Monday, August 22, 2011

Oasis - "D'Know What I Mean"

When this came out I was, what, like 15? And I remember seeing the video and thinking "this literally feels like a mission statement, it feels like for the first time in my life things are reaching the height of awesome... like everyone 'gets it', loads of music is amazing, and it feels like we could change pop culture for the better, like, forever"... I remember when the single came out I had to NOT buy it on purpose so that I would have the money to buy, what was expected to be the greatest album ever written, Be Here Now.

Needless to say Be Here Now should have been called Cocaine Music and the whole band should have been forced into rehab or something... and they should have saved half the album and filled the rest with ummm better songs and lyrics. I'm still trying to sort out what "Magic Pie" is all about.

Unfortunately they never really recovered from the fall out from that 3rd album. It allegedly "killed" Britpop... it was almost universally panned... and at least in the U.S. they never got the credit they deserved ever again. The follow up, Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, was in my opinion an amazing album! I mean "Fuckin' In The Bushes", "Go Let It Out", "Who Feels Love", "Gas Panic!", "Where Did It All Go Wrong", "Sunday Morning Call", and "Roll It Over" are FANTASTIC (especially those last 4). Ask Ryan Adams! He agrees!

Things could have turned out better for Oasis but... for that brief moment they were about as close to "perfect" as any band has in my lifetime. Or anyone's lifetime. I mean this song got played thousands of times before anyone realized (about 10 years later) that the "backwards bit" at the beginning of the song actually says ""... I'm sorry, I don't care what you think, these guys are one of the greatest bands ever.

Extra personal shit you probably don't want to read: I remember my dad telling me, during at period where we weren't speaking, that he would listen to this and cry. Which was nice. So this song probably sounds better to me than it really is.

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