Friday, March 02, 2007

Glowsticks (check), flouro (check), whistle (check)

So I still haven't been around as much as I would like to be... I'm working on it. Doing and album (or rather demos) you end up having way more shit to take care of than you can even remember to do. I'm trying to hit all the bases and make it happen this time... so if any of you have a good hookup in the electronic music world and want to help your favourite blogger it would be appreciated!

ANYWAY... I have a renewed faith in "new rave" (if there is such a thing... which of course there isn't... just a large coincidence that people started noticing dancy bands again) right now. I like my British rock and I like my dance music (as you very well know from the multiple "new rave" posts... I want to shoot myself for using that word) so it fucking rocks my world like nothing else. I can't tell you anything you don't already know about the scene at the moment but I can offer up some sweet tunes.

Hadouken are like the most absurd fucking band I have ever heard. They come off like a dare... but they are also completely enchanting in some way. Like a white Spank Rock kind of... kind of. Except not. There really isn't a parallel. I just suggest you check them out. Why not start out with their indie kid bashing single "That Boy That Girl" and their wicked Bloc Party remix of "The Prayer"...

Hadouken- "That Boy That Girl"

Bloc Party- "The Prayer (Hadouken Remix)"

Another band who's songs I've had stuck in my head recently is These New Puritans. Their demo for "Elvisss" is fucking awesome (we played it on 'Albion' Friday night)... I first heard it on NME's Dancefloor Distortion that Simian Mobile Disco did and have been in love with it ever since... after you download the song, peep their website that has LOADS of demos (and bits and bobs) that you can download! These guys are the greatest band you may not have heard about if you live here in the U.S... expect to hear more of them on our show!

These New Puritans- "Elvisss (Demo)"

Speaking of Simian Mobile Disco... if you weren't aware James Ford from SMD did the production of Klaxons "Myths Of The Near Future"... but it doesn't just stop there! He has also done productions for others and remixes for the likes of Shitdisco! Below is his banging remix of "I Know Kung Fu" (btw I totally suggest you pop over to eMusic and pick up both of their E.P.s because they are totally worth it... and of course if you sign up for eMusic from this site you make me a little money lol)...

Shitdisco- "I Know Kung Fu (James Ford Edit)"

Tomorrow I'm going to try to post again... I want to do a post on Paul Epworth (aka Phones) because he's been a super big part of the scene... hopefully you guys will dig it... in the meantime, thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave some comments... you guys are the best!

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