Friday, June 23, 2006

Robot Rock?

So I go get me NME the other day and lo and behold! They actually have the CD that comes with it! So I comb through it try to avoid the complete and utter shit (Panic!@The Disco, Fall Out Boy... ok maybe I listened to a couple seconds but it was rubbish... I just needed to be sure why I hated them so much)... and I see OOHH The Klaxons are on this! It is a live version of "Gravity's Rainbow" which is just a fucking stormer of a track (I might give a tip to all you smart-pants DJs or you "must-make-a-perfect-mix-tape" kids that this song mixes PEFECTLY with "Believe" by The Chemical Brothers). This song manages to do EVERYTHING that Daft Punk wanted to do with their last CD and weren't able to pull off. It has an ace echoing synth and a driving beat right from the get go... it turns into a rocking, trashing example of what dance music SHOULD sound like in 2006. It's electro/house/rock/funk/punk fusion at it's best... I would say based on this one track that these guys live up to all the hype they are getting!

Another quick example of a rock/tech hybrid is.... oh hold your breath... this makes sense... the original version of "Talk" by Coldplay. Sure, you can call them bed wetters, but you can't say they don't write brilliant songs. This version of the Kraftwerk-riff-stealing song is more of an indie rock sing along than the commerical version on the album. This is what I expected Coldplay to sound like 3 albums in. It's really wonderful!

The Klaxons- "Gravity's Rainbow (LIVE)"

Coldplay- "Talk (Scrapped Version)"

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oochma said...

hey would you do me a big favor and email the mp3 of the unreleased "talk"? I would appreciate it so much.