Thursday, March 08, 2007

Completely Epic... Man... (a post about Phones/Epworth)

Grrrr... you know I wanna be her more... you know I do. But this is so fucking tough! I'm seriously going to put it in my Palm to do a post every three days when I get back from Miami. Ok? So you wish me luck (and get my signed with your voodoo) and I will post a lot more...

Seriously though I am sorry...

ANYWAY... I said I was going to do a Phones piece. There is a great article about him in XLR8R this month, with a lot of it focusing on his Epic Man records. I haven't really herd much of that but you can grab those records over at Kitsune.

Here is the lowdown on Phones/Epworth from Wikipedia:

"Paul Epworth is a British indie music producer. He's worked with and/or remixed many successful British indie bands, including Bloc Party, The Futureheads, Babyshambles, Goldfrapp and The Streets. He is also a well known remixer, working under the name Phones. His debut single under the Phones moniker, "Sharpen The Knives" is due out on French label Kitsuné in November 2006. He was also in the band Lomax.

In 2006 Paul Epworth began started making music under the name Epic Man. His debut single, More is Enough, features Plan B.

From his official site: 'I always wanted to make exciting music. The stuff that made the hairs on your neck stand on end. that magic factor that could be about a song, a sound, a voice, a rhythm, or just I've written songs since I was 13, played with a cassette deck and sampling keyboard from the age of 11, and began recording with a band at 17. I realised that the studio was the pinnacle of musical creativity, the place where the imagined becomes material. I set about learning the laws, understanding the principles, and disregarding most of them in favour of instinct. In my journey into sound, I have dub mixed on a 4-track, recorded orchestras for (sir) george martin, been pelted with full cans of beer for my love of low frequencies, worked without sleep for three days flat, met some heroes (and villains) and performed with some truly exceptional musicians. I hope the music I am lucky enough to be involved in making, conveys to the listener some of the magic experienced in creating it.'

And here are his fantastic remixes...

Muse- "Supermassive Black Hole (Phones Remix)"

Editors- "All Sparks (Phones Remix)"

I posted this in the past but it's a good one...

The Rakes- "Retreat (Phones Remix)"

Bloc Party- "The Prayer (Full Metal Jackin Remix)"

Hope you guys love this... I think Phones writes some of the greatest shit out there... So PLEASE make sure you go check out his other work and the bands that he has worked with! I'd write more but I gotta get to work so the new boss doesn't fire me!

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