Thursday, July 15, 2010

Diplo speaks about new "MAYA", plus unreleased tracks from M.I.A. with Amanda Blank and Blaqstarr!

Of course one of the most talked about things on the blogosphere is the new M.I.A. album "MAYA". Some reviews are good, others are not so hot, but arguably the most important verdict comes from Diplo (who has been involved in the production of all of her albums thus far)...

For those of you who are just arriving to the M.I.A. and Diplo show... they started dating after she walked into our dear fabric's nightclub while he was playing her first single "Galang". They had a beautiful working relationship, and personal relationship, and they were the power couple of the year when her first album came out.

Eventually their personal relationship fell apart (we won't go into why, you can find that somewhere else on the interwebs if need be) but regardless they continued to work together... One can't help but wonder if their relationship woes helped inspire this song...
Amanda Blank feat M.I.A. = "Take It Easy" YSI

Their continued collabo yielded, amongst other things, the worldwide smash "Paper Planes" (helped significantly by the trailer for Pineapple Express). And on top of raising both their profiles it also lead to interpolation by KanYe West in the form of "Swagga Like Us":

Anyway... now that "MAYA" is out there is a storm of hipster commentary out there (reminding me a lot of the wild reaction to Interpol's "Our Love To Admire")... however, the review that is most interesting to moi is this interview where Diplo speaks about M.I.A.'s new album.

Other collaborators on the new album include Blaqstarr... who wrote this killer jam (sampling the theme for 'The Wire' in a B-More stylee) that was originally believed to be written for the new M.I.A. album.
M.I.A. feat Blaqstarr = "Way Down In Hole" YSI

If her next album didn't have Diplo on it I'd be very surprised (despite what that interview might lead you to believe). I've met both of them: Diplo is a very funny, kind, prankster of a guy... and M.I.A. (although I only very very briefly spoke to her) seems like a kind, level headed kind of woman... I have little doubt that all this will blow over and they'll be working together again soon.

Make sure to check out Diplo & Switch's Major Lazer EP that comes out this next week featuring the likes of Thom Yorke and M.I.A.!

I'll be back as soon as I can and hope you enjoyed this post... please leave comments telling what you think of the new M.I.A. album! I've got a silly video with Diplo which I'll probably post later this evening... see you guys soon!

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