Nash recently which is refreshing because I haven't been listening to enough music made by girls for whatever reason. I like her, I dig that she's dating a Crib because I like them as well (which you know, of course, since I posted that CSS remix after I met them at Lollapalooza) and I feel like she's taking music in the right direction... more person, more authentic, and more awesome :)

Kate Nash- "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (Black Kids Cover)"

LASTLY... and this is kind of random but bare with me... My good friend Caitlin got canned a couple weeks back at work. It hurt because she is one of my closest friends and I spent more time with her than anyone around me. I take my job VERY seriously (always want to be the best, work like it's my own company always trying to do what's best, basically trying to beat my own record week after week) so it was hard to see her go. I still miss her quite a bit but thank GOD the person who replaced her is awesome... I just wish she had gotten to stay and work with him. His name is Pat... he's a white, suit and tie man, over the age of 35 who at first glance would make you worried that you couldn't meet up to his standards. In reality he's the nicest guy I've ever met, a fantastic mentor, and the type of boss who gives us hope even when the chips are down (no matter how rough the situation is). Thing is he really has a thing for R'n'b, especially bluesy stuff. This ranges from Keisha Cole to Billie Holiday. He had mentioned he really loved this song by Martha Washington called "Teach Me Tonight", which was more or less her signature song. While I couldn't get my hands on that I played him Amy Winehouse's version from LATER... with Jools Holland (presumably recorded during her first album since she was sans beehive) and he loved it. I threw Audacity up and grabbed the audio from the video for him to satiate his love for this song. Now I've got him very much into Mrs Winehouse SO much so that he played the album until I BECAME a fan of Winehouse lol. Anyway, here's the song in all it's glory...

Amy Winehouse- Teach Me Tonight (Martha Washington cover from 'LATER...')"

And that my friends is that for now. Join eMusic and make me $6. It's awesome trust me. Their new layout is great, they have shitloads of dubstep, random shit you'd never imagine, newly added audiobooks of like EVERYTHING and... it's a good buy where you support the artists you love and care about... as well as me lol... see you soon!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well, I've got some good news and some bad news (the good news is new Burial!)

Well... within the last two weeks we've seen two massive positive changes in the music industry. First, obvs, Radiohead put out an album for ______ amount of money (which was huge)... then, whether you care or not, NIN decided to potentially go the same route in the future and are now sans-label. Both fucking awesome things to hear.

Then yesterday after a lot of moving forward in the digital realm... we all fell backwards.

Oink's Pink Palace was raided and closed yesterday. What is/was it you ask? It was an invite only place where pre-release (or even pre-mastered in some cases) material was leaked, which would then trickle down to say a blog like this where someone like me might post one track from the album (in hopes of promoting it not ruining anyone's life). It was VERY tight lipped and, I won't lie, I tried for MONTHS in vain attempting to secure an invite. Problem is, between that lady who got slammed with the $222,000 fine, and this, the digital world is going to be walking around with their tail between their legs. My fav spot closed yesterday (well its '' thread, which was where people posted links to music new and old alike) and I think we are going to see more and more of these shutdowns over the next few weeks. After years and years of "us" (the record *or non-record* buying public, depending which side of the fence you are on) getting to run around the candy shop uninterrupted... it may be over.

Now I've posted this little rant a million fucking times on various forums but let's have a little go again... I buy records. I buy vinyl records every fucking Friday. Usually a stack of singles and then one or two new releases. I also buy CDs at Best Buy (just bought the Kenna album.. you gotta go buy that shit, that album is amazing) and at my local little cd shop (which is actually a CD Warehouse but it has that nice 'small record shop feel'; for example they recently had a Joy Division 'Warsaw' bootleg on sale). IF I WANT A COPY OF AN ALBUM (such as Alpha- "Come From Heaven") that I used to have and have since lost and CANNOT FIND TO SAVE MY FUCKING LIFE IN ANY RETAIL OUTLETS, I should be able to download that shit for free! Sorry Alpha, I love you, but I'm not buying your album twice! I've had to do that a million times between 1991-2003. Then I stopped and started downloading. Point is... I used to own that and I should have made a digital copy, but anyway you cut it I paid for that album.

NOW... there are are albums I have downloaded before they came out (Bloc Party, Fiona Apple, Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, Lady Sovereign, etc) and I immediately went out and bought those motherfuckers the first week they came out. Why? Because I wanted to hear their album, I got it three months earlier, I liked it and I know they will lose money... I bought it! And I have seen all of those bands (minus Justice) in the last year and a half. BOTTOM LINE HERE... Am I a criminal if I download someone's album? No. Unless I don't end up buying it... then I'm a criminal and an asshole. Just in case you didn't know guys even major acts aren't making SHIT because of all the downloading (that's why the RIAA is out for blood... I mean, not the artist's money but theirs), so you sure as shit can't think that downloading that new Boys Noize or Bangers & Cash, and then not buying a copy is ok... IT'S FUCKING NOT! That's bullshit!

