Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What a shambles, what a shambles, what a shambles...

Well my friends the time is upon us... for the greatest release of the year (next to Klaxons, M.I.A., and well lots of albums but lets ignore that for now!) BABYSHAMBLES- Shotter's Nation to come out... and Albion has a track from it just for you! Sadly, it didn't come from the source as it usually does BUT I think the source will be o.k. with it seeing as I heard they're sending it out to other people before me (boo).

Here it is in all of its glory...

Babyshambles- "The Lost Art Of Murder" Rapidshare

Babyshambles- "The Lost Art Of Murder" YSI

All you damn Brits make sure you get out to your news stand and get your NME before the 7" single sells out... I bet you this one gives the White Stripes one a run for the money... there are so many of us Doherty obsessives that there is no way this won't be huge! Someone want to ship me one? I think my news guy is going to fuck me out of mine and buy up all the copies because we are feuding since me snubbed me about a DJing gig... prick... (Why? Why would you do that when I'm trying to be kind turn down my offer to play a dubstep set for your hippie friends? Why? Because you're fucking rude that's why!)

Here's an awesome vid for "Delivery" you've probably already seen but why not watch it again!

EDIT: Parlophone sent me the email with the track... I just hadn't gotten it yet. Even my email says they had sent it out earlier... must be connection issues. Anyway their email had more video info I thought you might be interested it!






I cannot fucking wait until the album comes out. I think I'm just going to put on headphones and walk until I have heard the whole album front to back because this is such an important album to me... can't just listen to it at work, or in the car, or what the fuck ever... kind of like a Bjork album... just too close to my heart. I'm sure it will be awesome.

Hope you all enjoyed! Check back for updates! Leave comments! Join eMusic from here!

And just in case you needed this...........

Delivery all formats special offer


Delivery CD Single



Delivery 7”


Shotter’s Nation






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