Thursday, November 22, 2007

Where is home? (Burial, Quarta 330, Metronomy Remixes)

Gosh... I'm not even sure where I've been.

It's... I've been crazy busy. More like I've been crazy. Whatever... this time of year is kind of fun for all of us that don't have normal families. Or it's crazy for those of us that don't have normal work situations and get blamed for things we couldn't have possibly done because we don't even have the permissions in the programs that these alleged things happened in. *COUGH* I'm real sick of getting blamed for things I didn't do. Just in case you were wondering WORK.

ANYWAY... since there is no coherent theme to anything I'm saying... lets do the same with the post!

I'm fucking super mega stoked about this AWESOME 8 Bit insanity that Quarta 330 is dropping on Hyperdub. Those guys can do no wrong... as you know from my account, Burial is like all I'm listening to... and I'm one of Kode 9's top listeners... I'm all about that Hyperdub! BECAUSE OF THAT I'M NOT GOING TO BE KEEPING THIS UP LONG! YOU SHOULD SUPPORT QUARTA 330 AND DOWNLOAD THIS SONG ON eMUSIC!

Quarta 330- "9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Mix)"

Gorillaz are releasing another b-sides collection, this time called "D Sides"... there is a remix disc, and come on, who doesn't love remixes... if you read this blog I know you LOVE em... I'm all about Metronomy...

Gorillaz- "El Manana (Metronomy Remix)"

Gorillaz- "El Manana (Metronomy Remix)" YSI

And while I'm talking about Metronomy... they were on the first Kitsune Maison album... and Kitsune is NOW ON FUCKING eMUSIC!!! HOW FUCKING INSANE IS THAT!?!?!? Get it while it's good (Ed Banger made it like one month and then took all their shit off)... Check it out... just search of Metronomy and click on the only link and it will take you there... you know... after you sign up via my banners :)

And... uh... what else? How about more Hyperdub... I love Bloc Party so you need to go buy the "Flux" single to get this little gem. Why you ask? Because a) this music is supposed to be for evaluation purposes only and deleated 24 hrs after it is downloaded and b) the fucking single looks awesome. Also as people keep buying less and less and less from the music world the singles are going to become crazy collectible because no one is going to have th physical copies. Have you seen "Flux"? IT LOOKS FUCKING AWESOME!

Bloc Party- "Where Is Home (Burial)"

Bloc Party- "Where Is Home (Burial)" YSI

And that's that. I'm just going to have a depressathon for now and figure my life out really really quickly. Sorry if you don't reach me in that time. I'll be back soon... I've got so many other blogs I'm working on, songs I'm writing, family members I'm helping, people I'm trying to entertain, things I'm getting blamed for that I didn't do, that I forget sometimes to give you guys love. Just ask my girlfriend. It's not easy. But I love you... you'll get your music... don't worry... everybody else may not get they shit though... ya heard?

WORK! YOU AIN'T GETTING MY NECK YA HEARD! I DIDN'T DO THAT SHIT... BLAME IT ON THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY DID IT (hint: It's not me, or the other person you are blaming it on even though all the circumstantial evidence points there; have you ever read a detective novel? Or, you know, recognized that it's possible that everything isn't always as it seems... and people DO try to frame people? Well my easy target ass is sick of that... seriously... leave me alone... I do a really good job, especially given the fact that you blame everything that goes wrong on me. Funny thing to do to the guy who just got Employee Of The Month lol...)


Aidan said...


Loving the Burial remix of Bloc Party (aka on e of my least favourite bands). Awesome! Thanks.

candlebougie said...

What is the name of the artist of the picture??? It´s really nice! thanks