Thursday, June 29, 2006

Intonation Wrap-Up (Pt1)

So... I have to say (and I have mentioned it a LOT on different internet outlets) it was one of the best weekends of my life. Seriously... I thought it was amazing. It made me miss my raving days when the WHOLE weekend would be that cool EVERY weekend! But yeah... just about every show minus Blue Cheer and High On Fire was great... those two bands suck unless you are an gas huffing metal head who cuts your self for Satan. The weather was great, all the staff on sight were nice, the merch tents were affordable and the people were cool, I had my lovely girlfriend in tow and for the first time in a long time life was perfect... I can't wait to put the pix up from the show. I am looking to get them scanned tonight! My lovely is making me dinner and making a present for me so I get the feeling I may have other things to "do" than scan photos (wink)! If anyone else went I would love to know HOW it went for you and hear your stories. I just want to share as MUCH of the magic as I can with you folks so... I figured I'd put up songs that featured as many of the artists as possible. Since Bloc Party (who signed their first EP for me), The Streets (I met Mike Skinner for two seconds after he performed), Lady Sovereign (who I took a pic with), and non-Brit funk-synth-rawkers Chromeo were there I'll post songs that feature all those artists in some sort of way!

The Streets- "Fit But You Know It (Remix feat. Kano, Lady Sov, and Tinchy Stryder)"

Chromeo- "Needy Girl (Bloc Party Remix)"

Aw man, that shit was fucking sweet! If you missed it you STILL HAVE THE CHANCE TO MAKE PITCHFORK NEXT MONTH! I think there are still a handful of tix left so I would RUN to you comp and buy some now so you don't miss out on that shit! Albion/Arcadia favourites Art Brut and The Futureheads will be there, as well as my boy DJ Autobot (Curt) and his friend Josh (or J2K) as Flosstradamus, and new-school-hip-hop-MIA-boyfriend Diplo. GET YOUR TIX NOW MOTHERFUCKER! There's something for everyone! Bring your children (if you have them... and if you have them consider why you are still going to rock concerts unless you are rich)!

p.s. Make sure you listen to The Spirit Of Albion tomorrow as Radiohead Dave and I will be doing live covers of our favourite songs... also keep updated because I'm supposed to be doing an interview with Drew from Babyshambles soon! He got a hold of me today and gave me his personal number so I just need to get a calling card now!

To buy music from the artists mentioned check the posts above and below this for links. I'm too lazy to write the code for that right now... but I will do this one...

Grab music by Chromeo

Or get the free Chromeo Mix Tape @ The Vice Records Blog!

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