Sunday, June 24, 2007

Music is great again... thank Simian Mobile Disco and Heads We Dance!

I have some wicked live Simian Mobile Disco tracks to give you... BUT first I implore you to check out my favourite new band on the internet. Heads We Dance are about the coolest shit I've run into in a minute. Right at the moment that I've become totally wiped out by the never ending queue of "samey" sounding blog-house in my iTunes this band emerges out of nowhere restoring my faith in internet music. They make songs that feel comfortable in a playlist with stuff from the Kistune Maison albums as well as Depeche Mode and New Order. They site PKD and all sorts of other shit that I love as influences. And they sound fucking awesome... so check out their myspace, listen to their songs, download the tracks below, and make a note that you heard it here first. Because these guys will be big soon. (Speaking of big... they've got DatA & Yuksek remixes on the way... how fucking baller is that?)

Heads We Dance- "My Heart Is Set On You" zShare

Heads We Dance- "My Heart Is Set On You" YSI

Heads We Dance- "Love Version 15" YSI

Ok... now SMD... I've been waiting for this for quite a while. The last time that all the planets aligned and every (dance) album that came out was awesome was roughly 1997 (really it was the tail end of 1996 and the beginning of 1998)...

Back then you had Sneaker Pimps, Fluke, Orbital, Aphex Twin, Photek, Atari Teenage Riot, "Homogenic" by Bjork, Dj Shadow, Prodigy, and a host of other bands who were releasing great albums all at the same time. But most of all you had the Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk. And all of these bands together orbited around the awesome magazines and products of the time (The Face magazine, Wipeout XL videogame, Playstation) and for about a year and a half it looked like the future was here (even in America).

Now we have a new Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers in Justice and Simian Mobile Disco. I mean I realize they sound nothing like their predecessors (ok well maybe there's some Daft Punk in there) but they are the two flagship bands that are going to make this summer (and this year) fucking awesome!

Simian Mobile Disco- "I Believe (Live)" zShare
Simian Mobile Disco- "I Believe (Live)" YSI

Simian Mobile Disco- "It's The Beat (Live)" zShare
Simian Mobile Disco- "It's The Beat (Live)" YSI

Simian Mobile Disco- "Sleep Deprivation (Live)" zShare
Simian Mobile Disco- "Sleep Deprivation (Live)" YSI

And here is the new video for "I Believe"...

So that's it. Hopefully you're excited about music as I am now. I'll be back soon. I've got those other tracks to post... I'm just so busy. In the meantime... how bout you join eMusic? lol...


Melissa said...

I love love love love SMD's new stuff. Way too much music coming out lately has that same "dark dirty bass" sound like from Are You The One by The Presets and some SebastiAn stuff. Granted, I like it... but come on, EVERYONE can't sample the same damn sound.

I freaking love this blog.

The Lemur said...

What about the REAL Chemical Brothers? I think We Are The Night is a pretty damn good album too. And there you have nothing but new tracks!

checkoutgirl said...

Just stumbled accross your blog in a frantic search for new music and yay it's great. Good work. I love Heads We Dance also, I know the drummer (Becky) as she works at Tesco with me, hehe! Saw them live on Saturday it was joyous. Anyway yes I like your blog. Woop.x