Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NEW: South Central's Nirvana bootleg!

Most people who know me know my two favourite bands are The Libertines and Joy Division...

You probably also are aware that I have been a long time supporter of electro-rock firestarters South Central. They've gone from making bootlegs of Late Of The Pier, to touring with The Prodigy, all the while making headlines in magazines like NME and Remix Magazine... They've really come a long way since I first started talking to them and I still think the sky is the limit with these guys!

UPDATE: The recently sent me a track... and it was not supposed to be released! If you did happen to get this rough draft of a certain song PLEASE keep it to yourself. If you were a musician working on something you would at LEAST want to have the public hear the final version before any "demos" made their way to the surface.

In place of that track we have this Nirvana bootleg that I expect will be a staple in many DJ sets! I hope you enjoy this (I know I have) and I'm interested in what you think... please leave your thoughts in the comment section!

South Central - Smells Like a South Central (Nirvana Bootleg )" WAV file from DropSend

South Central - Smells Like a South Central (Nirvana Bootleg )"

We're almost at the end of the year, so I want to thank everyone, and if I can get some more stuff before tomorrow evening I will. Have fun, you all rock! Thank you for everything...

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