Thursday, January 14, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Findlay Brown cover of The Black Ghosts

Sooooooo... I was going through my iTunes earlier and found an "untagged" acoustic version of "It's Your Touch" by The Black Ghosts. I knew it wasn't Simon Lord singing and Oli from This Is Music confirmed I was correct. It's actually Findlay Brown. As far as I'm aware this song has not been posted before (at least on The Hype Machine) SO I am very proud to present Findlay Brown covering "It's Your Touch"!

Findlay Brown - "It's Your Touch (Black Ghosts Cover)" YSI

I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks again to Oli, and keep your ears open, I'll be back soon!


Jamie said...

I'm not a fan of Findlay Brown, but your background is very distracting and it is hard to read what you've written. Maybe not everybody feels this way?

Patch said...

No, the background is shit. I know that. I need to reduce the opacity and change the font...