Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We are very close... and in the meantime we have Simian Mobile Disco...

We are VERY close to having posts full of interview awesomeness and some other little treats... things have been a little rough though and so I've been a little stalled out as far as posting goes... I'm getting that Namalee from Super Super finished up, and I've got Noise For the Passive in the queue coming up right after that. And then some other cool shit but I won't get into that (brandnewremixby2006mercuryprizenomineesandDFAsigneesforanotherAstralwerksband)...

IN THE MEANTIME... Sam and I went to the Chi last night to see Simian Mobile Disco (click the name to see the P4K article) at the Empty Bottle (pictures to of my own to come soon I'm sure) and it was amazing.

We just happened to run into James Ford from Simian Mobile Disco (read it like this: Pharrell Williams is to hip hop as James Ford is to 'New Rave'/Dance Punk/Electrorawkwhateveryoucallit *just in case you didn't already know that, you hipster mp3 blog reader*) right before the show. We talked for a minute, he signed the idea notebook I carry with me, gave him a copy of the State Crime demo, he got a light from Sam and then went on his merry way. I warned him (based on his buddies Klaxons surprise reactions both times they played in Chicago) that the American audience will take at LEAST 30 mins to warm up so don't let your feelings get hurt :)

And that's exactly how it went down... by the time they got around to "It's The Beat" (about 20+ mins into their set) shit popped off. The audience never really gave SMD what they wanted response wise because most of the audience wasn't there for them... most of the audience came because it was some awesome Flavorpill giveaway deelybop or because someone told them they should RSVP or someone said "Tuesday is a good night to drink!"... but there were a few people in the front of the crowd (Sam and I included) who were going ape shit and all and all it was a near perfect show. To see something that awesome up close, something that in my beloved England would have been on a super huge stage where I couldn't make out anyone's face, was monumental and as far as I'm concerned a historical event :)

When we left the show there were still loads of gift bags (because for some reason the primarily hetero burly man fest that was there didn't really want a bag with a socially conscious magazine, a bunch of sculpting hair products, and a couple fliers in it... who would have thought... I thought those dudes LOVED SOME PRODUCT! My hair is going to be so sculpted though now j/k)...

We ducked out of the show early (btw Telefon Tel Aviv was awesome but needed a little hype man to let us know they were on the fucking stage... it went from the DJ straight into their set with no fanfare.. sorry guys) to get over to the Funky Buddha Lounge for their XXX Panty Party... check out the videos from the show and then hear the rest of the story............

EDIT: This is a picture of us earlier in the evening.

I mean we seriously hauled ass...

When we got to the Funky Buddha it was midnight on the nose (10 minutes late on bar time) and I basically had to beg the door lady to let us in because she was about to dispose with the RSVP list... and once we made it there *Screeching tire sound mixed with a loud BOING!* we realized we were not wanted. I don't care how homo people think Sam and I are, or that I was wearing a purple shirt with silver letters with lavender shoes and pink shoe laces, we were immediately spotted as tourists in the gay (mostly lesbian) world. They knew we weren't gay, and since the party was being thrown by Estrojam and there were trannies walking around in their underwear everywhere, we got lots of dirty looks as though we were there as tourists (and not there for music at all).

Frankly the music wasn't really popping off... the highs were too high, there was no low in one room, and in the other room the levels were totally off, and the songs were BARELY being mixed. I don't even know who the fuck was playing. Sam and I sat around waiting to see if this party was going to be the great amazing party that you sit around dreaming of when you're a teenager in Nowheresville, Michigan... but that never happened. It was mostly us getting stared at no matter how close we sat to each other, and there were a few straight girls desperately seeking out the straight men (btw what a cock block am I? I've got a girlfriend who I live with, but I'm always dragging us to DJ gigs were chicks are all about it, AND then I'm saying "Ok Sam, time to go! I got to get to work in the morning!"... poor dude... I owe him a night were we don't have to be back by morning... and I'll find somewhere else to sleep lol...) Not really our scene if the music isn't working seeing as we both don't drink anymore.

Eventually we figured that by the time they were going to be giving away vibrators, and condoms, and lube... everyone was gonna be taking their clothes off... we would be getting pelted with those vibrators and die a gross an pathetic death. And we both had class in the morning (in fact I've been in class the whole time I've been writing this) in the morning and SMD probably wasn't going to be DJing until 5am so it just didn't make sense to stay. Hope everyone else had fun!

I'm sure that at least one person went home with someone of a surprise gender last night (remember that scene with Begbie in 'Trainspotting'?)... "Girls who like boys that like boys to be girls..."

But that was that and it was mostly awesome! Next week Monday we've got the Chemical Brothers and Ladytron which should be extra special with sugar on top so we're pretty geeked for that. I doubt we would be so lucky to meet the Chems but maybe if we get there early? You never know! I never thought I'd just look up from pulling my bag out of the car and see James Fucking Ford. Mental... anyway here's a new Simian Mobile Disco remix that I haven't even heard yet from Armand Van Helden. Enjoy!

Simian Mobile Disco- "Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix)" Rapidshare

Simian Mobile Disco- "Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix)" YSI

Well I hope you enjoyed all that... once again... look forward to Namalee Von Namazon, Noise For The Passive, and an awesome remix from you-know-who-chip...

P.S. Please click that banner and join eMusic... I got the worst financial news ever right after I posted this blog... every extra six bucks helps! If that's not your bag then just enjoy the music!

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