How would you like it if motherfuckers ran up in your job and stole a bunch of shit that you were working on to make you money and left you with nothing... then they never even bothered to say hi or reimburse you or apologize or nothin'. You'd be walking around with an AK-47 trying to find these people.

THE BOTTOM LINE FINAL POINT IS: download music. If you like it buy it. Don't be a punk fucking bitch and prove the RIAA right by not purchasing anything. You're fucking yourself and you're fucking Spank Rock, and LCD Soundsystem and all these people you "admire". Eventually we will start missing out on innovative amazing music because motherfuckers can't AFFORD to be musicians. The next Kurt Cobain will just end up being a dishwasher at Dennys... think about that one HARD...

Now that I've gone ape shit how about some music to lighten the mood? Well actually the music might make you want to slit your wrists but it's great! I got it from Ill-ec-tro-nic, so I'm totally just stealing but I wanted to post something that would make people take notice of what's going on... and promote Burial. COP THAT SHIT NOVEMBER 5th!

Here's the Burial track list... make sure to buy a copy from Hyperdub OR you can probably get it at THE BEST PLACE TO GET MUSIC... eMusic! Show them the system works kids... thanks, and bless you all who buy records...

Burial- "Etched Headplate"

Burial- "Etched Headplate" YSI

Burial- "Near Dark"

Burial- "Near Dark" YSI

1. Untitled
2. Archangel
3. Near Dark
4. Ghost Hardware
5. Endorphin
6. Etched Headplate
7. In McDonalds
8. Untrue
9. Shell Of Light
10. Dog Shelter
11. Homeless
12. UK
13. Raver

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sorry about my absence... here's THE ALIENS (Hot Chip Remix)!

My personal life has been rather turbulent recently. Can't really go in to detail but it's the type of thing that makes you stop updating your blog.

So... here's the good news... Hot Club de Paris are going to do an interview with me here soon, as they are working on their new album in Chicago at the moment... so you have something to look forward to! And I want to get an interview with both Kash, and South Central up soon too... just depends on how much energy I have I guess...

In the meantime I'll post an mp3 I was waiting for the "green light" on but I'm pretty sure has been released at this point. It certainly has made the rounds at least. Nailler 9 posted it 100 years ago, so I assume it's safe to post.

Just in case you didn't already know, this secret song I had been talking about posting was the Hot Chip remix of a song for The Aliens... The Aliens are three of the founding members of The Beta Band so they're pretty hot shit without the Hot Chip remix... Click on their name above and that will send you to their Myspace... or read more below to get an idea of what they are all about!

Here's a little bio on The Aliens for ya:

Armed with a bottomless bag of psychedelically inclined rock and acid dipped electronics, The Aliens bring a freedom of spirit and a certainty of intent that immediately sets them out from the current crop of guitar slingers. Inspired by Sergio Leone and Serge Gainsbourg, Brian Eno and Brian Wilson, Larry David and Ol' Dirty Bastard, their songs in the key of Fife reference the past whilst belonging resolutely to the future.

Their Leader is the mysterious superhero Nighthawk - a melodic refugee from the future, sent back to the 21st century from a time where health and safety have deemed his music hazardous. Hiding from several government agencies under the inconspicuous name Gordon Anderson, his self assigned mission in this cetury is to fight the melodic crime that is mainstream pop.

Some time ago, John Maclean AKA Eddie Candles was unearthed from an Bronze Age camp where he had been languishing for anything upto 4000 years. Undergound, he kept himself entertained mainly by humming to himself. Now awake, aware and renamed (twice) he is busily transferring his refined oral melodies to keyboard.

Pungous Nightbread began life as a member of high society, Born unto Cardinal Nightbread and the Duchess of Leith. However, his fortunes soon took a turn for the worse as his parents entrusted his wellbeing to a goose, after learning to comunicate with his guardian using tapping... he became something of a drummer/goose hybrid...casting aside his human name to become Robin Jones...GooseDrum

And here is the most awesome track you'll hear all week (if you don't already have it)!

The Aliens- "Robot Man (Hot Chip Remix)" YSI

The Aliens- "Robot Man (Hot Chip Remix)" Rapidshare

Here's the video for "Robot Man"... get the song while you can because I'm not going to keep it up long! You should go out and guy their album "Astronomy For Dogs"... it's constantly in my cd player in my car right now...
The Aliens - Robot Man

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Have a good one. I'll try to post again soon, and in the meantime I'll be getting that Hot Club de Paris shizznit ready... Talk to you soon!

