Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ladytron KCRW

Ok, ok I get it... I don't pay enough attention to you... I'm sorry... I've just been a little busy... you know how it is? I mean haven't you been so busy you couldn't attend to normal things? Of course... it won't happen again, I promise. Hehehe... anyway... so how fucking sweet are Ladytron anyway? WAY FUCKING SWEET RIGHT? For sure... I don't want to fuck them by posting album tracks... but I found this sweet KCRW live set. That should do... hopefully this will prompt you to get their new album "The Witching Hour"... it's a damn fine album... listen to it and you'll be dressing in black and an being very contemplative in no time...

Ladytron- "Destroy Everything You Touch (Live @ KCRW)"

Ladytron- "International Dateline (Live @ KCRW)"

Ladytron- "Sugar (Live @ KCRW)"

I promise I will be back with more goodies... I seriously enjoy this but I have been mad busy... I will give you the love you deserve... if you have trouble downloading these just go to to download everything I have put up!

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Joshua said...

Hey, love Ladytron and only just found this session, any chance of a re-up? Thanks..