Thursday, May 18, 2006

Even more new Radiohead!

Well I got a positive response about the last post. I'm glad you people dig your Radiohead! I have been trying to locate everything I can from their new tours. I just found the second Copenhagen show last night (in full) and so psyched... the quality is quite good... almost as good as the Earl's Court show... but that actually is perfect so it's hard to beat! The first 5 songs are NEW and from the Copenhagen show... the last (Exit Music) is from Glasto 97 which is also a super famed performance... I put that on because I'm not in a super good mood right now... I do hope however that these make your day! Enjoy... leave me a comment if you want me to post more!

New stuff from the second Copenhagen show...
Radiohead- "Open Pick"

Radiohead- "Black Star"

Radiohead- "Spooks"

Radiohead- "Bodysnatchers"

This isn't new.. it just fits my mood but it's from the same show...
Radiohead- "Let Down"

And here is my depressing song from Glasto 97...
Radiohead- "Exit Music For A Film"

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Melissa said...

Wicked bad jigga, good work.