Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kele feat Lucy Taylor - "What Did I Do"

Although contextually different I've been asking myself quite a bit "what do I do wrong" for the last week or so. An sort of relationship when it dissipates for what feels like an unknown reason (romantic, sexual, work, friendship, etc) it feels like a sliver in your brain. There is never ending second guessing that eventually will cause you to be bonkers "mad" if you let it.

After unceremoniously getting my ass handed to me last Wednesday I've been searching for something that conveyed the level on confusion I'm experiencing... and along comes Kele (from Bloc Party), along with Lucy Taylor (his keyboardist), with a pop dubstep banger that creates a lot of anticipation for Kele's Hunter EP (out November 7th). While the song is obviously about romantic entanglements it does express the desperation of someone who can't full put together why they've been kicked to the curb. It's songs like this that help us move past such traumatic moments and it seems Bloc Party and Kele are prime musical fodder for the difficult moments in life.

Kele - What Did I Do? - Single by PluggedIn

Whether we will see another Bloc Party release remains to be seen (although their camp swear up and down the band is still together despite NME posting phone calls that express the opposite)... but until then we have this gem.

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