Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I told you I'd follow up big... new shizz from Marv The Marsh

I told you guys I'd have to take it up a notch seeing as the last post was FIRE (courtesy of Robot Koch from Jahcoozi)... and I've got the goods kid... I got some BRAND new shit from Marv The Marsh! How fucking hot is that?!?! He's on tour with Lethal Bizzle at the moment and getting ready to unleash his shit on the world, and frankly I'm loving it...

To be truthful, outside of Roots Manuva, Bizzle, and errr maybe Kano I'm not too into British "hip-hop". I mean I'm all about grime, and all of the sub-genres that come off of that, but Brithop doesn't seem to usually pack the punch that American rap or grime do. HOWEVER, if Marv Da Marsh may fall under the Brithop tag, he falls under it in a way that will hopefully reverse many people's opinion of what Brithop is. Instead of aping maybe Wu Tang, or East Coast/West Coast, as most rappers British (and even American rappers) choose to, Marv takes it WAY the fuck out there bringing him closer to Gorillaz than say... uh I dunno... because none of their names stick with me lol (ok ok ok I like Klashnekoff too... but step it up UK!)... it's like he's from a different universe of awesomeness though... I guess he is a Martian...

Here's the low down on his new single ‘Get By (Be Good)’...

Released December 3rd 2007

“a grindie pioneer….. grimier than a pigeon” NME

“…category defying but era defining….” DJ Mag

Brixton hip-hop pioneer Marvin (formerly Marvin The Martian) releases his new single ‘Get By (Be Good)’ on No Carbon Records in the UK on December 3rd 2007.

Get By (Be Good) spearheads a new wave of British hip hop and its assault on the long time US dominance of the genre. The track opens with bells and chimes, which give way to bass heavy driven beats and lyrics that are spat with controlled aggression, intelligence and a self-awareness that highlights the day to day frustrations and jeopardies of life in South London.

Marvin first came to the public’s attention for the mixtape single ‘Stay Off the Kane’, a rework of Art Brut’s Emily Kane, which saw a tickled Eddie Argos invite Marvin and his rap crew Why Lout? to support them at London’s Koko in 2006.

Get By (Be Good) is the first single to be taken from the much anticipated debut album, Devil In The Distance which the now solo Marvin recorded with his producer & DJ Jack Nimble, alongside the considerable knob twiddling clout of Bristol platinum-selling producers Bob Locke (Massive Attack, Tricky) and Andy Jenks (Alpha).

Track listing:

1. Get By (Be Good) Album version / 2.Get By (Why Lout?) High Alert Remix / 3.Get By (Nimble Remix)

Marvin performed at this year’s Camden Crawl, and has been busy touring the country with a number of acts including recent Mobo winner Akala, Yes Boss, and Goldie Lookin Chain. Steve Lamacq at 6music, John Kennedy at XFM & Bobby Friction have all lent their support on the airwaves and he just finished up a string of dates touring with Lethal Bizzle!

Hell just the fact that he worked with Bob Locke and Andy Jenks has got me wanting more (I'm a Bristol lover... in fact if I could move to Bristol I would... I loved it there... ask me to tell you the story someday if you're interested)... I'm super fucking stoked!

Marvin The Martian- "Get By (Why Lout High Alert Remix)"

Marvin The Martian- "Guns Of Brixton (Rough Desk Mix)"

Marvin The Martian- "C'Mon Baby Freesytle (Saigon Instrumental)"

So see I had a sweet follow up post! I know we'll be keeping tabs with Marvin and letting you know what's up as things go forward...

On another note I just sent some questions off to Hot Club de Paris asking them about their new album they are recording in Chicago, and am working on an interview with Frank Musik and Kash which will no doubt be entertaining. Check back and keep your eye out for new shit! HOLLA!

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