Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Does Borrell Need Another Head-Butt?

Johnny Borrell from Razorlight apparently thinks he's Jesus. For those of you who are coming in late on this story here's what's up so far... Johnny Borrell was close mates with these two guys, Pete and Carl, who started this called The Libertines... in it's earliest incarnation some guy named Steve was singing and Johnny was playing bass... this didn't last long, the line up changed and all of a sudden you have the "new" Libertines release some of the best rock material in the first half of this century... Borrell went off and started his own band called Razorlight and did very well himself after he released an album called "Up All Night" (Charles and I were going to go see Razorlight and Muse when they came here to tour but, alas, that was in my "drug fueled" era and the ticket money went to pills or something)... last summer while playing a festival Johnny ran into his old friend Pete Doherty... who wrestled Johnny to the ground and headbutted him after Pete learned that Johnny had called one of The Strokes girlfriends (Pete's close friends, and former tour-mates) a whote... Mr. Borrell sported a nice shiner and proceeded to talk a lot of shit and blah blah blah... fast forward to today and Borrell is still talking shit... in this weeks NME Johnny says his band is better than the Arctic Monkeys and everyone else for that matter. Whether this is true or not is yet to be discovered... I don't know a LOT about Razorlight, but I do know a lot about Alex Turner and company (NOTE: today Andy Monkey left the North American tour due to exhaustion) and I think it would be hard to beat their music or their sales figures. You decide for yourself!

Here are the tracks:

Razorlight- "In The Morning"

Arctic Monkeys- "No Buses"

You be the judge! And make sure that you log your vote in the comments section!

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