Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NEW RADIOHEAD! Live from The Basement

Looks like Radiohead are going back to The Basement to perform The King Of Limbs and this new song called Staircase!

Here's the blurb from Phil:
"Here's a new track called Staircase, taken from our upcoming 'From The Basement' session.

And no, you're not seeing double. The doppelganger drummers are myself and Clive Deamer. Clive has long been one of my favourite drummers and so I was really excited when he agreed to perform with us. Hope you like what we've all done.

Philip x"

Enjoy! And know that the videos from The Basement off In Rainbows are on iTunes for .99 cents... that's not me shilling for them... I just downloaded "All I Need" and "Reckoner". Be back soon!

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