Thursday, April 08, 2010

NEW: Robot Koch and Bassnectar preview new EPs!

Well apparently poor Bassnectar had a sort of surprise release of his new EP... Instead of kicking and screaming how does the Bassnectar team deal with it? Release it early and give stuff away for free!

The Bassnectar crew has decided to drop the latest Timestretch EP a week early with some exclusive DJ Pack bundles through the site. Release is 100% bangers with some remixes by MRK1, SPL, Jantsen, and iLL.Gates

It worth noting that the EP is actually out now (unlike when I got the email, sorry about that)... Check out more at the Bassnectar music store! I can tell you right now it's absolutely amazing haven taken a listen in the last few days. I wish I would have posted this earlier (I got it about two weeks ago) so this is old news to some of you....

...but you may not be aware that Bassnectar and Major Lazer are playing TOMORROW at The Fillimore in Detroit! If you're going drop me a line and perhaps we can discuss how sick this bootleg is:

Bassnectar - "Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado"

Bassnectar - "Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado" YSI

And then there's this to pique your interest!

If you caught the last Bassnectar post you know our boy Robot Koch did a sick remix for him... so it only makes sense to post this info together. He's got an EP coming out in May that will no doubt melt your face lol...

robot koch_true (preview) from robot koch on Vimeo.

And just to get you a little more excited there's new Jahcoozi on the horizon as well :) That is just about the only remotely British thing mention (because of their lead singer) in this post... I guess the remixers on the Bassnectar EP count right? This is basically just blatant favouritism hahaha... thank god both make awsome music! I'll do my best not to make friends with people who make crap music so we can keep the quality fresh!

After tomorrow you'll have some sick video, audio, whatever from the Bassnectar & Major Lazer show so... make sure to stay tuned!

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