Tuesday, August 07, 2007


My account has been unlocked by Google and THANK GOD because there is a new Black Ghosts mix for July/August that is going to freak you out. Way way way fucking good. I've been playing the Black Ghosts out a lot recently and people seem to fucking LOVE these guys (well obviously because they are awesome) and because of that I hope they release a full length soon and then IMMEDIATELY get their American tour on.

Here's the info about the mix...

Hot on the heels of new single 'It's Your Touch', The Black Ghosts return with a fresh 30 minute mash-up of their favourite gothic-electro-pop. Totally FREE, the download features tunes from the likes of Lindstrom, Gossip, Noze and Curse Minor. To access the mix, just sign up to the bands mailing list!

Sign up here to get the mix

It takes 2 seconds and why wouldn't you want to be on their mailing list right? That's like saying "Pardon me I'd like to give you a 100 dollars I just need to give you a blow job first"! Ok, maybe that's a bit much but you see where I'm going with that...

Remember to stop by..

And I'm pretty sure you can get some Black Ghosts downloads over at eMusic... why not sign up here? lol...

I'll be back soon with some Saturna, The Toy Guns, and loads of other great shit... see you soon!

P.S. Also while on the mixtape front I thought I'd throw this up... I had TOTALLY forgotten about it while I was "frozen out" of blogger.. To My Boy also have a new mixtape online that you guys might enjoy.... here's the track listing...

Black Gloves - Goose
Sexy Bak- Justin Timberlake
Walkman- Sebastian
Xr 2- MIA
You Can Call Me Al (RMx) - Paul Simon
Jump- Pointer Sisters
Phantom Pt II - Justice
Model (Sinden Rmx) - To My Boy
the Bomb - Kennydope & the Bucketheads
Weird Science - Does it Offend U, Yeah
Pump up the Jam - Technotronic
Running up that Hill - Kate Bush
Patrick122 - Mr Oizo
Feel 4 u - Chaka Kahn
Worry About it L8r (Rmx) - Futureheads
Lets Lightning (To My Boy ReScan) - Pull Tiger Tail
Tell the King - Libertines

To My Boy- "Puregroove Mixtape"

I'm listening to it right now and it's dope... it's got JT, that Sinden remix they gave me to post, and a Libs track... can't go wrong with all that...

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jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

the puregroove remix is absolute qualityyyyyy. i will be getting ready to go out on Saturday to that!