Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kavinsky "Nightcall" Remix Competition could make you famous!

Seemed like a good headline to get you interested... but then again how could you not be interested?!?! Even if I had just said "wicked remixes" in the headline it would have gotten a lot of people interested.. but by saying "remix competition" there is no way that any respecting blogger, dj, or producer can overlook this info.

Throwing the word "fame" in is like throwing in the word "free" lol...

Even if you win there are no promises of fame (as you can see below that's not part of the prize packages)... BUT if Kavinsky, himself, chooses your remix as the winner I can't see how you wouldn't end up making waves in the future!

So what's up with all this delicious information? How can you make the best remix of your life (and maybe get some swag while you're at it)? Read the press release below...

To celebrate the release of ‘Nightcall’, Record Makers and Kavinsky
are proud to offer fans / budding producers the opportunity to remix the zombie vocals of Lovefoxxx and Kavinsky. Head over to to get involved:

// 1 Download the vocal stems using the Soundcloud player.

// 2 Make your remix.

// 3 Submit to Record Makers via SoundCloud by Wednesday 30th June.

# 1st prize: (chosen by Kavinsky)
Digital release on Record Makers
+ Nightcall vinyl + Soundcloud Pro. account

# 2nd prize: (chosen by the Record Makers staff)
Nightcall vinyl + Teddy Boy vinyl + Soundcloud Lite account

# 3rd prize: (chosen by the fans - most favourites on SoundCloud)
Nightcall vinyl + 1986 vinyl + Soundcloud Lite account

Check out this killer Breakbot remix...
Nightcall (Breakbot remix) by Kavinsky

And then the Dustin Nguyen remix...
Nightcall (Dustin NGuyen Remix) by Kavinsky

And if that's not enough music for ya, Kavinsky just created a mix for Dazed Digital! I love Dazed Digital... thank you for existing... without The Face someone has to be awesome...

Kavinsky - Dazed Autocruise Mix

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This is what he said about the Dazed Digital mix...
“This mix is automatically generated by my car when I start the engine. This is the music that flows in my veins. My car knows this. For the first time ever, you are able to listen to this program outside of my car. Enjoy."

So get crackin! You've got a wicked song to mess around with, you've got a finite amount of time to do it, and you just might be the lucky bugger to win... who knows? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the remixes (make sure you go cop "Nightcall" from Record Makers) and Kavinsky's mix (which comes a little way toward making up for the fact that I couldn't be at DaFunkFest)... I'll be back soon, keep your ear to the ground!

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