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New Maps, Little Boots, Franz Ferdinand, Sliimy, Kotchy and plenty of remixes

I don't think I ever did a post about Maps before. Truthfully? I got the album after the hype had died down some (U.S. release dates suck sometimes) and with all the fresh stuff coming in I don't think Maps got any attention. I know my wife loved the album!

I got a track sent this morning that is a dub mix of his new song "Let Go Of The Fear" that shows a nice change in direction that I can really get behind... I can't help but imagine that working with one of the blokes from Death In Vegas would give you new ideas for sound (TRIVIA: Did you know that Death In Vegas were supposed to produce and Oasis album but typical Oasis brother tensions but a quick end to that?)

I like an album I can listen to in my car, at home, and in the club (see Simian Mobile Disco, Frankmusik, and The Black Ghosts) and if this track is any indication of what's to come the new album will fall under that umbrella. I hope you enjoy this track as much as I have!

Maps- "Let Go Of The Fear"
Maps- "Let Go Of The Fear" YSI

‘Let Go Of The Fear’ (Dub Version)
Release date: 11th May 2009 (digital)
Useful links:

• Maps is James Chapman. Debut album ‘We Can Create’ was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and ‘Let Go Of The Fear’ is his return to the land of recorded music
• Having been working with Tim Holmes (ex Death In Vegas), James got Oliver Huntemann in to finish off this first offering from album number 2
• The second Maps album is provisionally titled ‘Turning The Mind’ and reflects James’s love of techno and nu-disco

I know I just posted some stuff on Little Boots BUT I hadn't been able to get around to posting some remixes I was sent a while back. Soooooo... I think I'm just gonna post all of em! Why not right? In case you've been living under a rock Little Boots is taking the world by storm... the once Dead Disco front woman is working with half of the Arcadian Family, has a super anticipated album, and from what I hear is crazy hot (which tends to help when you're a singer). The songs are awesome as you'll see below:
Little Boots- "New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)" YSI
Little Boots- "New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)"
Little Boots- "New In Town (Fred Falke Instrumental)" YSI
Little Boots- "New In Town (Fred Falke Instrumental)"
Little Boots- "New In Town (Drop The Lime Dub)" YSI
Little Boots- "New In Town (Drop The Lime Dub)"
Little Boots- "Earthquake (Dekker and Johan Remix)"
Little Boots- "Earthquake (Clap Mike Amour Remix)"

Now since the Hype Machine has changed the way it functions (by not posting more than one copy of a track) I'm going to have to fuck with format for a while to get my numbers back up. I'm still only going to post stuff I like but I guess some of it's not going to be British. Does anyone have a problem with this? I might. We'll see how it goes... I think this time I can find a way to combine a new song from France back to the UK via Franz Ferdinand :)

I just saw Franz Ferdinand at Clutch Cargo's in Pontiac the other night with my friend Jessica... and I have to say, there are very very few bands that can sound as good performing as they do on their records... Franz Ferdinand are one of those bands for sure. It was easily was one of the best shows I've seen in years. They tore it up, and their guitar player came out on crutches and STILL blew everyone away. I don't know too many bands that look like they're having that much fun on stage and would highly recommend that you go see them. They waited til the encore to play "Ulysses" and "This Fire" and I went bonkers when they played both. Then I almost died getting hit by a jeep, and got followed by 5 cop cars on the way home... but... whatever you know?
Franz Ferdinand- "Womanizer (Britney Spears Cover)"

I wanted to mention for you Franz fans out there... there's a little EP floating around that won't be out til Summer but I promise you'll dig it... here's more info:
‘Blood’ will be available for general release on 1st June 2009 through Domino Records, but 500 vinyl copies of the album will be available through selected independent outlets to celebrate Record Store Day on Saturday the 18th of April. ‘Blood’ was originally featured as part of the box set & double disc versions of ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand’, though the new version will include the additional song, ‘Be Afraid’, a version of ‘Dream Again’. The band are currently on tour in the US and head to Japan before returning to the UK in the summer for a number of festivals including T in the Park & Glastonbury.

I also can't remember if I posted this before or not but this has been my favourite bloghaus track of the year so far... I play it every time I DJ now...
Franz Ferdinand- "Ulysses (IHEARTMYJUNO Remix)"

NOW here's the break in format... Sliimy has done a cover as well that is one of the best one's I've heard (frankly it is better than the Franz one, but it's also very different). Here's some info on that...
Here's a cover of 'Womanizer' from 20-year-old French boy wonder, Sliimy that would be great to get your thoughts on and up on the site as a download. Sliimy
is an optical and meteorological phenomenon whose “happy, pop,
furry-toy” songs have been known to cause a spectrum of light to
appear in the sky, every time they are played!

Also soon to be released will be ʻWake Upʼ, the UKʼs premiere view of
Sliimy’s kaleidoscopic, fantasy world. Itʼs a soupçon of sweet
tasting hooks. A demi tasse of neon-bright melodies. Itʼs choc et le
bloc full of LOL sing-along lyrics and the UK wonʼt have heard
anything so glass-shatteringly exuberant since Judy Garland minced
down the yellow brick road.

You can check out more at Myspace!
Sliimy- "Womanizer (Britney Spears Cover)"

Also a break from format, but a hot name nonetheless, Kotchy a new err "joint" for you :) This is at least his 3rd appearance on the blog... I believe the last one with with Shunda K from Yo! Majesty...

Kotchy's glitched bass and slouching beats get dirty, bassy on "A
Superstar" it's a perfect blend of house party sleaze & club savvy
hip-hop. . Tongue in cheek both figuratively and literally speaking.
Kotchy says

"I wrote it while living above a cheesy club in Seattle, I find a lot
of main-stream American culture to be sad, and this scene was cranked
at full volume but Smoke a joint, and it's suddenly hilarious."

Hence his new I'd Have to Be High EP then.

Harnessing the more sinister side of the track HRDVSION’s jacking
techno monster morphs Kotchy’s sleazy vocals and killer drum breaks
into a dark twisted club stinger. Nathan Jonson aka Hrdvsion
(Wagonrepair) is part of the first family of Canadian Techno and with
brother Mathew but has fled the nest for Berlin where he tearing it up
and confesses..."the dancefloor loves the mix i've made a banger!

The remix and original feature on Kotchy's latest EP I'd A Have To Be
Listen in full: href="">here and
grab the ltd 12'" and get the download free href="">here at
Civil Music

Kotchy- "A Superstar (Hrdvsion Mix)"
Kotchy- "A Superstar (Hrdvsion Mix)" YSI

Stream the original here:

Ok, well hopefully this wealth of information will somehow get me put on the Hype Machine. Once again I appreciate comments and if you would follow me (see "Followers" in the right side bar) I'd appreciate it. You guys are the best. Be back soon!



Props for the post! I've got more stuff coming up but dang, the exams sure help to be anything but creative or productive musically.


Oh yeah, and Sliimy sure looks like Prince in high school. Except French. And not black.

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heh...maybe you'll like this one ;)