Monday, October 15, 2007

Sorry about my absence... here's THE ALIENS (Hot Chip Remix)!

My personal life has been rather turbulent recently. Can't really go in to detail but it's the type of thing that makes you stop updating your blog.

So... here's the good news... Hot Club de Paris are going to do an interview with me here soon, as they are working on their new album in Chicago at the moment... so you have something to look forward to! And I want to get an interview with both Kash, and South Central up soon too... just depends on how much energy I have I guess...

In the meantime I'll post an mp3 I was waiting for the "green light" on but I'm pretty sure has been released at this point. It certainly has made the rounds at least. Nailler 9 posted it 100 years ago, so I assume it's safe to post.

Just in case you didn't already know, this secret song I had been talking about posting was the Hot Chip remix of a song for The Aliens... The Aliens are three of the founding members of The Beta Band so they're pretty hot shit without the Hot Chip remix... Click on their name above and that will send you to their Myspace... or read more below to get an idea of what they are all about!

Here's a little bio on The Aliens for ya:

Armed with a bottomless bag of psychedelically inclined rock and acid dipped electronics, The Aliens bring a freedom of spirit and a certainty of intent that immediately sets them out from the current crop of guitar slingers. Inspired by Sergio Leone and Serge Gainsbourg, Brian Eno and Brian Wilson, Larry David and Ol' Dirty Bastard, their songs in the key of Fife reference the past whilst belonging resolutely to the future.

Their Leader is the mysterious superhero Nighthawk - a melodic refugee from the future, sent back to the 21st century from a time where health and safety have deemed his music hazardous. Hiding from several government agencies under the inconspicuous name Gordon Anderson, his self assigned mission in this cetury is to fight the melodic crime that is mainstream pop.

Some time ago, John Maclean AKA Eddie Candles was unearthed from an Bronze Age camp where he had been languishing for anything upto 4000 years. Undergound, he kept himself entertained mainly by humming to himself. Now awake, aware and renamed (twice) he is busily transferring his refined oral melodies to keyboard.

Pungous Nightbread began life as a member of high society, Born unto Cardinal Nightbread and the Duchess of Leith. However, his fortunes soon took a turn for the worse as his parents entrusted his wellbeing to a goose, after learning to comunicate with his guardian using tapping... he became something of a drummer/goose hybrid...casting aside his human name to become Robin Jones...GooseDrum

And here is the most awesome track you'll hear all week (if you don't already have it)!

The Aliens- "Robot Man (Hot Chip Remix)" YSI

The Aliens- "Robot Man (Hot Chip Remix)" Rapidshare

Here's the video for "Robot Man"... get the song while you can because I'm not going to keep it up long! You should go out and guy their album "Astronomy For Dogs"... it's constantly in my cd player in my car right now...
The Aliens - Robot Man

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Have a good one. I'll try to post again soon, and in the meantime I'll be getting that Hot Club de Paris shizznit ready... Talk to you soon!

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heather said...

looks good

John Boy said...

wow a remix! I love the Aliens, they put on a pretty wacky live show too