Monday, February 26, 2007

Times flies... (so do parts of my head as you can see)

Busy busy busy busy... since we last spoke, my new boss started working in our office, I started finishing up Sam and my demos, Sam and I took some pictures for promotional materials (above), and I bought loads of new shoes for Miami! I mean loads of shoes. It was all good stuff. Of course, all the moving around meant that I didn't get much time to write a blog.

I wish I could write something interesting and fun... but today all I can offer is songs. Just a couple big ones... and hope that I have time tomorrow to do a REAL post...

Courtesy of my friend Pete2ndBest... the missing song that wasn't aired from that Oasis Unplugged set!
Oasis- "Listen Up"

Then how about the new Kaiser Chiefs? I like this new song... interested in the whole album...
Kaiser Chiefs- "Ruby"

Speaking of follow ups, how about something new by The Rakes?
The Rakes- "Little Superstitions"

Ok kids... I'll do better next time... just thought I have to give you SOMETHING... brb...

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