OH YEAH... Don't forget to visit ASTRALWERKS... the greatest label in all of America! I love them very dearly and they put out a LOT of the music that ends up on this site! So check them out and fall in love with something new (or something you forgot about... Photek anyone?)

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Noise For The Passive Interview

You know that here at Arcadia we like to be on top of that new new shit... like so new that they barely have songs sometimes! This one does have songs, but at the moment, I don't have one in my possession... SO at the moment we're going to post the interview and then get the track when we can! Hope you guys enjoy... I certainly dig them...

Here's a little bio info...
The band originally started last year due to a certain friendship between the singer (and band's songwriter) Amelie and their producer, Justin Anderson (who had produced for The Libertines). The pair thought it would be funny to spend a day in the Shoreditch HQ studios recording a few things as a laugh, and it turned out Amelie had a genuine song writing talent. More and more songs were written and produced in that studio, until they became what they are today, which has attracted attention from major indie bands such as The Rakes. At this point Amelie has decided to complete her band with a drummer, Dmitri, a bassist, Tamlin and a keyboardist, Lee, while Amelie stills play the guitar (since she hasn't found a guitarist yet... they're still searching if you readers can help?!?! This could be your big break!)...

Here's the interview... I hope you guys enjoy... and I'll have the song up asap!

Interview with Noise For The Passive:

Patch: Well hello there Amelie! This interview has been a long time in the making! Sorry about that... how's this week been treating you?

Amelie: Er, this week's been quite mixed actually! On Thursday we played a gig at Shoreditch's Old Blue Last for a band called Trafalgar's single launch....many old friends came down and the atmosphere was superb. Had a weekend in, with the exception of Sunday...and planning to go to the studio Wednesday....

Patch:That sounds rather interesting. More interesting than my week anyway. So tell the people a little more about how Noise For The Passive came together... bit of a happy accident yeah? I know the origin can be traced back Justin Anderson (who was in Mains Ignition with Adam Ficek of Babyshambles)...

Amelie: I used to go into the studio quite a bit with Justin.....not to do work, just to listen in on other people's rehearsals or tracks he was working on, then one day (round about this time last year) we thought it might be a good idea to maybe try and write some stuff together.....Things went well and I recruited a few more band members to play live gigs....

Patch:Funny how fucking about usually yields the most interesting results. It's when you're trying hard that getting it right that it gets really confusing! I don't know if you're familiar with Crystal Castles but their biggest song (arguably; called "Alice Practice") came from they guy in the group just taping some levels of the girl from the band singing. Maybe you guys should get together! Trust me that would be an awesome idea... if you want I'll send them an email on your behalf lol...

Amelie: That would be nice....always interested in working with new people...

Patch:Anyway back to more important things. So once your song writing talent was recognized, you decided to have at it an really put some time into writing songs and being in a band. What moment sticks out for you as being the defining moment where you said "putting all this effort in was worth it"?

Amelie: There hasn't been one yet..... but we know if we keep on putting the effort in we'll get somewhere bigger and better than where we are now.

Patch:That's awesome. Being in a band isn't easy (unless you're getting boatloads for it) but it certainly is rewarding. When you guys write songs do you throw ideas around or do you most of the song writing?

Amelie: It really really does. There is one song I did write and produce by myself on the laptop but otherwise me and justin sit around in the studio throwing ideas around that eventually make a song....

Patch:This is a bit of a boring question but I still like to ask it... what are your bands biggest influences (this can be television, film, theatre, cereal, whatever is clever)...

Amelie: To be honest I don't think there's any particular material influence, but for me it was just a matter of environment and soaking up the good times. To round it up, life is my only and largest influence.

Patch:I see I see. Interesting. So how long (or rather how soon) til we see a full length out of you bunch?

Amelie: Not too depends....we still need a keyboardist....but things are sppeding up...

Patch:Ok here's the fun bit where you tell us all where we can pick up your singles, merch, etc and where we can see you playing, and/or where we can check out more about the band... go on then!

Amelie: Everything is done via the myspace for now.....but gigs are generally in london at the moment, our next one is in lewisham (south london) on thursday the 11th. otherwise you'll find me in person at the griffin in shoreditch....i go there too much....

Patch:Fantastic. Quite the pleasure getting to interview you and make sure you stay in touch! We'll be keeping an eye on your progress so we can brag later when you get a top twenty single :)

Amelie: why thank you.....we'll keep you informed, was a pleasure being interviewed.

And that's that for the moment... go check out "Gone" over at their Myspace
in the meantime...