Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HUGE TUNE: "Sicko Cell"

Well... apparently I need to get a hold of R&S Records, who are both mentioned by the emcee in this recording, because I gotta find out more about this track and more importantly the artist! They probably don't even represent the artist, the emcee is probably talking about Blake... but I wanna know who did this tune!

Ahhhhhh! Brilliant! That bit at the end where James Blake is mixing in Burial? Amazing... I want to hear that whole set!

The other blog is coming along! I still am the only person to have written in it but the other folk aren't used to doing HTML and writing for an audience hoping they like what you say... so be easy on them once they all start. In the mean time, what do you kids think of this?

There are a LOT of people who I'd love to see on this lineup. Anyway, be back soon!

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