Monday, January 25, 2010

The Glamour cover Daft Punk for "Love Burn" b-side

The Glamour are not new kids on the block but they are new to Herve's Cheap Thrills Label. To really get out there and get people's attention so they have covered Daft Punk's "Robot Rock" for the b side of their new single "Love Burn" (out on Beatport this week, and in the shops next week)!

The Glamour - "Robot Rock (Daft Punk Cover)" YSI
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The Glamour - "Robot Rock (Daft Punk Cover)" Dropbox

Here's the press kids:
The Glamour - ‘Robot Rock’(Daft Punk cover)
From the ‘Love Burn’ EP (Cheap Thrills)
Release date: 8th February

• The Glamour are Diamonds (Asher Gray) and Richard Richard (Richard
Galling) and are based in Milwaukee
• Their proximity to Chicago meant that plenty of house music legends passed
through town, influencing a small scene from which The Glamour take their
• The ‘Love Burn’ EP is their first release on HervĂ©’s Cheap Thrills label and
the title track features vocal from Diamonds – it’s also been remixed by
Cheap Thrills labelmates Max Morrell
• ‘Robot Rock’ is found on the b-side with a space disco remix by Mighty
• Cheap Thrills have previously released tracks from Fake Blood, Trevor
Loveys, Jack Beats and High Rankin, to name but a few

Check out more on Myspace! Granted, these guys aren't British, BUT I've got mad love for the Midwest and Herve is behind them... and it's a Daft Punk cover for Pete's sake! Leave your comments below... I'll be back soon! Thank to Anna btw :)

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