Thursday, June 19, 2008

Too much information! LOTP, Atomica Project, GTA Oxford and more...

Sorry guys. If you've read the comments recently you'll see that I, amongst other things, am a 'lying asshole' and all sorts of other fun things. Because of this comments will be disabled for now.

For those of you who didn't know... I'm getting married in a couple weeks :) Someone took issue with this, so I've had to limit my communication with the outside world, and have been too busy to write... so I'm sorry. I owe more to YOU the person, the other readers, the artists, the promo people, and my future to let that catch me up for tooooooo long.

So, let's get back in the saddle again shall we?

First off is a download of the new Late Of the Pier single "Heartbeat" which many of you know, from the Zarcorp Demos, is amazing. This version in the Erol Alkan produced version that is on the forthcoming album which will undoubtedly blow all our socks off! Don't know how long this is going to be "up" but I guess, get it while you can!

Late Of The Pier- "Heartbeat" Direct Download

NEXT UP... this is a little bit of a rule bend... but I told you I'd be doing this a little more. I did it for Saturna, Romanthony, a handful of bands... they aren't British.... but... I feel confident about posting them. There are artists where I make exceptions to the rule.... well, they are bound to fit more into the scheme of British popular music (i.e. the way most people think of Placebo as a British band even though they aren't, based on the fact they are more popular there than on our own shores) so it seems to make sense to post their music!

Atomica Project have my support first off because they are from Chicago, which even though I don't live there anymore, I consider to be my 'home' to which I will eventually return. So, I gotta support Chicago people, that's just how it is (as long as they are good lol)! The second reason they have my support is because they are really good...

NOW... anything that could possibly fall under 'chill out' is almost completely put out of my head as soon as it is introduced (I think most of us can stand, what, maybe Air? And that's it anymore?)... and although Atomica Project are more subdued than the usual Arcadia fodder, they are certainly not just 'chill out' music. When I heard their song "Forecast" I was really blown away. I'm a big Everything But The Girl fan and I don't think anything (outside of Beth Orton) has really come close to filling that void (Lazy Dog, Cherry Jam, and Tracey's solo album don't count). Atomica Project, however, may have done just that. This song got so stuck in my head that I would leave the house, and as soon as I came back in from where I was, I would have to hear it immediately upon arriving home. In fact I think that Ben Watt should take notice and remix this... you heard me Ben... do it up lol!

The Atomica Project- "Forecast"

Last, and certainly not least, are my boys GTA. The Oxford based duo are two of the only 'non-grime' emcees to make it onto this blog because, well, I find most Brithop boring! But GTA Oxford are more playful, sincere, and engaging than your typical American knockoff gangsta bullshit by a LONG SHOT. Here's a new snippet of their new single which I implore you to check out!

GTA ft Jada Pearl- "The Way"

That ladies and gents is the wrap up for today. Tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning I'll be on the phone with none other than SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO so make sure you stay tuned for the interview we've all be waiting for!

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