Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Massive Attack and Burial release limited edition single!

I don't even want to share the news with you guys on this one. I want to beg/steal/borrow until this record is in possession (oh pardon me, not steal, I've been accused of that enough recently).

Massive Attack and Burial have released a HAND NUMBERED, SCREEN PRINTED IN GOLD GLITTER, LIMITED EDITION of !000 single which features Burial's remixes of "Four Walls" and "Paradise Circus". See why I didn't want to tell you! A THOUSAND COPIES! One of you will own it and I won't and I'll cry forever! You can see why I cannot stand for this...

...however at $50 (roughly) a copy we're almost all too poor to own it so maybe I can sell my worthless liver or something in time to get one!

Below are the official artwork AND a taste of this truly amazing release.

Available to pre-order exclusively from www.massiveattack.co.uk and www.vfeditions.com
* Release date 17 October 2011
* Limited to 1000 copies worldwide
* Artwork by Robert Del Naja
* Screen-printed cover with gold glitter
* Each edition hand numbered
* 180-gram heavyweight vinyl
* Crafted by The Vinyl Factory
* Inhale Gold 001

Price: £25

I would probably do something very stupid to be in possession of this record. So please, if you love me, just by me a copy so you don't see me in some weird viral Japanese video I had to do to raise the money for a copy j/k lol...

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