Monday, August 29, 2011

What's The Story Morning Glory?

Pffft. This blog has all but lost it's pulse. Before I go into some long winded whatever... I do want to thank the people, especially those who didn't need to keep it up, who supported this blog while I dealt with some significant and personal struggles.

So am I finally closing this down? NOPE.

I'm getting some new blood in here. I've got a couple people working behind the scenes, and a young buck who couldn't be better suited for writing for this blog. I met him through The Spirit Of Albion and he's one of the FEW people I trust enough to give total access to the blog. He's got amazing taste and, frankly, he's more on top of new stuff than I am...

Long story short, keep your eye on this space. A relaunch is in the works :)

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