Friday, August 25, 2006

Say hello to The Breakers

The Breakers may be the first band to contact me (well second I guess... Mars Patrol you were first!) with a completely original message (i.e. not "Dear Sir/Mrs. We are a band that plays music like the one you have in your profile!") about their music. Referencing a post here on Arcadia, and my love for both Babyshambles and The View, they contacted me saying that I should check out their music. It took me like 5 seconds to realize that this was the same band that was written about in the NME as a band that could be the next Arctic Monkeys. So what makes them so special you ask? In a crop of young bands that share really similar themes and songwriting styles, these guys (or at least their songs) stick out as being the Real McCoy... what do I mean? Well, here's an analogy for you... if the Monkeys seem like kids you would see swilling beer and oogling girls at a pub, then (perhaps) The Breakers would be the guys who are watching the Monkeys staring at their birds', while considering kicking their asses. Personally, I think one of the coolest things about them is that you can hear them and their music before they blow up and their label brings in some big producer... meaning this stuff still sounds raw and awesome. Mark my words this is only the beginning for The Breakers...

The Breakers- "Life And Times"

So... go add em to your Myspace... and tell em 'In Search Of Arcadia' sent you... no seriously... leave a comment and shit... and while you're add it leave a comment here too...

Thursday, August 17, 2006


You know... I didn't realize it was SO DAMN EASY TO USE YOU-SEND-IT... now granted.. it is a pain in the ass cause I have to upload the tracks... then YOU (the blog reader) have to actually click on the link and go to THEIR site to download the track... and it doesn't really hold up for very long (7 days)... BUT the cool part is I don't get fuckers hotlinking my shit and fucking raping me financially... SOOOO here's the deal... if you show up... and the file is DOWN, and you just HAVE TO HAVE IT... then e-mail me and we will sort something out... this also covers my ass if the RIAA tries to come after me ("what file? what are you talking about? it doesn't exist anymore! hahaha") but I seriously doubt that any label is going to give a shit... you know who's visiting mp3 blogs? It's not the Christina Agulaira fans (for the most part... yet) and that is where the real money is at... it's hipster/indie/scenester kids who want to her that rare Deerhoof track or some Modest Mouse/Dangermouse mash up (p.s. when that happens I retain all rights... hear me now... and it should be calleds "Two Mouses Aren't Meeces" and then below that it will say 'songs cut up in pieces'... it's quite clever really)... *cough* anyway... I'm on my spanking new internet connection at my new apartment and it feels quite nice to not HAVE to rush through a post at work... that's a drag... I doubt I will be able to do it much longer... so on to the music...

Yesterday I posted a new Babyshambles track called "The Blinding" which we Americans had no way of getting. I know some of you heard that and said "My god this is so good... I need to hear more!" and listened to the Paris Rehearsals over at then a few more of you went ever further and said "Oh my god! There is a remix of this blinding song that came with that cd from 'Big Issue'! That fucker from the Arcadia blog didn't post it!" and now you're sitting at home crying cause you don't know how to get it. WELL NEVER FEAR! I'm on the case... I went to the 'forums' (a term emcompassing the MANY libs/shambles/dpt forums, from this day forth) and good old Cherrio (thanks!) sent it to me. It makes me think maybe 'Shambles should think a moment about doing this more often. Maybe there should be a Whitechappel/new-rave scene going on (NME is fucking soiling themselves at the thought) that 'Shambles can lead (even though Bloc Party did it first... I mean look at the top of this page... the boy is gurning like he took 20 E's... they can start out with a remix of "Hooligans On E"! Brilliant!)... or not...

Babyshambles vs Mains Ignition- "Blinding Remix"

Get it quick before it runs out! Only 7 days from today... and if you are in the UK PLEASE go out and buy one of these from a homeless person!

ps. Totally off topic... I just wanted to comment on how much I fucking HATE that emo Fall Out Boy shit... now I like fucking cry baby music like The Smiths and Interpol and shit like that... you know music for people who ought to be on anti-depressants... but emo? Fucking whining and whingeing... oh jesus. They have spawned (or at least opened the doors for) a whole new generation of PUSSIES. That's right... pussies. This shit sounds like Christian rock sung by Alvin And The Chipmunks sped up with Travis Barker on drums. This shit is supposed to have come out of the HARDCORE SCENE? Like what, the hardcore pussie scene? I heard this band Cartel on Fuse (fucking new cable) and SERIOUSLY I thought it was Jessie McCartney doing a Good Charlotte cover. I honestly advocate that the kids go out and worship fucking Dominic Masters (smoke some crack/fuck a trannie) or something before we lose them, and their potential bad asses in drainpipe jeans, forever! Friends don't let friends buy in to bullshit music...


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's Good To Be Back! (The View, new Shambles)

Ok... I know I have been gone for a while... I'm sorry... I have been moving into a new place, I've been having bandwidth problems, festivals and shows and money problems from all the above... apparently my favourite Myspace friend Lolly thought I'd relapsed and O.D.ed as I hadn't spoken to she or Drew Shambles in a month... turns out I'm still here (I've got my tape recorder now for the phone... will be calling Drew in the next two days so hold your horses! The interview will be in text here on the site, the live audio will be on "The Spirit Of Albion" show after it is edited! I know you guys want it but a) I have to find a time when HE is home, b) have to wake up really early to do it and c)I have to get it ready for FCC consumption!)........ Of course, in my absence, music has kept on going and OF COURSE there is LOADS of great shit that you must hear. Because I've been MIA I'm going to try to make up for it by posting loads of stuff! First off... one of the bands that people can't shut up about are The View. They were recently in the 'Radar' section of the NME (Oasis Kebworth Issue) and are basically being called the heir to the Libertines/Arctic Monkeys crown. While that may be a little overblown (I mean come on... you can't believe a fucking thing the British press says... they make it sound like every band is the biggest band ever), but they are quite good... and quite YOUNG! I'm not sure of the average age but I'm pretty sure it's 18-21. They played their first gig as a supporting slot for Babyshambles in their home town of Dundee. The name came from a bar that banned them from playing called 'The View' (I should take a test on these guys... I'd be scoring pretty high.. hope school goes this well this fall lol!) Their first single is "Wasted Little Djs" which I will post the demo version of. There is a whole album of demos here that are quite good (however I can't post them all due to my bandwidth restrictions)!

The View- "Wasted Little Djs (demo version)"

Next up... from one of my fav bands of all time... I've got a new Babyshambles track called "The Blinding"! Apparently, this track was sold with a copy of a paper that homeless people sell in the UK (kind of like 'Street Wise' in Chicago I imagine) and thank god someone in one of the Libs/Shambles/DPT forums sent me a copy (thank you Nathan Proudfoot)! There are also new tracks at The Albion Arks under Media>Babyshambles>Paris Rehearsals (these tracks can be streamed like at Pete's replacement for the Bala Chadha site, French Dog Blues which also has new video's and a forum). The Shambles men seem to be doing quite well and I will make sure to tell Drew what you all think of the song if you leave comments (the interview will also be typed up as soon as it's done... and I'll get the festival pics up too... I'm sorry! I'm a busy man!).

Babyshambles- "The Blinding"

So anyway... hope this satiates your Arcadian urges... I will keep it regular UNTIL, that is, I have a bandwidth issue!

UPDATE EXTRA: Babyshambles feat Shane McGowan- "Dirty Old Town"

Get music from The View

Get music from Babyshambles