Thursday, June 22, 2006


Oh what a week... sorry I haven't posted for a while (a month actually... I'll get my game back together... I wanna make this a fulltime thing!)... you know how it is. There have been a lot of ups and downs this week but thankfully more ups in the end! This weekend is the INTONATION FESTIVAL in Union Park... the line up is loaded FULL of brit bands such as Bloc Party, The Streets, and Lady Sov! I'm so fucking stoked... I was supposed to get press passes but of course SOMETHING had to get fucked up and they only had one pool of passes for two different departments (i.e. they were 50% short)... but I'm going to call the lady who gave me a bunch of passes and hopefully she can get me backstage for a couple mins! Just so I can pretend I'm important! Anyway... I thought I'd do a little pump up mix...

In other news Bilo added me on myspace... when I first found him like 10 people had looked at his profile... now 30,000 have and he has a 1,00 friends... at least I can say I was ahead of the pack! Drew from Babyshambles is supposed to do an interview with me next week for my radioshow so I'm getting closer and closer to meeting my idols lol. Anyway... onto the music... I'm posting the best bsides from Bloc Party and The Streets, and a BRAND NEW Sov track! ENJOY!

Bloc Party- "Always New Depths"

The Streets- "All Got Our Runnins"

Lady Sovereign- "Gatheration"

Pete Doherty- "Bound Together"

Pick up music from Bloc Party

Pick up music from The Streets

Pick Up music from Lady Sovereign

Pick Up Music from Pete Doherty

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