Monday, June 23, 2008


Oasis. Blur. You probably like one or the other.

But it's doubtful that you even question for a second whether you like The Verve.

When we look back at the golden age of British rock they were in the front line, along with other bands that are still making awesome records (Supergrass, Portishead etc). The Verve have always stuck out as being different than their peers... and now they are back.

So now, they've done shows together. Nick McCabe played out with previous postees, and Mancunian up-and-comers, Lowline. NME posted a session of work they were doing. They've been busy getting their profile up. And now I present you with this little gem...

The Verve- "LOVE IS NOISE"


I wish I could provide you with more info, and perhaps will throw up an old b-side later... but I had to get this up with the quickness.

You know I like to tell dumb little stories. Here's my Verve story. I had tickets to see The Verve and Massive Attack but Massive Attack dropped off the bill at the last second, and it was going to be hard to get to the show so I said, "Oh I'll see The Verve some other time."

For years I've been kicking my ass. Hopefully now I won't have to :)

However, I doubt I'll ever get to interview them. I'm sure Richard Ashcroft has actually transended space and time and floats on stage now... that's way above what I can handle lol...

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